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  • Defective or Substandard Dental Implants

    Constant or continual pain is usually one of the primary symptoms of dental implant defects or other dental complications after a procedure when the patient needed work completed in his or her mouth. Understanding what symptoms could occur after defective or substandard procedures is important to ensure that resolution of the problem happens.

  • 6 Things You Should Know about Your Medical Malpractice Case

    When you or your family member have been severely injured at the hands of the medical professionals you trusted with your care, it can be difficult to even understand where to begin. You feel angry, you feel frustrated, and you want justice for the wrongs done to you. A medical malpractice case may be able to help you move forward, but it may not.

  • Medical Expert Witnesses in Death Penalty Cases

    Medical expert witnesses are often hired and used for various cases in prosecution and defense alike, and these professionals are able to explain various pieces of evidence. Through an understanding of the subject matter, these individuals are capable of explaining things to the jury or judge that were confusing or misunderstood previously.

  • When You Need a Medical Expert Witness

    Medical expert witnesses are hired for a variety of reasons, but their most often used expertise is to explain medical treatment procedures and processes for a case where someone has been injured. Professionals in the medical world provide services to a courtroom by explaining how an injury occurred and why it is so important to obtain compensation.

  • Florida’s Law in Disqualifying Expert Witnesses in Medical Malpractice Cases

    Before a medical malpractice case may proceed in the courts of law in Florida, the state has a requirement of an opinion being obtained by a qualified medical expert to explain that the claim has merit. If those in the case do not follow the correct procedure, the expert witness could be disqualified, and the case may be thrown out.

  • Michigan Medical Malpractice 101

    Michigan, like many other states, has strict rules governing the procedure one must follow in pursuing a lawsuit against a healthcare provider or hospital. Make a mistake, and the case might be dismissed. This area of the law is so complicated, a patient should not try to represent themselves.

  • Expert Witness Evaluation Regarding Perinatal Malpractice Cases

    Perinatal malpractice cases are often discovered through the keen use of procedures performed on the placenta and residue to reveal what caused the damage to mother, child or both. With the assistance of an expert witness, it may be easier to prove that the doctor was guilty of malpractice in these situations.

  • FDA Case Studies Reveal Diagnostic Risks of Laboratory

    The medical diagnostic process is incredibly complex, and as a result, errors aren't uncommon during this process. It is difficult to trace the number of these mistakes that occur in Chicago and other parts of Illinois each year, since many go uncaught for months or longer.

  • Expert Witnesses Discuss Dangers of Using Forceps during Childbirth

    There are many dangers in childbirth, but there are none greater than when the baby is harmed during the process. This may occur with various tools, methods or if there are complications that arise in the middle of the procedure.

  • When is a Surgical Error Malpractice?

    Every surgery – even the most minor – poses the risk of medical error. But does every surgical error constitute as medical malpractice? Malpractice is essentially negligence.

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