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  • Basic Requirements in Rent-to-Own Agreements

    There are various rights to the tenant in a rent-to-own agreement that may depend on the state where the person lives, the federal Acts and laws that determine who has more responsibility and the options in purchasing the property. The benefits for either tenant or landlord deal with the financial and the land or building itself in usual agreements.

  • Contractor’s Rights vs. Homeowner’s Rights in Construction Delay Disputes

    Delay disputes in a contract situation between the contractor and homeowner could result in a civil case where one party seeks compensation against the other for the delay. It is the party responsible for the delay that could become liable for damages to the other party and understanding who has what rights in these circumstances is essential.

  • Tenant Problems? When to Hire an Attorney

    In a perfect world, landlords would always receive rent checks before they’re due and tenants would leave properties in pristine condition. But this world is not perfect – at least not for landlords.

  • Laws to Know When Investing in Real Estate

    There are many policies and regulations that could stop the best possible opportunities in real estate investments, and these are often due to complications in the location or issues with the property. Knowing what to look for and how to surpass the problem is essential for anyone seeking to increase his or her investment portfolio with real estate.

  • Buying and Selling Real Property at Auction

    Many individuals seek to purchase or take advantage of real estate selling at auctions with the possibility of higher prices or a faster selling experience. However, it is essential to avoid various pitfalls and problems that may occur and to do so, the seller or buyer should understand the process and everything it entails.

  • Non-Conforming Uses in Commercial Real Property Deals

    Prior improvements to the land of commercial property may provide the benefits of non-conforming use situations that exempt the owner from city zoning restrictions in the local ordinances that affect the property specifics. When the owner completes the changes, he or she may remain exempt from the necessary limitations applied through zoning.

  • Construction Delays Caused by Owners

    There are some problems of a legal matter for delays of a construction project that an owner causes based on the building, specific project and if it has any association or direct connection to city or state matters. When legal issues do arise, it is vital that the complication resolves quickly to end any legal matter between parties.

  • Legal Options When Dealing with Contractor Disputes

    It is during a dispute with a contractor that the company or owner will need to determine the best possible legal options available to end the conflict as quickly as possible. Ensuring the project completes is of great importance to the owner or business involved in the transaction and resolving the dispute may provide a remedy or an end to the argument.

  • Settling Disputes with a Bad Contractor

    Contractors that have problems with the project or cause issues with the owner may lead to a negative experience that could end in litigation between the parties. Settling the dispute is of the greatest importance not only to resolve the matter but to also ensure the project continues or may conclude with a better contracting company.

  • Contractor Disputes and How to Avoid Them

    Contractor disputes are among the worse possible problems that may arise through construction projects and programs between parties. Knowing how to mitigate the damage and minimize the issues between both company or individual and the contractor is vital in keeping the project progressing until the final arrangements.

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