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  • At What Age Should a Child Have a Say-So in Shared Parenting Agreements?

    A broken relationship is hard on everyone. When two people have decided to build a life together and made the attempt, having that life ripped apart can be devastating. Finances, property and even friendships are split. Emotions often overrule logic. But many times it is the innocent bystanders -- the children -- who are hurt the most.

  • Prenups - New Albany, Indiana

    Several recent media reports have pointed out an interesting phenomenon of modern culture: Millennials, the group of young people born beginning in the mid-80s to late-90s (aged roughly 18 to 34) have far outpaced their parents in protecting their assets during marriage by signing personalized prenuptial agreements before walking up the aisle.

  • Role of Prenuptial Agreements and Estate Planning in Second Marriages

    Statistics indicate that many individuals will be in a second, third or subsequent marriage. Getting married the second time around is often a lot more complicated than the first time. Additionally, spouses may see what the worst version is, based on the loss of the other spouse through death or divorce. Therefore, they are often much more likely to protect their legal and financial interests in subsequent numbers.

  • Prenuptial Agreements: Gaining a Financial Picture Before Marriage

    Everyone has their own financial personality. Your spending and saving habits may differ greatly from friends and family. According to a 2011 study from Utah State University, married couples who disagree about money issues once a week are twice as likely to divorce than couples who have money conflicts less than once a month.

  • Preserving Your Assets after Disclosing Them

    Disclosure of assets is usually necessary when in a court case where the information has been required as per the situation. However, protecting what has been earned is often difficult. When this is part of the dissolution of a relationship, most of these circumstances end with the other spouse obtaining half of all assets as long as the state and time constraints permit this action. This could be a house, land, bank accounts, possessions and other types of property. When there are some assets acquired before the marriage, these could also be distributed to the divorcing spouse.

  • Prenuptial Agreements and Digital Assets: Why You Need to Plan for Them

    Today’s society largely stays in touch over social media and other electronic means. Individuals may share a number of digital assets or may want to keep them separate. Knowing how digital assets will be treated and divided in the event of divorce or death can provide clarity to this issue. Prenuptial agreements can help safeguard digital assets.

  • What Does Texas’s Community Property Law Mean for Your Divorce?

    Under Texas law, most assets that either spouse acquires during a marriage will be deemed community property when the spouses divorce. If you are preparing to end your marriage, here are some key facts to know about protecting your interest in community and separate property.

  • How Do You Transfer Assets in a New Jersey Divorce?

    Part and parcel of the divorce process is disclosing full income to determine the appropriate alimony and child support to be paid. In some cases, one spouse may choose to not make full disclosure, which results in much lower child support payments. Do you suspect that your spouse is withholding financial information? Enlisting an experienced Family Lawyer will help you ensure your settlement adds up.

  • Prenuptial and Antenuptial Agreements in Minnesota

    Retaining an experienced attorney is important part of negotiating, drafting and reviewing prenuptial contracts. Costly errors are not easily remedied, if they can be remedied at all.

  • Which Parent Gets the House in a Divorce in New Jersey?

    If you have decided to have a divorce in the state of New Jersey, knowing how to divide the property is important.

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