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  • Proposed Dark Store Legislation in Wisconsin Puts a Thumb on the Scale of Fairness

    Max Baucus once said that “Tax complexity itself is a kind of a tax.” That statement is true in many ways.

  • US Passport can be Revoked Because of Tax Debt

    There are certain regulations and stipulations to the Internal Revenue Service with laws in the United States that may restrict travel or the ability to obtain a passport when taxes have not been paid. This usually involves tax debt that has been accruing or that has not been completely paid off for past taxes due.

  • How the IRS Investigates FBAR Violations

    After the foreign bank reports the non-compliant taxpayer’s account information to the foreign taxing authority, the information is then provided to the IRS. For those countries without intergovernmental agreements (IGAs), the account holder’s information will be sent directly to the IRS.

  • Criminal Tax Evasion in Colorado

    Tax evasion charges in Colorado have significant consequences. Individuals may face an intense investigation and uncertainty when being confronted with charges of this nature. Potential penalties include exorbitant fines and jail time. Knowing how these charges can result can help people avoid common actions that result in charges of this nature being filed against them.

  • Colorado Probate and Estate Tax Laws

    When someone passes away, it is important that the matter is settled quickly and easily so that the family and other dependents are given time to grieve and become situated with the circumstances. It is then vital that the next steps are taken to resolve any outstanding matters. The estate then must be settled and allocated as specified by a will or last testament.

  • Colorado Consumer Tax Law

    Taxes are collected by states on retail for items that are sold in shops and establishments. This may be similar to levied taxes on cigarettes smoked by consumers, gas needed for vehicles and alcoholic drinks consumed through individual purchases and when completed in a bar or pub. These taxes placed on items bought by customers are often used by the state to raise revenue for local projects.

  • Personal Income Tax in Colorado

    Each state has different income tax procedures and amounts based on what has been implemented by the state legislation. In Colorado, the income tax rate has become a flat 4.63 percent no matter what income level bracket the individual is within. It is important to file taxes on or before April fifteen so that additional fees are not added to the filing process.

  • Tax Professionals Report More Audits as Stricter IRS Deadlines Approach
      by Brown, PC

    The tax code is incredibly complicated and intricate. Even when a business or an individual intends to be in compliance with tax requirements, cost-saving measures can easily slip over the line into illegal territory.

  • Falsification of Taxes and Real Estate Projects

    Preparation of tax returns that are false or contain inconsistencies may lead to criminal charges. Real estate projects may be harmed from the illegal acts committed by some attempting to increase returns for clients through larger refunds and providing incorrect data to the Internal Revenue Service.

  • Misrepresentation of Tax Procedures and Complications for Real Estate Dealings

    Real estate dealings often require exact documentation that specifies certain terms, conditions and details about the buyer, seller and property. There are complications that may arise through numerous pieces of the whole arrangement.

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