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  • Why People File Wrongful Death Claims

    When an accident claims the life of loved one, families may experience extreme emotional suffering, along with financial hardship. While nothing can replace the love and companionship of a family member, wrongful death claims may bring families a degree of relief.

  • Biomechanics Expert Witness for Product Liability Claims

    Product liability claims consume the courts when a single or several products cause injury to the consumers that purchase them, and an expert is often necessary to clear up confusion or connect liability to the correct party. These professionals may refute the claim when hired for the defending side or support the case when the plaintiff hires him or her for help.

  • Contraceptives Crossing the Border and the Legal Hurdles

    It is when contraceptives become purchasable over the counter that crossing the borders of the country could lead to legal complications in selling and giving these items to others. The legal hurdles the nation may face in loss of sales or difficulty in maintaining laws when a person crosses the border could cause other impacts to business and the legal system.

  • Expert Witness Describes Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Causes

    Carbon monoxide poisoning happens in cars with exhaust problems and inside homes where the resident lives and breathes that dangerous air. Experts in carbon monoxide may provide insight into the complications that lead to severe lung injuries and death by carbon monoxide asphyxiation when living in a home with contaminated air.

  • Pennsylvania Personal Injury Claims with Defective Products

    Personal injury claims are rife with complications depending on which defective products cause the harm to Pennsylvania citizens and how the situation ends. Legal support against the manufacturers of several brands of products is necessary for any type of compensation if the company is not willing to make amends.

  • Forensic Pediatric Expert Witness in Child Product Liability Cases

    Child cases where injury occurs due to the product purchased may incur the need for an expert who is able to dissect the specifics as well as provide care to the youth that sustained harm. In these matters, the company may be liable for damages based on negligence, defects or other problematic issues that lead to the physical injury of a child.

  • Expert Witness Establishes a Link Between Conduct and Injury in Negligence Cases

    Negligence cases often involve some form of negative conduct on behalf of a professional that may lead to the injury, and this then progresses through the courts for compensation. When the claim becomes complicated or confusing, the expert steps in to unravel the problem and explain certain elements and aspects for better clarification.

  • The Effects of Multiple Expert Witnesses on One Case

    Experts are often the best way to mitigate damage to a case and prove certain aspects that may ensure success for the client in receiving compensation. However, if there are multiple experts added to the claim, this could prove either beneficial or they could severely cause negative consequences which may end in failure.

  • Abbott Faces Class Action Lawsuit Over Defective St. Jude Defibrillators

    The lawsuit alleges that the company knowingly failed to report the defects in the device.

  • Expert Witness: Why Gates or Fences Are Defective

    Gates and fences often cause accidents whether they are electric, slide open or require a key to open, and these barriers may harm a person to the point he or she must seek medical attention. When the gates or fences possess defects, a lawsuit may arise where damages are owed to the injured party through the use of a lawyer and expert witness.

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