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  • LLC Bank Account: A Partner Committing Fraud

    If someone connected to a limited liability company is engaging in fraud or fraudulent activity, it is important to consider the possible actions available to ensure the partner not connected to the illegal actions is safe. When there is suspicion of a crime, it is crucial to gather as much evidence and details as possible for a potential arrest.

  • False Identification Law in Virginia

    Sometimes students or other underaged individuals may procure false identification to buy cigarettes, buy alcohol or gain admission to locations where they are otherwise prohibited from being because of their age. These fake identification forms may be purchased online or in person, potentially acting like a driver’s license from another state. However, using fake identification is a crime that carries potential criminal consequences if a person is found in possession of a fake id.

  • Explanation of Identity Theft Laws in Texas

    Identity theft occurs in Texas when an individual uses another person’s personal information to acquire goods, services or other things of value. Identity theft can result in significant consequences to the victim and years of affected credit. The instances of identity theft have increased throughout Texas and the nation over the last several years.

  • Summary of Sentencing Guidelines for Misdemeanor Offenses in Illinois

    If a person is convicted of a misdemeanor crime in Illinois, he or she should be aware of the potential penalties that he or she may be facing. The sentencing guidelines describe the maximum penalties that may be imposed by the court. The actual sentence that is received depends on a number of factors, including the type of crime and which class of misdemeanor is charged.

  • Changes to the Illinois Retail Theft Laws

    Illinois lawmakers have recently enacted changes to the retail theft laws in the state. The changes were made to the definition of the crime, as well as to the penalties for these crimes. Understanding the new laws can help criminal defendants understand their rights and the nature of the charges against them.

  • Defending Against Identity Theft Charges in Florida

    Florida has the highest reports of identity theft of all states. Due to the prevalence of the crime, prosecutors take this offense very seriously. If facing this charge, there are several important considerations to keep in mind.

  • Package Theft in Texas

    During the holiday season, it is not uncommon for packages to be left unaccompanied on front porches and other locations that are easily accessible to potential thieves. Theft of such packages is a crime of opportunity. For some individuals, the lure of an unaccompanied package is too much to resist. However, taking packages can result in serious consequences.

  • Debt Collection in Texas

    The Texas Tribune, in conjunction with NerdWallet, recently reported on the debt collection practices of rent-to-own businesses in Texas and other states.

  • Texas Lawmakers to Look at Criminal Prosecution of People in Debt to Rent to Own Companies

    Usually, when an individual has a payment dispute with a business, the matter is ultimately settled in a civil court.

  • Defending Burglary, Robbery and Theft Related Charges in Philadelphia

    Burglary, robbery, and theft-related charges in Philadelphia and throughout Pennsylvania carry serious consequences which will affect your life now and in the future.

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