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  • Colorado Probate and Estate Tax Laws

    When someone passes away, it is important that the matter is settled quickly and easily so that the family and other dependents are given time to grieve and become situated with the circumstances. It is then vital that the next steps are taken to resolve any outstanding matters. The estate then must be settled and allocated as specified by a will or last testament.

  • Tax Professionals Report More Audits as Stricter IRS Deadlines Approach
      by Brown, PC

    The tax code is incredibly complicated and intricate. Even when a business or an individual intends to be in compliance with tax requirements, cost-saving measures can easily slip over the line into illegal territory.

  • Misrepresentation of Tax Procedures and Complications for Real Estate Dealings

    Real estate dealings often require exact documentation that specifies certain terms, conditions and details about the buyer, seller and property. There are complications that may arise through numerous pieces of the whole arrangement.

  • U.S. District Court Upholds Multiple Willful FBAR Penalties Against Taxpayer
      by Brown, PC

    In a case that has raised eyebrows in the tax community, a jury in the Southern District of Florida has sustained the IRS's assessment of multiple willful FBAR penalties against an American business man and bank director.

  • IRS Assesses Another 150% Civil FBAR Penalty
      by Brown, PC

    The IRS has asserted multiple maximum civil FBAR penalties against Ashvin Desai, who failed to disclose the existence of offshore accounts or report interest income from the accounts on his tax returns. Desai, a sixty-four year old born in Mumbai, India, was sentenced last week to six months of imprisonment in his criminal trial.

  • Can My Student Loan Be Discharged if I Become Disabled?

    When someone has become disabled through injury, illness or other means, it is possible that student loans may be discharged completely.

  • Warning Signs that a Criminal Investigation Is Pending in IRS Cases

    There are various signs that a criminal investigation is on the horizon. These are not the same as civil inquiries. The Internal Revenue Service initiates these from the recommendation of the auditor assigned to the person or company. Tax returns or fraudulent activity that includes illegal acts are analyzed by the Criminal Investigation Division of the IRS.

  • Ways to Avoid Problems with the IRS

    Because criminal investigations initiated by the Internal Revenue Service require resources and time that may be better utilized elsewhere, starting a case for possible tax crimes is not sought after by this agency. Audits are often routine for various reasons based on data collected during and after tax season.

  • IRS Criminal Investigations

    The Internal Revenue Service is called when both businesses and individuals are suspected of illegal income, revenue and wage activity. Anyone may be subject to an audit, but these are especially harmful when there are actual illegal processes occurring within the company.

  • Federal Tax Fraud Explained

    Fraud comes in many shapes and sizes. The amount that is taken during fraud crimes is one factor considered when charges are filed and when a case initiates. Tax fraud is different than these other types as only the Internal Revenue Service is permitted to pursue suspected tax offenders.

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