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  • Trade Secrets in Unfair Competition Cases

    Trade secrets provide a competitive edge for a company, and when someone steals, sells or misappropriates these items, it could ruin the company affected leading to failure in the market. If these actions occur, the company owner may need to seek reparations or compensation through the courts to mitigate the damage or remedy the disaster.

  • Expert Witnesses on Trade Secrets and Intellectual Property

    Trade secrets protect the business revenue of a company by securing the recipe, ingredient or process the owner has created or developed. Through keeping these intellectual properties confidential and secret within the company, the business is able to progress through the market with a competitive edge.

  • Costs Associated with Trademarks and Patents

    When obtaining a trademark for a company, products or services, the costs may be extensive depending on how the owner decides to apply, and this could alter if he or she expands from one state to the nation or globally. Patents are equally expensive, and may be registered similarly through one location or around the entire world.

  • Selling or Licensing a Recipe

    When attempting to build a company or business through intellectual property, it is important to know if the invention or process should be initiated by the individual, sold or traded for possible better benefits in the future. It is also important to have a lawyer versed in these matters available to ensure the rights of the owner are protected throughout the procedure.

  • What Is the Connection between Fair Use and Intellectual Property?

    Fair use and intellectual property have an important correlation in that fair use only exists to ensure that violations of intellectual property do not occur. The copyright protections keep others from copying work, but there are certain stipulations called fair use that permit others to use portions of the book or other written creation depending on the actions of the individual.

  • What Types of Legal Agreements can Protect Intellectual Property?

    Legal agreements are often part of protecting intellectual property when though business interactions and when used within a company. There are a few different contracts and agreements that assist with these matters, and it is important to know the difference and when to utilize them.

  • Common Misconceptions about Intellectual Property

    There are many myths about intellectual property, what it can do, who owns it and why it exists. In order to dispel these misconceptions, it is important to research what intellectual property the company or individual owns and why it is vital to the success of business interactions.

  • Why Intellectual Property Is Important to the Business Owner

    For business owners that have or are using intellectual property, it is essential to know what this is and why it is so important. To prevent violations from occurring, to use the IP appropriately and to avoid litigation, the owner of a business needs to know as much about these items as possible.

  • Intellectual Property and the Business Plan

    Intellectual property is important for many businesses, but it is crucial for those that sell products or services based on the IP created by the company. The business plan for creating a sustainable revenue stream may depend heavily on the IP, and employees and management must know how to handle these items properly.

  • Prevent Employees from Revealing Trade Secrets

    When trade secrets are a part of what provides a competitive edge to a company, it is essential they remain a secret from the public and other competing companies. In order to keep employees from revealing these ingredients, processes or methods, many techniques could be used to include nondisclosure agreements.

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