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  • Aly Raisman Sues USOC

    Sexual harassment and abuse can happen anywhere, and the U.S. Olympics is no exception.

  • NBA's Dallas Mavericks Face Claims of Sexual Harassment and Hostile Workplace

    Sports Illustrated has reported this past week that the Dallas Mavericks face multiple claims of both hostile workplace and sexual harassment.

  • Can Kaepernick Prove Collusion by the NFL?

    Colin Kaepernick has filed a grievance against the NFL for colluding to prevent him from being hired by any team. This collusion grievance allegedly stems from the protests that Kaepernick initiated during his last season with the 49ers. Despite becoming a free agent with an enviable record at the end of the 2016-2017season, he has yet to be recruited by any NFL teams and believes it is because they are actively avoiding hiring him.

  • Sports Contracts: Minor League Versus Foreign League

    Minor league sports contracts are for those that love the game but are not paid as much as major league players, and foreign leagues could offer more if the player is willing to relocate overseas. However, each contract is different, and it is important to read the fine print along with the terms and conditions that apply and how they bind the player.

  • Navigating Ezekiel Elliott’s Legal Plays

    Ezekiel Elliott of the Dallas Cowboys has been fighting a 6 game misconduct ban since the start of the football season. His legal moves have allowed him to delay his suspension but on October 12th, the NFL won a motion to reinstate the suspension. Since this leaves most of us navigating a fairly confusing legal struggle, here is what we understand so far about the suspension and whether it can be enforced.

  • The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department's Funding Problem

    In theory, as well as in public support, Texas Parks and Wildlife funding is essential. The funds are garnered through a sporting good sales tax with 94 percent of the revenue slated for ongoing park and wildlife maintenance and 6 percent going to the Texas Historical Commission for maintenance of historical sites throughout the state.

  • Who Is Responsible for Sports injuries?

    When someone is harmed during a game, practicing or preparing for a group get-together, the question many have is who should be responsible for damages if anyone. These accidents or instances of hurt are outside the professional world where those individuals have various others to provide care and assistance to resolve injuries.

  • Sports Injuries

    While sports provide an outlet for active children and help people of all ages stay in shape, sports can sometimes pose a significant risk when the people responsible for the sport do not take proper precautions to protect athletes and participants.

  • Gun Laws in Colorado

    The Denver Post recently reported that applications for concealed carry permits have skyrocketed in Colorado this year. Some say this is a response to mass shootings, like the recent tragedies in Paris, San Bernardino, Colorado Springs and Orlando, others argue that this kind of increased access to weapons is part of the problem. Regardless of how you feel about guns, Coloradans should know what the rules are in our state.

  • Bicycle Safety Laws

    As more people move into cities, the popularity of self-propelled vehicles is on the rise. Millions of Americans ride bikes to work or school every day in every one of the United States. Others ride recreationally. Whatever the case, it is important for these bicyclists to know the laws affecting the safe use and operation of their human-powered vehicles before taking them out on the roads and sidewalks.

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