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  • Intentional Interference with Economic Relationships and Unfair Competition

    When a company engages in intentional unfair competition practices that seek to redirect or alter an economic relationship that interferes with accruing revenue, the business may face serious charges and possible damages owed to the other entity. The company must prove that the business did knowingly engage in such behavior to harm incoming profits.

  • Virginia Personal Financial Loss

    Personal injury due to financial loss in Virginia may occur due to economic, non-economic and loss of personal property incidents. It is important to contact a Virginia lawyer to pursue legal action for compensation when the personal injury is sufficiently impactful to the victim of the violent or non-violent crime.

  • Georgia Personal Injury to the Child

    The injury to a child in Georgia may occur due to negligence just the same as any other harm befalls a citizen of the state, and this could lead to a claim against the perpetrator for the negligence or due to reckless disregard. Children have the same options as adults under the laws of the state to pursue legal action for compensation.

  • Expert Witness Testimony Regarding Fingerprint Analysis

    Law enforcement and prosecutors rely on fingerprint analysis to convict criminals when their fingerprints are found at a crime scene. However, it usually takes an expert witness to examine and fully understand if this evidence is enough to lead to a conviction or if it is too weak in regard to the case and the defendant’s circumstances.

  • Defamation: A Publication's Free Speech versus Your Individual Privacy

    Defamation of any kind is a serious offense that could pose a problem for the perpetrator when the target seeks legal action against the individual or entity. When the false statements harm the group or specific person, it is important to contact a lawyer to determine the best course of action forward and what is a necessary remedy.

  • Misappropriation of Personal Image and Possible Remedies

    Stealing or misappropriating the likeness of someone’s image may lead to legal action against the perpetrator when no permission is given or payment received for the action. Knowing what remedies are available and how to pursue them is important for the target of these actions which may occur through the help of a lawyer.

  • Am I Liable When My Uber Passenger Causes an Accident While I’m Driving for the Company?

    Working for Uber may lead to certain situations where an accident occurs during or after work hours for the driver. However, it is important to contact Uber immediately when these situations arise to ensure the consequences remove the employee behind the wheel from liability and damages to others in these incidents.

  • What is Legally Considered Hazardous Waste?

    Hazardous waste occurs when humans, manufacturing, industry, and agriculture create contaminated byproducts and substances. Contaminated materials can poison the ground, water, and air both adjacent to - and possibly away from - it's physical location. To reduce, eliminate, or avoid the situations where hazardous waste harms both the environment and humans, it is important to know what it is and how it is created.

  • HIPPA Violation: Non-Medical Staff Accessed and Shared Medical Records. Who Do I Sue?

    When a violation of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act occurs, severe penalties may be issued against the perpetrator when he or she is discovered due to the confidentiality of the records. However, if proper measures are not in place to ensure the data has been secured, the medical facility could be at fault in the incident as well, and a claim may be possible.

  • Is My Injury Serious Enough for a Lawyer?

    When you or a loved one is hurt, expenses can begin to rack up, and sometimes for something that was not even your fault! You should not be responsible for covering these expenses while you are trying to recover from your injury since it was someone else’s negligence that caused the accident.

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