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  • Modifying Parenting Plans Years after a Divorce

    Parenting plans setup through the courts by judgment may change depending on certain factors when both ex-spouses are willing to alter previous plans. The timeframe to make these changes may depend on the state, and any other factors usually greatly involve both parents that ensure the upbringing of the child is taken care of in these situations.

  • Virginia Grounds for Divorce

    Virginia recognizes both fault and no-fault grounds for parties who want to get divorced. The grounds that a spouse alleges will depend on the particular circumstances involved in the divorce and the motivation of the spouse.

  • How the Equitable Distribution Process in New Jersey Works

    New Jersey uses equitable distribution when dividing the property between the spouses. This principle recognizes that each party is due a portion of the property and the distribution should be fair. However, the division is not always equal.

  • How to Start a Divorce in Georgia

    Individuals who want a divorce in Georgia must follow certain steps to complete the legal process of getting a divorce. They must also take steps to emotionally and financially prepare for this process. Some steps that they should take include:

  • Who Gets the Family Pet in New York Divorce Cases?

    It is common in divorce cases for spouses not to agree on how to divide their property. They may also disagree as to which party should have custody of their children. Family pets are another point of contention in these families, and the parties may have very strong feelings about who should get the family pet.

  • Washington DC Child Custody Arrangement Options

    Child custody arrangements are often difficult to manage when both parents are attempting to acquire primary custody. There are diverse options available based on the circumstances, and the divorced or separated couple should research and understand each before proceeding through a court.

  • Unique Issues Involved in Same-Sex Divorces in North Carolina

    Same sex marriages are not recognized in North Carolina, and this causes severe complications for the married spouses when they need to dissolve the relationship. Because the state deems these marriages as nonexistent, the couple must seek additional legal help to ensure the divorce is valid and fully ends the relationship.

  • Important Issues to Discuss with Your New York Divorce Lawyer

    Divorce processes are often complex and difficult depending on how much emotion involved in the proceedings interferes with the resolution. Additional conflict may arise through both spouses attempting to acquire assets, relieve debts or obtain custody of children, and many procedures are necessary before the divorce finalizes.

  • Presumption of Significant Parenting Time in Illinois Child Custody Cases

    Divorce and separation in the United States often results that a child of divorce usually winds up with less contact with at least one of his or her parents and that particular side of the family. Understanding how divorce can affect time with a personís child can help him or her lobby for more meaningful contact with a child after separation or divorce.

  • Are Frequent Incarcerations a Basis for Annulment?

    Like a divorce, an annulment dissolves a marriage. However, there are many differences between divorce and annulment, including the grounds for each. Additionally, the legal effect is different.

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