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  • What is an Internet Crime?

    Not everyone is aware of what constitutes criminal conduct when it comes to the internet.

  • Committing Offenses on the Internet – Internet Crime

    When a crime is allegedly committed using the internet the first question is always, “Where should this case be handled?” Should it be in the state where the offender committed the offense? Should it be where the victim lives? Should it be somewhere else like in federal court?

  • Scammed by a Foreigner, What Are My Legal Options?
      by HG.org

    They are a routine part of our modern, online world: Internet scams are a daily annoyance for many. Often found in annoying emails, website popups, and other dark corners of the web, these digital scam artists seem to be everywhere today. And, with many of these scams operating overseas, it has left many to wonder what they can do if they fall victim to the tricks of someone from another country.

  • How to Avoid Scams
      by HG.org

    Psychologists and sociologists will tell you that humans have a natural tendency to want to trust one another. Unfortunately, there are many who would exploit that natural tendency for illegal personal gain. Whether the famous “Spanish prisoner” scam or the phony charities that seem to pop up after natural disasters or around the holidays, fraudulent activity is an unfortunate reality of the modern world. So, how can one avoid those scams?

  • Theft Crimes and Using Fake ID's in Las Vegas - An Overview

    Using False Identification - According to law enforcement, technology and the Internet makes it easier than ever to obtain high quality fake identification. Unfortunately, some young people think that using false IDs are simply a rite of passage. There are also individuals who use the documents to conceal information that prevents them from obtaining decent paying jobs.

  • Criminal Sale of a Firearm in the Third Degree

    In New York, if you sell, exchange, give or dispose of a firearm to another person, and you did not have the legal authority to possess the firearm, you can be charged with third degree criminal sale of a fire arm. Even though the 2nd Amendment to the United States Constitution grants individuals the right to bear arms, there are state laws in New York that restrict the sale of firearms.

  • Defining the Different Fraud Crimes

    Fraud is one of the more serious criminal offenses that a person can be charged with. Though it is not serious due to a physical act of violence, in most cases, it is a serious offense in the sense that it can cause great financial turmoil for a victim of fraud and potentially put a victim or group of people in danger.

  • Do the Victims of Cyber Scams Have Legal Recourse?

    Recently, the Federal Bureau of Investigation issued warnings concerning a new computer-related crime when three California residents suffered personally injurious consequences after falling for the scams, explains a lawyer in the state. Unfortunately, despite law enforcement's best efforts to help these victims, the law currently doesn't provide an effective way of dealing with cyber crimes, and the victims may have little recourse.

  • Fighting Charges of Fraud

    Fraud charges are not uncommon and are committed for different reasons.

  • Canadian Man Sentenced to 20 Years for Kidnapping and Murder-for-Hire Plot

    Nicholas Djokich, after being convicted of conspiracy to commit kidnapping and murder in federal court in Boston, was sentenced to 20 years in prison. His co-defendant, Eginardo DeAngelis was found "not guilty" of both indictments by the same jury.

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