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  • Safety Tips for Thanksgiving Travel

    In 2015 alone, close to 42 million Americans packed up their cars and hit the road to visit family and friends for the Thanksgiving holiday.

  • Lithium Battery Fire on Airline Flight Raises Concerns

    An increase of incidents involving faulty lithium batteries also increases dangers in air travel.

  • Railroad Accident Expert Witness Describes How Accidents Occur

    Railroad incidents often occur when someone is not paying attention to the warning signs available. However, these complications may involve other factors that require an expert witness to describe in the court room for the judge or jury panel.

  • Railroad Accident Expert Witness Describes Cause of Accidents

    Many accidents that harm persons when working or performing job duties may be severe. This often depends on the industry and the equipment or tools used. For railroad workers, these incidents could end in death with the heavy and sharp items most readily available.

  • Florida’s “Move Over” Laws Aim to Prevent Further Accidents and Injuries

    Moving to the other lane when you see a traffic accident, emergency vehicle, or flashing lights isn’t just a smart call in Florida -- it’s the law. Failure to obey Florida’s “move over” laws when emergency vehicles are parked on the side of the road can lead to further accidents, as emergency workers attempt to do their jobs and mitigate loss and injury in an existing accident.

  • What You Need for a Texas Occupational Driver's License

    A Texas Occupational Driver's License will allow a person whose license is suspended to drive under certain restricted conditions. This article describes what people need to obtain an occupational license in Texas.

  • Could 2017 Be the Year of Larger NAFTA Payloads?

    For Texans, the effects of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) are not only visible in an invigorated economy but also in the physical dynamic of increased commercial traffic.

  • Self-Driving Cars and Liability

    Soon, self-driving cars will start making their way onto roadways across the world. The first wave of autonomous vehicles is expected to enter the market for consumers by 2020 (Stoll, John D., GM Executive Credits Silicon Valley for Accelerating Development of Self-Driving Cars, The Wall Street Journal, May 10, 2016). But as these vehicles become widespread and accidents inevitably occur, the traditional system for compensating those injured in accidents must change to consider who is liable.

  • Railroad Intersection Dangers

    The dangers of crossing railroad tracks is a very real threat for some individuals. Pedestrians and vehicles sometimes wander into the railroad intersections, causing pedestrians and occupants to become grievously injured or lose their lives. It is always important to follow safety procedures when crossing the road, when traffic poses an issue and when dealing with potential rail cars.

  • Lack of Safety of Crude Oil Trains

    Crude oil trains are responsible for transporting this important resource across the country. Given the flammable nature of the product and the high demand, transporting this product can be dangerous.

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