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  • Protection for Intelligence Agency Whistleblowers
      by HG.org

    Whistleblowers in the intelligence agency locations could require additional protections after the supervisors or management have been exposed for illegal or fraudulent activity. It is important that these persons are safeguarded from retaliation, negative consequences and possible problems form others in the same field.

  • Why President Eisenhower’s Dire Warning Is Still Relevant

    It’s been well over five decades since the sitting President of the United States issued a grave warning to his fellow Americans as part of his farewell address. Amid the Cold War, the president focused his words on the many threats facing our nation, including the influence of our chief global rival in imposing their ideology and military might.

  • Whistleblower Cases in the News

    Sometimes, employees are forced to toe the line between doing their job and doing what is morally right. When an applicant applies for a position with a company, they believe the company is following all federal and state government regulations. When an employee gets hired and is subsequently asked to perform unethical duties, they are often confused. Many times, employees fear speaking out because they do not want to lose their job or put themselves or family members in danger.

  • Am I Protected as a Whistleblower if Employer’s Criminal Activities Are Not Reported until after I Was Fired?
      by HG.org

    Before blowing the whistle on a supervisor or manager, it is important to ensure the employee is protected from the action. Even if the person was fired for an unrelated matter, it is imperative that the rights of the worker are protected from retaliation and adverse consequences.

  • What Is a Whistleblower?

    The term may be familiar to most people but they may not understand the definition of a whistleblower. Whistleblowers are an important part of our society and they can be compensated for their claims.

  • Can my Employer Withhold my Pension after I Lost a Whistleblower Case?
      by HG.org

    When a case is lost where an individual has attempted to reveal illegal or corrupt practices in the company, it is important not to admit defeat. There are other options available. However, if all requirements have been met for benefits through the business, and these have not been received, this could be other illegal actions taken on the part of the organization.

  • What Is Healthcare Fraud and How Can You Spot It?

    Healthcare has been a dominant subject in American life for many years. We talk at length about quality of care, medical errors, insurance coverage and a host of other topics relevant to the industry. Meanwhile, one of the most important aspects of our healthcare goes comparatively unnoticed.

  • Kickbacks and Fraud in Our Health Care System

    The health care industry in the United States is plagued by fraud, abuse and waste. In fact, it costs us up to $60 billion every year. People often think of fraud as being identity theft or fraudulent billing practices, and while those things are certainly a big problem in our current system, fraud often occurs in the form of “kickbacks.”

  • How to Avoid Employee Disputes
      by HG.org

    Business owners are in perpetual fear of being the target of litigation. Whether it is a customer that falls in the store or an employee who alleges wrongdoing against the employer, there are steps that businesses can take to avoid such disputes. It is also important to understand why these disputes arise in the first place.

  • Tips For Whistleblowers

    The federal False Claims Act allows private individuals with knowledge of fraud to bring a suit on behalf of the federal government.

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