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  • Protecting a Child’s SSI Benefits When They Receive an Inheritance

    Disabled children may qualify for SSI benefits. These benefits can be particularly helpful in families that do not have much income. Sometimes a child who receives these benefits may have a loved one who cares about him or her and wants to leave much-needed funds behind to an individual in this situation. However, if it is not structured properly, an inheritance can cause a person on SSI to lose their benefits.

  • Social Security Offset Provisions and Wrongful Denial in ERISA Cases

    Most ERISA plans, as well as any supporting insurance policies for individuals, have certain provisions that will let the person offset disability benefits through Social Security, and a wrongful denial will invalidate these benefits. It is essential to proceed through the wrongful denial and acquire a correct decision in the case.

  • What Medical Conditions are Considered for SSDI?

    People who have certain disabling medical conditions may be eligible for Social Security Disability Insurance. But, with few exceptions, having a specific condition does not automatically entitle someone to benefits.

  • 5 Myths about SSD Recipients

    As soon as people enter the workforce, a portion of every paycheck is deducted for the Social Security Disability Insurance Trust Fund. During a lifetime, workers earn up to four “credits” per year, based on the number of hours they work and their income. If workers develop a disability, they will need a minimum number of credits to be eligible for SSD benefits.

  • Can a Recent Medical Diagnosis Make an Employment Contract Voidable?

    When confronted with a medical condition that makes work difficult or impossible, it is important to consult with a supervisor and explain the situation fully. However, if the employer is unwilling to let the worker out of an employment contract, it may be necessary to hire a lawyer and resolve the matter through a different type of solution.

  • What Are the Different Types of Veteran Disability Benefits?

    Veteran disability benefits are compensation methods used to provide monetary assistance to persons that have been in war. These are to recognize the disabilities, acquired diseases, injuries and health conditions that soldiers have experienced through active service while on duty.

  • No-Pets Policy and Emotional Support Animals

    The right to have an emotional support animal often depends on if the individual has a disability or if the emotional support animal is to assist with those that have severe emotional or psychological issues. When the individual has a disability, he or she usually has the right to bring this creature with him or her in most circumstances.

  • Basics of Social Security Retirement Benefits

    Retired workers and various family members are entitled to Social Security Retirement Benefits.

  • Disability Benefits for Lyme Disease

    Tick infestations have become rampant in recent years, and the effects of a tick bite can be debilitating. Ticks bites can cause a nasty bacterial infection called Lyme disease, which can manifest a number of complications.

  • If I Relocate Overseas Permanently, do I Lose my SSDI Benefits?

    Social Security Disability is available to those that are elderly, disabled or have qualified for the benefits. There are many specific requirements, and it is easy to miss a filing deadline that may cancel or limit monetary assistance.

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