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  • Does a Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) Policy Violate Antitrust Laws in the United States?

    We see many antitrust issues in the distribution world—and from all business perspectives: supplier, wholesale distributor, authorized retailer, and unauthorized retailer, among others. And at the retail level, we hear from both internet and brick-and-mortar stores.

  • What Are the Elements for a Tortious Interference Claim under California Law?

    The law of contracts governs a wide range of business and commercial activity, allowing individuals and businesses to take risks with the knowledge that they have legal recourse. Breach of contract claims, however, are only possible between parties to a binding contract. This does not cover many situations in which someone else interferes in a contractual or economic relationship.

  • Expert Witnesses on Trade Secrets and Intellectual Property

    Trade secrets protect the business revenue of a company by securing the recipe, ingredient or process the owner has created or developed. Through keeping these intellectual properties confidential and secret within the company, the business is able to progress through the market with a competitive edge.

  • Expert Witness Testimony on Similarity of Works in Copyright Infringement Claim

    Copyright infringement is a rampant crime in the age where technology rules over these matters, and the issues with copyrighted works being copied and distributed increases each year. However, the need for an expert witness arises when similar works are fashioned from the original that are similar enough to lead to infringement claims against the author.

  • Costs Associated with Trademarks and Patents

    When obtaining a trademark for a company, products or services, the costs may be extensive depending on how the owner decides to apply, and this could alter if he or she expands from one state to the nation or globally. Patents are equally expensive, and may be registered similarly through one location or around the entire world.

  • Importers Facing Whistleblower Claims under the FCA

    Importing companies are facing claims of falsely providing products that are of quality when the materials are inferior, or when the imported items have missing pieces as well as expired consumables. Through the False Claims Act, these companies could face severe penalties unless they are able to resolve the matter legally.

  • Difficulties of Modifying NAFTA

    The North American Free Trade Agreement has been the subject of possible changes through the Trump Administration, and there are difficulties in these processes as well as an argument that the proposed changes are not beneficial. The proposal states there would be a reduction in trade deficit between the United States and partners of Canada and Mexico.

  • Wildlife, Fish, and Plants: Violations of the Lacey Act in Customs Law

    The Lacey Act was passed in 1900 and was the first federal law to protect wildlife. This intersection of conservation and Customs Law makes it illegal to transfer, move, or trade in certain wildlife, fish, and plants. Violations of the Lacey Act can lead to severe civil and criminal penalties.

  • Free Trade Agreements and a Lawyer’s Assistance

    To ensure that violations are not incurred and affecting the company, it is crucial to adhere to rules and laws provided by the government to include internal policies and controls that affect how fines and penalties are given out. Through the use of a lawyer, it is often possible to avoid violations and ensure that laws and regulations are closely followed.

  • Shift in the Global Trade of Semiconductors

    Shifts in various types of global trade occur with frequency depending on numerous factors surrounding the events of these changes, and this could lead to different trade agreements or complications. Production of semiconductors may be threatened by China surpassing the United States in production of these products.

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