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  • What California Real Estate Investors Should Know about Buying Apartment Buildings

    Apartment buildings can be an excellent investment for California real estate investors. Factors like the size and style of the building, the type of units available, and of course, the location are all important. An apartment building owner can manage the property directly or delegate this role to a manager, but liability for breaches of a lease agreement, or for violations of California landlord-tenant law, will ultimately fall on the owner rather than the manager.

  • What Are Prescriptive Easements?

    When a person adversely possesses property or squats in a building, he or she may cause a prescriptive easement to occur. Knowing how this occurs and what ways to prevent it are both important for land and property owners, so they may implement the proper preventative measures and avoid a portion of land or a building to transfer ownership to someone else.

  • Sellerís Obligation to Disclose Certain Material Conditions

    It is important for a seller to disclose various material conditions to potential buyers to avoid litigation at a later time if the purchaser discovers defects or severe complications within the property. Many of these details depend on state laws, but it is the sellerís obligation to ensure the buyer is aware of certain material conditions and facts.

  • What Are Homestead Protections?

    In order to protect homeowners from losing their primary residence, most states have homestead protection laws in place for economic hardship. It is through understanding these laws that a homeowner may find his or her circumstances less difficult when he or she loses a job or is unable to make mortgage payments.

  • Tips to Mediate Real Estate Disputes

    Real estate disputes are often difficult to navigate without help, and knowing various tips to mediate out the issues is important for all parties involved in these types of conflicts. Engaging a lawyer versed in mediation may become the most beneficial hire the person accomplishes to resolve any dispute over the real estate property.

  • Partition of an Inherited Home after Probate

    Once the property from an estate transfers to the heir, it could then face partitioning from siblings or other possible dependents of the estate. The processes that happen after probate could complicate the property use and lead to disputes that end in the sale of an entire lot of land so that everyone involved has a share.

  • Necessary Disclosures in Real Property Transactions

    When there is a buyer interested in purchasing a real estate property, it is important that the seller disclose any defect, complications or problems with the building or land to avoid issues later. However, knowing what information the seller must disclose is important, so a lawsuit does not occur once the property is no longer his or hers.

  • Loss of Property Through Adverse Possession

    The legal right to acquire property through an easement, building or fence may transition the ownership of some or all the land or building from one person to another. If someone places or uses the land or house in such a manner, he or she may become the legal owner after so much time passes based on the state laws.

  • Expert Witness Discusses Collapsing Bridges

    The flaw in construction may lead to the need for an expert witness to explain liability and structural complications, but when a bridge collapses, hundreds often sustain injury or die. In these events, an expert may need to explain how the event occurred and who is responsible for the damage and compensation to the victims.

  • Deadlines to Record a Mechanicís Lien

    To ensure that the contractor or subcontractor attached to the renovations or construction work on a building receives payment even if the owner of the building is unable to do so, a mechanicís lien is often put in place on the property.

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