Ohio Law Schools Libraries

Ohio Law Schools Libraries

  • Ada - Ohio Northern University - Claude W. Pettit College of Law Library

    The Law Library features an outstanding collection of federal, state and international legal materials. With more than 400,000 volumes in print and microforms, Taggart is the second largest private law school library in Ohio. Most material is available in open stacks accessible during library hours. The Law Library also provides a wide variety of electronic research tools.

  • Akron - University of Akron Law School Library

    We are, above all, committed to excellence in teaching. Our students expect and deserve it. We have, as a faculty, determined that this is the most important way that we can serve our students, and ultimately, our great responsibilities. Our commitment includes both the determination to assure a high quality of teaching in all areas and the recognition that we must address the particular needs of our students and the profession in these times. We must be careful to instill in our students an understanding of the professionalism and high ethical standards that lawyers must achieve. We also must assure that they leave the school with a firm grounding in the essential skills they will need to practice law.

  • Cincinnati - University of Cincinnati College of Law Library

    The mission of the Robert S. Marx Law Library is to provide excellent research collections, quality service, engaging learning environments, and innovative instruction in support of the University of Cincinnati College of Law's comprehensive mission of teaching, research, and community service. The Law Library supports research, scholarship, and learning for faculty and students in the College of Law. The Law Library also makes its resources available to College of Law alumni, the University of Cincinnati community, and the local bench and bar. Members of the general public, businesses, and organizations may have access to the Law Library's resources on site for the purpose of conducting legal research. Individuals who wish to use the Law Library's collection of U.S. Federal Depository documents are also welcome.

  • Cleveland - Case Western Reserve University School of Law Library

    The Law Library is a selective government depository for United States government documents, and for Canadian government documents. The University academic library, Kelvin Smith Library, is also a selective federal government document depository.

  • Cleveland - Cleveland State University, Cleveland Marshall College of Law Library

    The Library is the second largest law library in Ohio. The Library collection consists of over 500,000 bound and microform volumes, as well as provides access to thousands of legal resources in electronic format. Contents of our collection are current and retrospective and include Federal, State, and International legal materials. The Library is also a United States federal government documents selective depository.

  • Columbus - Capital University Law School Library

    The Capital University Law School Library houses more than a quarter-million volumes, periodicals and microfilms. The Law Library is equipped with today's state-of-the-art technology

  • Columbus - Ohio State University - Michael E. Moritz College of Law Library

    The Law Library collections have grown from 3,500 volumes at the turn of the century to well over 770,000 volumes today, making it one of the largest law libraries in the country. The collection may be used by the entire Ohio State University community. Furthermore, as the largest law library in the state, the Moritz Law Library is a valuable resource for the attorneys, judges, officials, and citizens of Ohio.

  • Dayton - University of Dayton School of Law Library

    The Zimmerman Law Library, a state-of-the-art facility, is located in the heart of Keller Hall, the University of Dayton School of Law building. It provides the law school and undergraduate community, as well as lawyers, judges, and the public, with ready access to more than 295,000 volumes of printed legal materials and microfilms, supporting research in Anglo-American, foreign, comparative, and international law.

  • Toledo - University of Toledo College of Law Library

    Many organizations have distinguishing qualities that separate them from the pack. Ours is a commitment to total student support. We know that your choice of a law school can impact your entire professional career and the quality of your life. Our approach offers basic, common sense solutions that are totally focused on our students.

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