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  • How Can I Protect My Trademark Abroad?

    Protecting intellectual property rights overseas is often difficult based on country laws that could be lax or nonexistent in ensuring that a trademark or other IP is safe when moving through the nation. However, it is possible through contacting the right officials that a trademark may have safeguards in place with the Trademark and Patent Office.

  • What Entrepreneurs Must Understand about Intellectual Property

    Intellectual property may be the backbone and foundation of a business venture, and it is crucial that entrepreneurs understand what these items are so they may profit and avoid violations. If the owner of a business has created some concept or work, he or she may be able to market it and keep it protected through intellectual property protections.

  • Process of Acquiring an International Trademark

    After acquiring the United States trademark, it may be possible to obtain the same protections globally through an international trademark for the brand of a company.

  • Developing a Trademark in the USA

    Developing trademarks for brands is essential for companies and businesses in the United States. It is important to apply with the knowledge that a trademark takes certain steps, requires time and must be reapplied for once the initial time limit has passed.

  • Protect Your Trademark in Brazil

    Although you might not think often about protecting your trademark rights in Brazil, you need to Ė even if you donít yet have a single Brazilian customer.

  • Offensive Trademarks and the First Amendment

    The protections afforded trademarks have extended to potentially offensive symbols, phrases and words. Using these brands with a trademark safeguard behind them may lead to outrage and other concerns in the public.

  • When a Trademark is Considered Offensive

    Before modifications were made to trademark application and acquirement for intellectual property protections, it was not possible to obtain a trademark if it was considered offensive. This could be to an individual group, to the nation as a whole or a local or regional offensive symbol or phrase.

  • If a Trademark is Granted Temporarily to Another, Do I Lose my Protections?

    Trademark protections extend to both the physical manifestation and online presence of the symbol, word or phrase. This means that no matter where the brand is located, it is intellectual property and protected when a trademark has been obtained. It may not be used without the permission of the owner. However, if this permission has been cancelled, the other individual or company no longer has any rights of use or copying the logo or brand.

  • When a Startupís Name Leads to Litigation

    Many that start new businesses may not be aware that there are several steps necessary to complete before a companyís name may become public. It is important to register and, in many instances, trademark the name or logo so that it may only be legally used by that one organization.

  • Blocking a Competitor from Using a Similar Name

    The name of a company is often one of the most important aspects of building a brand, a business and something to remember. The best organizations are known throughout the decades while smaller and minor companies are forgotten in a few short years.

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