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  • Can an HOA Prevent the Lawful Exercise of Gun Rights?

    Homeowners’ Associations are able to create and enforce many different rules and guidelines for those within the community. However, in usual circumstances, they are not permitted to take away the basic freedoms granted to United States citizens, but these HOAs could affect how rights are utilized within the area.

  • Summary of Materialman’s Liens

    A materialsman’s lien may arise when construction companies or subcontractors take part in building, renovating or making repairs to a home. These are places on the building when certain payment has not been received by the individual or company, and the homeowner may not even be aware of these until he or she attempt to sell the property.

  • Can HOA Covenants Prohibit Energy–Efficient Improvements Like Solar Panels?

    The installation of solar panels on a home is important to reduce energy costs, become part of the green movement and ensure there is always at least backup power when a battery is connected to solar powered panels. However, some Homeowners Associations may attempt to stop energy-efficient improvements due to various provisions in the HOA agreement.

  • Why You Need Condominium Association Documents

    In order to ensure ownership and management of condominiums are legal, legitimate and valid, association documents are often necessary. Some of the stipulations within these files deal with governing matters, correspondence and upkeep.

  • What to Do when There Is a Property Boundary Dispute

    Boundary disputes may lead to litigation when the matter cannot be resolved through peaceful means. This means that both parties must understand the situation, what the argument involves and how to proceed legally through the problem.

  • Effect of Statute of Frauds on Real Estate Disputes

    When a statue of frauds issue occurs, this means that a violation has transpired with a contract in writing, singed by involved parties bound to the contract with a real estate dispute. The status of frauds protects these agreements and each person is bound to the clauses, terms and conditions set in the contract.

  • Condo Owners and Requirements for Maintenance, Repair, and Replacement

    When there is a need for maintenance, repairs and replacement of items within a condo, the owners need to know who is responsible for what matters. This means knowing what obligations the owner has for the unit based on the agreement signed when purchasing the space.

  • Top Things a Commercial Landlord Needs to Be Aware Of

    When leasing or renting commercial property, the landlord needs to ensure certain elements exist in the paperwork as well as other items to ensure he or she is protected with the leaseholder or renter. To accomplish this, it is often necessary to hire a commercial real estate lawyer to assist with the processes.

  • What California Real Estate Investors Should Know about Commercial Leases

    Real estate investment can take many forms and offers many ways to obtain a return on one’s investment.

  • Why Landowners Decide to Ground Leases

    Renting a property is fraught with challenges, but landowners choose to ground leases for various reasons. This means that the tenant that rents or leases the land may develop the real estate for the leased periods, but all improvements and additions are given to the owner of the property when the lease ends.

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