Oregon Law Schools Libraries

Oregon Law Schools Libraries

  • Eugene - University of Oregon School of Law Library

    law journals. The collection supports research in international law and interdisciplinary studies in a number of areas, including psychology and medicine. LEXIS and WESTLAW (computer-assisted legal research services) are available for law students and faculty.

  • Portland - Lewis & Clark Law School Library

    The Law Library has a complete collection of basic Anglo-American law materials and is a significant research facility. The materials in the Library include: federal, regional and select state reports, digests for these reports, federal and state statutes, federal and state codes, Shepard's citators, loose leaf services, legal encyclopedias, U.S. and foreign law reviews and treatises on law-related subjects. Additional funding from donors has enabled development of the collection in the areas of Environmental Law, Taxation, Estate Planning, Crime Victim Rights, Business Law, and Indian Law.

  • Salem - Willamette University College of Law Library

    Willamette University College of Law helps students land the legal jobs they want. Our location in Salem, Oregon, directly across the street from the state capitol and Supreme Court, is an advantage that cannot be matched anywhere else in the region. Willamette University College of Law was the first law school in the Pacific Northwest when we opened our doors in 1883. Today we proudly continue our tradition of service and excellence as the first-choice law school for many of the region''s legal, business and civic leaders.

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