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  • California Online Privacy Protection Act (CalOPPA)

    It is California that first put in place a policy that ensures the privacy of individuals when using commercial websites and users checking online services within the United States - California Online Privacy Protection Act ("CalOPPA"). This started first in 2003, and amendments to the policy occurred in 2013 with additional disclosures for the tracking of online visits by users.

  • Right to Privacy in Assisted Living

    For a person that resides in an assisted living facility, it is important to have the privacy necessary to live without interference and to increase the quality of life. However, how much latitude the facility has in these circumstances may depend on the state and the circumstances of the resident that moves into a unit.

  • Background Check Wrongly Shows a Conviction

    Incorrect background checks are difficult to challenge, and these complications may lead to severe consequences for the victim affected by these agencies. It is often important to contact a lawyer to determine if the agency needs legal communication to alter the false details or if litigation is necessary to sue for the damages these incorrect reports cause.

  • What Can I do about a Charity Using My Child's Image and Not Distributing Funds Appropriately?

    Organizations often use the likeness of someone specific to attract the attention of the media or public in some manner which usually provides funding. When the child or family do not receive the necessary payment from these actions, the parents may have legal action they are able to pursue against the entity.

  • Immigration Consequences of Committing Voter Fraud

    When individuals that possess no citizenship in the country partake in voting events, this could skew the results for officials attempting to take office. While the registration system for voting does possess vulnerabilities to these actions, there are strict consequences of immigrants that alter the outcome of elections.

  • Private Investigator Used Fraud to Access My Personal Info Ė Can I Sue?

    When a private investigator is necessary for a case or claim, he or she is not given the permission to break the law even if he or she needs the information for the issue at hand. If there is proof that the professional did break the law in some manner, the target of the investigation may have legal recourse against him or her.

  • Misappropriation of Personal Image and Possible Remedies

    Stealing or misappropriating the likeness of someoneís image may lead to legal action against the perpetrator when no permission is given or payment received for the action. Knowing what remedies are available and how to pursue them is important for the target of these actions which may occur through the help of a lawyer.

  • Fundraising: Failure to Distribute Funds and Continued Use of a Persons's Image

    Using the likeness of another person usually requires permission and monetary disbursement to the individual affected as long as the likeness is on display. However, when an organization or entity uses the image or likeness of a person without permission or payment, the individual or family may need to contact a lawyer to determine the best course of action going forward.

  • Privacy and Digital Assests as Property after Family Member's Death

    Details and the news of a family memberís death are usually part of the pronouncements to the public to include the obituary, memorial service and burial. However, other information that should remain private may face scrutiny and go through numerous regulations on what is private and what is no longer kept concealed after the death.

  • Explanation of Identity Theft Laws in Texas

    Identity theft occurs in Texas when an individual uses another personís personal information to acquire goods, services or other things of value. Identity theft can result in significant consequences to the victim and years of affected credit. The instances of identity theft have increased throughout Texas and the nation over the last several years.

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