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  • Data Privacy Cases Pending in Front of U.S. Supreme Court

    The United States Supreme Court will decide whether American courts can issue warrants for data stored on servers overseas.

  • Possible Actions for Expert Witnesses on Equifax Data Breach

    The Equifax data breach caused several million individuals complications when private information was released online to various locations with free access. However, with the rise of private and class action lawsuits against the company, experts have been hired en masse to assist with these issues and explain why certain evidence corresponds to actions and behavior.

  • New Cybersecurity Executive Order Imposes Additional Requirements on Government Contractors

    Government contracts are complicated when certain procedures must be included alongside the regulatory hurdles that must be passed after the contract has been won. Cyber terrorism and electronic complications through hackers and attacks in the digital world have increased since the computer age began, and new cybersecurity measures are being imposed for contractors.

  • Can We Sue a Website like Airbnb if They Are Hacked and Personal Information Is Stolen?

    When a website is hacked, and the user account information is stolen, the question becomes who is responsible, and then the matter shift into if it is possible to litigate against the company that owns the website. Hacked websites could render the company or network administrator responsible for damages to those affected.

  • GPS App Failed to Warn of Road Situation - Can I Sue for Damage to Vehicle?

    Every day millions of Americans rely on GPS apps to get them to where they need to go. Most often, drivers arrive at their destination unscathed. However, in some situations, drivers may listen to their GPS apps to their detriment, possibly getting in a crash when following directions literally or sustaining damage when the app fails to warn of low clearance.

  • How to Protect Business Websites from Liability

    Business websites could be the target of a user that has been harmed by the site or through the use while another has hacked or when a glitch shows personal identifiable information. Many websites are able to protect the owners from liability through terms of service, conditions and users agreeing to statements freeing the business from litigation.

  • Telemedicine Contracts in California

    What is telemedicine? Telemedicine = physicians + technology. Telemedicine has two parts: physicians who provide medical care remotely, plus technology to connect the physicians with patients.

  • 3D Printing Technology: Impact on Intellectual Property Protection

    As each decade passes, new technologies are brought to the marketplace and change our way of life. Over the past decade or so, we have seen the widespread adoption of the iPhone® and other smartphones, social networking via Facebook® and Twitter®, and the iPad® and other tablets. New legal issues regarding ownership of consumer content and privacy of consumers are being tackled every day.

  • A Ransomware Infection Risks Business Health

    Ransomware is a menacing cyber threat because it exposes a business to cyber extortion. A ransomware infection can harm a business by opening up its legal risks and shutting down its operations.

  • What Are the Benefits of Patent Pending Status?

    It is well-known that patents can provide useful protection to a California business’s ideas and inventions. Even if you or another business owner are not completely clear on what specific protections and remedies are available to you as the holder of a patent, you generally know that a patent protects you from competitors or others who attempt to steal your ideas or inventions for their own gain.

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