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  • Billing Arrangements Common in Expert Witness Cases

    Expert witness hires come with billing arrangements that are usually set before the professional becomes part of the case. However, sometimes, the lawyer may initiate services, and then he or she will iron out the details after so that the billing is understood.

  • Ethical Considerations in the Relationship between Lawyer and Expert Witness

    The lawyer and expert witness must maintain a professional relationship as they are employer and employee while attempting to build a strong working relationship for the case. By keeping the work-related matters ethical, both must push aside other personal issues so that ethical concerns do not harm the client.

  • Environmental Engineering Expert Witness Can Help in Wastewater Contamination Cases

    Wastewater that has contaminated drinking or ground water is dangerous to the public if it mixes with the primary drinking source. Environmental engineering experts are tasked with explaining in the courtroom how this happens and who is to blame for the problems.

  • Role of Expert Witnesses before Testifying

    When an expert witness is hired, he or she may have various tasks that must be completed before he or she becomes part of the courtroom and testifies on behalf of the plaintiff. If he or she is a psychologist, social worker or other person that is hired for the mental or physical health of the client, he or she may assess and help with the psychological or bodily harm caused by the defendant.

  • Medical Expert Witness in Delay to Diagnose Cases

    Diagnosing an illness is essential to ensure the right treatment is applied to the patient before the cause of his or her ailment progresses beyond that which medicine is capable. When there is a delay in these diagnoses, the individual could proceed to the last stages of the condition where there is no possible treatment available, and then he or she may die.

  • Inconsistent Prior Testimony of Expert Witness: Effect on Case

    When an expert witness is giving testimony, it is important to ensure everything is consistent and well prepared for the case. However, if the testimony is inconsistent when presented initially and then there are changes noticed in the information, it is possible this could harm the case of the plaintiff when he or she is noted as explaining different things.

  • Disqualifying an Expert Witness Due to Bias

    Expert witnesses are hired to provide details, remove confusion or connect certain evidence and persons to the incident where someone has been wronged or injured. However, sometimes these professionals are disqualified because they have bias with the other party, a conflict of interest or a bias with the case itself.

  • Expert Witness on Opioid Lawsuits

    Opioid usage, abuse and prescription issues have become such a problem that some persons are addicted and may become injured through use and abuse. Because these drugs are both used in the medical world and through illegal personal purchase, many are harmed when the drugs are not consumed properly.

  • Failure to Disclose Rare and Serious Side Effects of a Prescribed Medication

    Every year individuals are injured by prescription medications that they use to treat another condition. Injured victims may consider seeking monetary compensation for the damages that they sustained because of these drugs. However, it is important that they understand the steps leading up to a lawsuit and whether they have a viable claim.

  • Using a Forensic Scientist as an Expert Witness

    Forensic science is useful when criminal or civil court cases arise from various complications. With the assistance of a forensic scientist expert witness, it may be possible to determine multiple factors, who is liable for damages and what occurred during the incident.

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