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  • Uniform Code of Military Justice and In Rem Orders in Divorce Cases

    For military service members, each person that serves with the military must follow the Uniform Code of Military Justice or the UCMJ of which is a federal law that Congress enacted. This governs criminal offenses in military law, the military justice system and may coincide with In Rem orders that connect divorce cases for the military member.

  • Pennsylvania Divorce Proceedings with Visitation Rights

    When one spouse divorces the other in Pennsylvania, it is important to know what visitation rights are available to the parent without primary or full custody of affected children. Often the father is the one seeking visitation to see his kids and knowing what his rights in these matters and may provide him with the means to engage in parental activities.

  • Military Divorce and Child Custody: Servicemembers Civil Relief Act Provisions

    Child custody can be contentious in any case. However, it can be more complicated in cases involving military personnel because of the uncertainty surrounding future deployments overseas or assignments that are stateside. The Servicemembers Civil Relief Act provides protections for military personnel related to legal cases filed against them.

  • Will My Ex Have Rights to My Government Benefits?

    When a military veteran enters retirement, his or her retirement accounts and benefits may face divisions for any ex-spouses attached to the situation. It is important to understand how this affects the former military service member and how much he or she will need to give to the other person as marital property.

  • USFSPA: Uniformed Services Former Spouse Protection Act

    The intention of Congress in 1982 in creating the USFSPA was to ensure that former spouses of military members receive financial protection after the marriage is over. This Act could protect the former spouse through divisions in military retirement pay in becoming marital property when the couple dissolve the relationship.

  • Disabled Military Retirees May Pay Less to Ex-Spouses - U.S. Supreme Court Rules

    Changes in regulations for various types of pay and compensation reduce or increase often based on the rulings that occur through district and supreme courts. In the newest ruling, the amounts that military retired service members pay to spouses that divorced prior to or during retirement may decrease to support the veteran more and the ex-spouse less.

  • Mistakes to Avoid While Waiting to Be Divorced

    Many spouses are separated while they are waiting to file for divorce or for the legal divorce process to conclude. While physical separation can be a useful first step, spouses may make significant mistakes during this waiting period that adversely affect their interests.

  • Problems Involved with Hiding Assets during a Pennsylvania Divorce

    During divorce, spouses may try to protect their assets from division by hiding them from the other spouse. This may be easier if the spouse has handled the couple’s finances for most of the marriage and the other spouse is unaware of the true extent of the marital estate. However, hiding assets during the divorce process can lead to significant consequences to all parties involved.

  • New Tax Laws' Impact on Virginia Divorce and Spousal Support

    Spousal support helps provide monetary assistance to a spouse who has less earning capacity or income than his or her spouse. State laws determine when to award spousal support and in what amount. However, other factors may influence whether spousal support is requested or agreed to by the parties, such as tax treatment. New tax laws may impact Virginia divorces and spousal support orders.

  • Military Pension Division in New York Divorce Cases

    One of the major issues involved in a divorce case is the division of the couple’s assets and debts. For many couples, a major asset is their retirement fund or pension. In some cases, these assets are subject to division in a divorce case. While this process is complicated enough on its own, there are additional complications when the couple involves a service member.

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