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  • Why People File Wrongful Death Claims

    When an accident claims the life of loved one, families may experience extreme emotional suffering, along with financial hardship. While nothing can replace the love and companionship of a family member, wrongful death claims may bring families a degree of relief.

  • Bar Fights and Duty of Care

    In serving alcohol, bars and restaurants walk a fine line; they must serve enough to make a profit, but not so much as to endanger customers. Victims in bar fights frequently hold the venue in which the fight occurred liable. But is it really the proprietor's fault if visitors misbehave?

  • Suing a Commercial Landlord for Injuries Occurring on Property in New York

    New York state imposes strict laws regarding how properties must be constructed and maintained in order to avoid injury to renters, business customers, visitors and others. The rules that apply are based on the area to be protected and the status of the visitor. It is important to talk to an experienced premises injury lawyer to learn about your potential right to recovery.

  • Premises Liability Injuries in Washington DC

    Premises liability involves another’s property possessing various hazards and dangers that harm a person when he or she is on the land or in the building. In Washington D.C., it is important that the victim of the incident pursue an injury claim to pay for medical expenses and provide for any lost income while recovering.

  • New York Cases Involving Slips and Falls on City Sidewalks

    Slips and falls on sidewalks in New York is common and these incidents occur in greater numbers where the population density is higher. When an accident happens, the person may need to know what to do, who is involved and what options are available to pursue if the slip or fall is damaging enough that medical attention is necessary.

  • Construction Site Injury and Expert Witness Testimony and Reports

    The reports and testimony that an expert witness provides is crucial in construction site injuries where an employee or bystander harmed from the site presses a claim in civil court. The expert needs to explain to the judge or jury how the incident occurred, what injuries exist and why treatment requires compensation.

  • Expert Witness: Why Gates or Fences Are Defective

    Gates and fences often cause accidents whether they are electric, slide open or require a key to open, and these barriers may harm a person to the point he or she must seek medical attention. When the gates or fences possess defects, a lawsuit may arise where damages are owed to the injured party through the use of a lawyer and expert witness.

  • Dog Bite Injury Claim Principles in Illinois

    In 2016, there were more than 900 dog bite claims filed in Illinois. The same year, dog bite victims recovered $602 million in compensation for their injuries. Despite these staggering statistics, innocent victims continue to be injured by dog bites in Illinois. Some important principles that dog bite injury victims should understand about Illinois dog bite laws include the following:

  • Home Heating Oil Dumped into Basement Rather than Holding Tank –Environmental Issue or a Negligence Claim?

    When an oil company has become involved in the personal property of an individual, it is possible that a negligence or environmental cleanup case is issued against the business entity. For these specific problems, it is crucial to hire a lawyer after determining if there is a claim and what type of case is needed based on the specific factors.

  • Attractive Nuisance Doctrine and Child Trespassers in Texas

    Unlike many other states that have some type of attractive nuisance doctrine as part of their common law, Texas has actually codified this doctrine into law. The law indicates the type of care that a property owner owes to others on his or her land.

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