Louisiana Law Schools Libraries

Louisiana Law Schools Libraries

  • Baton Rouge - Paul M Hebert Law Center Louisiana State University Library

    The LSU Law Library is one of the 20 largest academic law libraries in the United States, and now holds more than 848,000 volume equivalents, and 147,000 volumes of court records. In addition to the standard Anglo-American legal materials, the library has substantial collections of foreign, international, and comparative law. It is a selective depository for U.S. Government documents and Louisiana documents, and a depository for Louisiana Supreme Court and Courts of Appeal briefs and records. The Law Library is located in the Paul M. Hebert Law Center on the Louisiana State University (LSU) campus in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

  • Baton Rouge - Southern University Law Center Library

    Our primary goal is to provide quality service to students and faculty, and to support the Law Center curriculum. On our home page is a brief description of the services, resources, and facilities offered. You also can meet our team of professionals. I trust that this site will prove useful to you. Let me know if you have any comments or suggestions to improve our services.

  • New Orleans - Loyola University College of Law Library

    The Law Library has a collection of over 371,000 volumes and microform equivalents which has the primary purpose of supporting the curriculum and research needs of the College of Law faculty and students. The collection is comprised of federal and state legal research sources, specific subject materials, foreign, international, comparative, and civil law materials, and law-related books. The microform collection includes United States Supreme Court records and briefs, state bar journals, and legal treatises from the nineteenth century. Due to the civil law tradition of Louisiana, the Law Library collects substantial materials from civil law jurisdictions, such as France, Quebec and Scotland. The Library is a depository for both federal and state documents. The documents are integrated into the regular collection according to jurisdictional, research and subject matter relationships.

  • New Orleans - Tulane University Law School Library

    The collection of more than 560,000 volumes in print and other equivalents includes standard sources on U.S. federal and state law, foreign, international, and comparative law, legal commentary on a variety of topics, civil law, maritime materials, and resources of other disciplines of interest to legal researchers.

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