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  • What is Legally Considered Hazardous Waste?

    Hazardous waste occurs when humans, manufacturing, industry, and agriculture create contaminated byproducts and substances. Contaminated materials can poison the ground, water, and air both adjacent to - and possibly away from - it's physical location. To reduce, eliminate, or avoid the situations where hazardous waste harms both the environment and humans, it is important to know what it is and how it is created.

  • HIPPA Violation: Non-Medical Staff Accessed and Shared Medical Records. Who Do I Sue?

    When a violation of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act occurs, severe penalties may be issued against the perpetrator when he or she is discovered due to the confidentiality of the records. However, if proper measures are not in place to ensure the data has been secured, the medical facility could be at fault in the incident as well, and a claim may be possible.

  • Is My Injury Serious Enough for a Lawyer?

    When you or a loved one is hurt, expenses can begin to rack up, and sometimes for something that was not even your fault! You should not be responsible for covering these expenses while you are trying to recover from your injury since it was someone elseís negligence that caused the accident.

  • Logging Company Destroyed Land While Exceeding Scope of Contract. Can It Be Prosecuted or Just Sued?

    When a person or entity has been wronged, the victim may consider criminal as well as civil remedies. In many cases, there may be criminal grounds and civil grounds against a person that can both be pursued. However, in other cases, the victim must select one form of remedy or the other.

  • Cults Tearing Apart Lives

    The activities of cults often lead members to perform aggressive actions after their belief and faith have been won by those in charge. Through incorporating younger persons, those with fragile minds and similar individuals, the leader is able to tear apart lives through pushing them into behavior and events they are not prepared for or would usually engage in.

  • FDA Acknowledges Link Between Breast Implants and Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma

    Twenty years ago, over $4 billion was paid to victims who became sick from silicone and other toxic chemicals leaking from their silicone breast implants. Silicone implants were taken off the market until 2006. Now research shows women are getting sick again.

  • OSHA Rolls Back Safety Rule Relating to Beryllium

    The safety rollback will create more exposure to beryllium to industrial workers and may lead to more beryllium lawsuits.

  • In a Car Crash? You Need to File a Police Report

    Filing a police report after a car accident is one of the most important things you can do. If your accident was bad enough to block traffic or require an ambulance, police will likely be dispatched to the scene and file a report without you having to ask.

  • Does the Furthering Asbestos Claim Transparency (FACT) Act Really Help Asbestos Victims?

    Asbestos is still present in our lives, although itís been more than 40 years since this deadly mineralís use started to be limited. Thousands of mesothelioma victims die each year because of this severe illness that is caused solely by asbestos while companies continue to import this substance into the US and use it across different industries.

  • Torts - Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress

    Intentional infliction of emotional distress is a tort that allows for recovery when one personís outrageous conduct results in severe emotional trauma to someone else. There must be specific elements that are met in order for the victim to recover compensation from the person who caused the distress.

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