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  • Expert Witness for a Defective Cell Phone Case

    When a customer that purchases a cell phone suffers injury due to the case or a defect in design or materials, he or she may need to raise a claim through the courts for compensation. With the help and use of an expert witness, he or she may provide sufficient evidence that the defendant is responsible and owes damages to him or her.

  • Forensic Expert Witness Analyzes Smartphone Data

    In a case where the data on a smartphone is sufficient to provide evidence in the claim, a forensic expert witness may need to assist the lawyer. By analyzing the details within the device, it is possible to connect the defendant to liability, clear the plaintiff of any fault or help in proving the information of the injury.

  • Can We Sue a Website like Airbnb if They Are Hacked and Personal Information Is Stolen?

    When a website is hacked, and the user account information is stolen, the question becomes who is responsible, and then the matter shift into if it is possible to litigate against the company that owns the website. Hacked websites could render the company or network administrator responsible for damages to those affected.

  • How to Protect Business Websites from Liability

    Business websites could be the target of a user that has been harmed by the site or through the use while another has hacked or when a glitch shows personal identifiable information. Many websites are able to protect the owners from liability through terms of service, conditions and users agreeing to statements freeing the business from litigation.

  • Bed Sores are Amongst Most Common Hospital Errors

    Recognizing that the development of a bed sore during an admission to a hospital as something that simply should not occur, many facilities have begun to categorize their development for what they truly are a serious medical error. Bed sores now join a list of dreadful occurrences such as: operations on the wrong body part, patient suicides, foreign objects left in during surgery and deadly falls in the hospital as situations that simply shouldn't occur in the presence of proper medical care.

  • The New U.S. Patent Law - Pros and Cons

    A brief summary of some positive and negative consequences of the America Invents Act. America Invents Act: Pros and Cons - by Todd Juneau

  • Protecting Your Personal Information with Online Privacy Laws

    A lot of people who use the internet have the need to protect their privacy. However, the internet is still so new that online privacy laws are still being written and modified.

  • Can Law Keep up with Technology?

    Science and technology is advancing at a breakneck pace. With each passing day, new technologies and advancements make our world easier, safer and point toward a brighter future. But with each advancement and innovation, legal issues arise.

  • Realtime Court Reporting Yields Advantage

    Time was when court transcripts took weeks to deliver and those involved in legal proceedings had to rely on note taking to capture day-to-day courtroom action. Now judges, attorneys, jurors and litigants are driving demand for reliable court testimony and deposition records -- right at their finger tips, right before their eyes and right away.

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