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  • Sexual Assault Laws in Pennsylvania
      by HG.org

    Pennsylvania has a variety of laws that prohibit criminal sexual assault. These laws define criminal conduct and the potential penalties that can arise if a person is convicted of a sexual assault offense. Understanding the nature of the charges against a defendant is integral to protecting one’s legal rights.

  • The Rights of Those Falsely Accused of Sexual Assault in California
      by HG.org

    In late 2017, a widespread “#MeToo” campaign tore across the country, highlighting multiple incidents of high-profile assaults committed by actors, CEOs of large corporations and other prominent members of the community. This campaign also caused millions of people across the country to reveal information about their own assaults and make accusations against people who may have never been confronted before.

  • Taking Your Name Off the Sex Offender Registry in Texas
      by HG.org

    Texas allows some sex offenders to deregister from the sex offender registry. This strategy allows the sex offender to remove his or her name from the sex offender registry to live a more private and positive life.

  • Three Strikes - What Does This Mean in Missouri?

    Three strikes laws typically apply to habitual offenders who commit serious felony crimes. Three-strikes and similar laws exist in a little over half of the states in the U.S., including Missouri.

  • "Making a Murderer" Mini-Series' Steven Avery Denied a New Trial

    This week the Circuit Court Judge of Sheboygan County considered whether to grant a new trial in the Steven Avery case; a case that captured the country’s attention with the popular Netflix series, “Making a Murderer.”

  • How do I Remove my Name from the Florida Sex Offender Registry?
      by HG.org

    In Florida, a select group of individuals can file a petition to request to have their name removed from the Florida sex offender registry. Due to how serious prosecutors and law enforcement take sex crimes, the ability to be removed from this registry is severely limited and only available in special circumstances.

  • Understanding Sexual Battery and Rape Charges in Florida

    Florida lawmakers take sexual battery crimes very seriously. For this reason, penalties are severe and crimes are aggressively prosecuted. Knowing how these crimes are defined can help a defendant learn about how to proceed with his or her case.

  • Rape and Sexual Assault Crimes in Minnesota
      by HG.org

    Rape and sexual assault crimes are considered some of the most heinous crimes in Minnesota. Convictions are associated with severe penalties.

  • Civil Justice for Sexual Offence Victims in the UK
      by HG.org

    While the criminal courts have long provided retribution through sentencing for those guilty of a sexual offence, this often fails to provide full justice to the victim. Those who have suffered serious assaults can find themselves needing long-term medical assistance, not to mention the physical and psychological stress that the offence and subsequent trial has placed on their lives, including loss of career earnings.

  • The Right to Produce Previous False Claims in a Sex Crime as Evidence
      by HG.org

    A defendant facing charges related to sexual crimes has the same right to a fair trial as any other person accused of a crime. A lawyer should be available that has knowledge of the crimes committed and how to defend the individual. Even though accused, he or she still has these rights.

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