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  • Resolving a Red-Light Camera Ticket

    Caught driving through red lights is a problem for many drivers in various states, but sometimes the camera catches the wrong person and may send the ticket to the driver in front of or behind the true culprit. It is important to seek a resolution to these concerns that protect the rights of each driver on the road.

  • Challenging Your Traffic Ticket in Court

    When a single ticket or accumulated traffic tickets are serious enough that a lawyer becomes necessary, it is important to challenge it or them through the local courts. By attempting to mitigate the damage, it is possible to reduce the payments necessary to resolve the traffic citation matter and prevent further consequences such as points and license suspension.

  • Tips to Fight a Speeding Ticket

    Many people have gone through the experience of being pulled over for suspicion of speeding. If you have received a ticket, you may be able to fight it to prevent it from causing your insurance rates to be increased. Some ways that you may be able to fight a speeding ticket include:

  • Moving Violations That Add Points to Your Driving Record

    Most states institute some type of point system to regulate residentsí driving privileges within the state. For each moving violation, they may accumulate points. After so many points, their license may be suspended or revoked. These systems are used to monitor the driving habits of licensed drivers and to regulate safety by removing dangerous drivers from the roadway.

  • What to do with a Toll Ticket in Florida

    In some states, toll locations provide faster access to the interstate and freeway system through a ticketing placard or sticker with internet access for renewal or payment. When living in Florida, it is possible to pass through these stations without tossing in money, and a ticket is sent to the person through the mail for payment later.

  • Various Types of Traffic Tickets

    Moving violations lead to traffic tickets that need a resolution before the deadline expires or the driver will face additional penalties to include possible jail time. While some states may have specific tickets, the general ones that a driver may find himself or herself receiving usually have a listing online or at local law enforcement departments.

  • Steer Clear of These Traffic Ticket Mistakes

    There are common mistakes that many drivers make when in traffic or when parking, and it important to know which moving and nonmoving violations and mistakes should remain avoided at all costs. Some of the issues that these problems cause could severely increase fines and other penalties depending on the state and how serious the action.

  • Length of Time that Points Stay on Your Driving Record

    The point system enforced in some states may keep so many points on a personís driverís license, but if he or she drives through another state without this system, he or she may not need to worry. The length these points remain could vary depending on the insurance or state laws and guidelines and the circumstances of the ticket.

  • Comparing Moving Violations and Nonmoving Violations

    Traffic and parking violations constitute the majority of all tickets owners of vehicles incur with local and state law enforcement. However, the differences between the moving and nonmoving violations could lead to the possibility of minimal repayment or punishment or severe consequences depending on what the driver or owner has done.

  • What Can I Do if I Think My Traffic Ticket is Too High?

    Seeking assistance for larger penalties in tickets is important when the person is not able to pay the amounts necessary for resolution in these matters. However, the base price and any other factors may increase the initial penalty, and it may take a lawyer to dispute a ticket successfully before the amount is lower or eliminated.

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