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  • The Basics of Franchise Tax Board Penalties

    Tax returns with a franchise could lead to severe consequences when the paperwork contains errors or falsifications for yearly income and other expenses or deductions. It is imperative that the owner of the franchise discloses all information and ensures that the Internal Revenue Service has everything with all valid and correct details.

  • Substantial Misstatements and Franchise Tax Board Penalties

    The penalties for mistakes and misstatements in tax documents are costly and may lead to severe consequences for those involved. However, when the misstatements are substantial, they may lead to additional fees or even criminal charges depending on the specific circumstances.

  • Texas Governor Proposes New Property Tax Reform Measure

    One of the vexing problems that the Texas Legislature has failed to address is the tendency of property taxes to increase every year, often faster than the incomes of home owners who are obliged to pay them.

  • Natural Disaster Victims and Tax Relief

    Natural disasters cause injuries, death and destruction in their wake, and many require the relief of various agencies and the government to become involved. When these complications arise and affect homeowners or business owners, there are numerous tax relief schemes open to provide support and help against these problems.

  • Tax Benefits of Making Charitable Donations

    Tax deductions increase when someone makes a charitable donation to various worthy causes, and these affect how much the person pays back to the government at tax season. It is important to consult an expert due to possible adverse effects, but a professional may assist in increasing all possible deductions with taxation.

  • Effect of Receiving SBA Disaster Loan on Taxes

    Small Business Association disaster loans are received when a company or individual suffers through a natural or manmade disaster such as a flood, hurricane or detonation area. These loans are available to assist these individuals or groups through hard times, and the effects on taxes are often beneficial when the person receiving the loan has no other debt needing payment.

  • Impact of New Tax Law on Professional Sports Teams

    Tax deductions and the new tax law affect professional sports teams and the athletes that play or belong to each team. While the impact could affect some for the better, those that earn more than the $10,000 cap in each year may face severe amounts owed when the income is over seven or eight figures for the year.

  • Case Studies on How New Tax Law May Impact Different Families

    Various experts tasked with studying the new tax laws determined that there are different impacts on families based on certain factors for each. These may include or involve single parents, multiple children and extended families where grandparents receive their grandchildren as primary caregivers.

  • Sales Tax Surge to Help Texas to Keep Its Books in Balance

    Keeping the books of the state of Texas balanced can be something of a challenge. The past session of the Texas Legislature balanced the 2018-19 budget, albeit barely. The next session, due to start in a year, is going to face quite a challenge in making sure that spending matches tax receipts.

  • Potential Impact of New Tax Law on Law Firm Partners

    Tax laws change constantly, and the effect may extend as wide as to law firms, partners and clients depending on the circumstances and the changes in these regulations. It is important to understand the potential impact that could occur to various entities and professionals based on taxation modifications and how the consequences may reach others.

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