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  • Home Equity Lost Because Seller/Mortgager Misclassified the Type of Home

    There are various complications that may arise when attempting to acquire or secure home equity in a sale or purchase based on the actions of the buyer or seller. When this occurs, it is important to understand what occurred, how to proceed and if a lawyer’s assistance is necessary to seek a resolution for the problem.

  • Evictions Based on Matters Other than Non-Payment

    There are additional matters that could lead to eviction other than non-payment of rent, and these issues could cause the tenant to lose out on other opportunities. When eviction is possible, the landlord or property manager usually contacts the tenant in advance, and if necessary, law enforcement officers are available to ensure litigation matters are mitigated or eliminated.

  • Insurance Companies Taken to Task Over Handling of California Wildfires

    Thousands of people have been affected by the California wildfires and must face the stressful task of putting their lives back together. Some have lost loved ones, others have had their homes destroyed, while still others have faced the uncertainty of being evacuated and not knowing what they would return home to find.

  • Government Accountability Office Recommends Leasing Practice for Foreign-Owned Real Estate

    Real estate in other countries that is owned by citizens both in and from the United States is affected by taxation and other situations such as leasing practices and behavior. The Government Services Administration has proposed processes to ensure these practices are overseen and there is accountability in place for possible problems.

  • Backing Out of a Real Estate Deal

    When the buyer or seller is faced with certain circumstances, it is necessary that the deal is rescinded and the buyer or seller backs out of the deal. However, doing so is complicated unless there are certain provisions or if no paperwork has been signed for the arrangements to proceed to escrow, and then it is important all parties are aware of the conclusion.

  • Notice Related to Tenant Evictions and Other Matters

    Eviction notices and the full process usually depend greatly on the state due to the process favoring either the tenant or the landlord in the location. However, when a tenant has either not paid rent for long enough or has caused another complication, it is vital that the landlord follows the correct process to ensure the person renting is removed legally.

  • Security Request Denied by Employer Then Doorman Attacked While on Duty

    When there are possible attacks in a city or town where a doorman is present, additional security is recommended as a course of action to decrease possible violence. If the doorman has requested someone placed nearby to deter potential attacks and the employer denied this, he or she could be liable for damages to the doorman when a situation arises.

  • Avoiding Ambiguous Leases, Mortgages and Other Real Estate Agreements

    Leases, mortgages and real estate agreements may be riddled with possible negative conditions, terms and covenants, and it is important to have an expert assist in understanding these concerns. In order to avoid possible ambiguous or confusing clauses and information, it is crucial to have a real estate lawyer analyze the data and offer his or her opinion.

  • Failure to Disclose Lead Paint in Rentals – Landlord's Liability and Consequences

    When a landlord is responsible for the welfare of his or her tenants in general situations where a property is rented or leased, he or she could be liable for damages and other penalties if he or she has not disclosed that lead paint has been used in the rental house. This could lead to litigation where the landlord must pay for injuries or damages.

  • Airbnb Is Asking for User Verification - Is this a Violation of My Privacy?

    The ability to authenticate an account is important for many businesses, and this could involve possible complications when a mass of members dispute these processes due to privacy and confidentiality issues. However, if the terms and conditions have been agreed to, the company website may have the ability to impose these restrictions based on the conditions explained.

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