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  • Ins and Outs of the Defend Trade Secrets Acts

    The Defend Trade Secrets Act was initially implemented as law in 2016. It provides for a federal, private, civil cause of action for any trade-secret misuse or theft where someone that owns a the trade secret may bring civil action through a lawsuit if the trade secret information that is connected to a product or service that has been put into use for interstate or oversees business.

  • How to Recognize Investment Fraud

    There are various forms of fraud that plague the world in terms of damage to systems, financial gain, personal injury and many other issues as well. These schemes are often concocted by individuals that are attempting to rob a person or company of hard-earned money or benefits in order to gain personally from these.

  • PFG Lawyer
      by Cates Law

    If you were a client of PFG and lost money as a result of the company's fraudulent behavior, filing a claim against PFG will help to ensure that you recover some or all of your losses once PFG's missing funds are located. Russell Wasendorf Sr., the former CEO of Peregrine Financial Group Inc. (PFG) was arrested last week.

  • Form S-8 Registration Requirements

    Registration of securities on Form S-8 (“Form S-8”) is a short-form registration statement under the Securities Act of 1933, as amended (the “Securities Act”). By Brenda Lee Hamilton, P.A. Hamilton & Associates

  • Choosing a Securities Arbitration Lawyer

    Choosing a securities arbitration lawyer is not something that should be done in haste, and without careful consideration. When you are facing a dispute with brokers or financial advisors, it is essential that you have experienced and skilled legal representation.

  • The Criminal Cloud over S.E.C. Investigations of Insider Trading

    Your client, a respected real estate attorney, receives a subpoena duces tecum from the Securities and Exchange Commission (S.E.C.) requesting all documents relating to her purchase and sale of the stock of X.Y.Z., Inc.

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