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  • Rational Choice as a Theory of Crime

    Rational choice is a prominent theoretical model in many fields of research, though many criminologists continue to doubt its applicability as a general theory of crime.

  • How to Draft Clinical Trial Agreements
      by TroyGould

    Clinical Trial Agreements (“CTAs”) can be surprisingly complex documents with numerous legal issues, particularly in the setting of a multi-center trial for a new drug product candidate. This outline highlights the principal issues typically arising in a CTA and some of the considerations for companies sponsoring pharmaceutical trials (“Sponsors”) in addressing these issues.

  • Do's and Don'ts on How to Use Google for Legal Work

    Unfortunately, about two out of three new clients come to our firm because they have a problem with their signed contract or legal documentation. Too late, they have received the previously unconsidered information that their contract does not have a jurisdictional provision (so they are being sued in Idaho); or their contract doesn’t allow for....

  • Stem Cell Research: Potentially Beneficial but Controversial

    In 2004, California voters enacted Proposition 71, approving $3 billion worth of funding for stem cell research to be allocated over a 10-year period to different research facilities. Now, in 2011, the money is scheduled to run out in around five years and voters are debating whether to approve a proposition authorizing additional funding. The proposition of providing more public funding for stem cell research has proven controversial among California voters, explains a lawyer.

  • Protecting Your Personal Information with Online Privacy Laws

    A lot of people who use the internet have the need to protect their privacy. However, the internet is still so new that online privacy laws are still being written and modified.

  • Can Law Keep up with Technology?

    Science and technology is advancing at a breakneck pace. With each passing day, new technologies and advancements make our world easier, safer and point toward a brighter future. But with each advancement and innovation, legal issues arise.

  • An Inside Look At What Biotechnology Can Do For Mankind

    This article examines what biotechnology is and how it relates to the medical field, agriculture, bio processes, industry and the aquatic field. The author notes that as the planet becomes more polluted and more in need of clean water and food, the field of biotechnology will become even more important.

  • A Preview of New Technologies that May Be Here in the Future

    This article discusses some possible new technologies for the future that will face difficult tests but which could be some of what the future holds in store for industry. The article also discusses the changes we may soon see as energy research goes into high gear and how it could help prevent auto accident injuries.

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