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  • Crowdfunding Real Estate Ventures

    Crowdfunding is the new innovative way for an average person to seek peer-to-peer lending or investing funds for various projects. These methods may combine with older or dissimilar processes in real estate ventures to provide million-dollar projects for those with these funds and individuals that are unable to bring that kind of money to a real estate investment without help.

  • Ground Leases to Retain Family Ownership Interests

    Leases are necessary to ensure that a person owns a parcel of land for the period of the lease agreement which is a legal binding contract. In certain leases, the tenant must build his or her property assets, and then at the end of the lease term, all rights of ownership then transfer to the landlord unless it is a ground lease which keeps the possession of assets in the family.

  • What Causes Indoor Air Pollution and When Am I Liable?

    Air pollution is a serious problem for workers and those that reside indoors for most of the day or night, and these issues could lead to litigation. The Environmental Protection Agency becomes involved in these matters when the pollution affects others, and this could lead to negative consequences through a lawsuit against the individual or company liable.

  • Regulatory Taking Cases

    When the government has seized the land of another, this involves regulatory taking, and these cases are complex with various parts that may require explanation. Some issues that popup in the claims of individual land and property owners include property boundaries, the taking of too much land and nonpayment of seizure.

  • Landlords as Plaintiffs: Suing a Tenant for Damages

    Landlords often become the plaintiff when the tenant has either not paid rent or has damaged the unit he or she is living in under lease or rental agreement. The landlord usually has an entitlement to rent, security deposit and damages in the event that renters destroy the property, and this is when the lawsuits typically arise.

  • Impact of Non-Conforming Use on Commercial Real Estate Contract

    When an owner of land or property has made changes or improvements to the land before current zoning laws are in effect, he or she has taken advantage of non-conforming use in a commercial real estate contract. This stipulation exempts or excepts the property from city zoning ordinances and the requirements do not apply.

  • What Is Inverse Condemnation?

    Condemning a property is similar to inverse condemnation when the government that seizes the real estate damages it beyond repair. Eminent domain and inverse condemnation are similar and may affect the homeowner in various ways where the entire portion of property or only a parcel are taken by the federal or state government.

  • Disparate Impact Claims and Fair Housing Law

    Fair housing laws are violated when a protected class of individuals is harmed through discrimination from the landlord or owner of a building. While these incidents are illegal, the burden of proving this is placed upon the plaintiff’s shoulders, and he or she must litigate this in court if a settlement is not an option.

  • What to Look for in Planning and Zoning when Purchasing Property

    Purchasing property requires various details explained and understood before the contract is signed by the buyer. Then, the individual must ensure that the planning is carried out and zoning issues may need changes or adjustments before the property purchase goes through the last stages of paperwork and escrow.

  • Is Landlord Also Liable When HOA Is Responsible for Snow and Ice Removal

    Depending on the lease or rental agreement in a real estate deal, the landlord could also be responsible for removing ice and snow from the property. There are often certain conditions that affect these situations that could lead to additional problems when not considered carefully by all parties involved.

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