Texas Law Schools Libraries

Texas Law Schools Libraries

  • Austin - University of Texas School of Law Library

    The Library is the 7th largest academic law library in the country, with physical collections containing a million volumes and electronic collections providing access to millions more documents;

  • Dallas - Southern Methodist University Dedman School of Law Library

    As you will see on our site, the school has a diverse and highly talented faculty whose members are dedicated to teaching. Not only do they hold outstanding academic credentials, but virtually all of them also have had practical experience before entering their teaching careers. Consequently, they provide the invaluable link between the theory of classroom instruction and the reality of legal practice. The Dedman School of Law enjoys a national and international reputation, with its graduates practicing in every state of the Union and in many foreign countries.

  • Fort Worth - Texas A&M University School of Law Library

    First, we have created a curriculum specifically designed to provide you with an excellent legal education. You will gain the theoretical insight and practical skills to prepare you for a successful and rewarding career in the legal profession. In addition, our innovative curriculum means not only that you will have a chance to take courses in a variety of legal subject areas, but also that you will have the advantage of our flexible scheduling so that you can choose between full-time or part-time course loads on a day or evening basis.

  • Houston - South Texas College of Law Library

    The Library's collection consists of approximately 500,000 volumes and volume equivalents. Our computer labs provide students and faculty access to legal databases, to the Internet, and to word processing software. Each seat within the library is wired for a laptop computer connection. Because our Library is a partial U.S. Government Documents Depository, the collection is available for use by the general public. Our growing Special Collections Department houses valuable and rare books, including items dating to the 16th century. The library is the custodian for the archive of the law school and its departments. Also, we maintain an archive for Houston Area Law Librarians, known as HALL.

  • Houston - Texas Southern University - Thurgood Marshall School of Law Library

    The library houses approximately 350,000 volumes and volume equivalents. The library has an annual budget of approximately one million dollars to purchase library resources. The library subscribes to electronic legal databases including Lexis and Westlaw that are only available to law faculty and law students who have completed the first year legal research class. Students and faculty are able to access these electronic services via the Internet. The library also participates in a statewide consortium called TexShare, that permits our patrons to borrow materials directly from other TexShare libraries. Interlibrary loan is also available. Finally, the library is a selective government depository. We select federal government materials that assist law library patrons and the general public in accessing information from the federal government. The library provides computers for patrons to access the Internet and other online resources.

  • Houston - University of Houston Law Center Library

    UH Law Center boasts a number of programs that span the panoply of legal issues- health law, intellectual property & information law, consumer law, energy & environmental law, criminal justice. Two of our institutes, which oversee the UH Law Center programs, are considered among the best in the country: Health Law & Policy Institute and Intellectual Property & Information Law.

  • Lubbock - Texas Tech University School of Law Library

    Texas Tech University Law Library is the largest legal information center in Western Texas and the region covering Eastern New Mexico and Southern Oklahoma. The Law Library serves and supports the educational, instructional and research needs of the Law School, the University community, and the public at large. The Law Library and its staff strive to provide library services to all law students and other users in the highest standard of excellence.

  • San Antonio - St. Mary's University School of Law Library

    A federal depository library, the collection consists of print, microfilm, and multimedia items totaling over 400,000 volumes (or equivalent), which cover a wide range of subjects - U.S. federal and state laws, and foreign, comparative and international law. The collection and resources are cataloged and searchable through an automated library information system. The library subscribes to LexisNexis, Westlaw, LoisLaw, HeinOnline, LLMC Digital, Center for Computer-Assisted Legal Instruction (CALI), Index to Legal Periodicals Full Text, Lexis Congressional, Access UN, United Nations Treaty Series, and other information databases.

  • Waco - Baylor Law School Library

    As a member of the Baylor University community, the School of Law shares in the University's mission to educate men and women by integrating academic excellence and Christian commitment within a caring community. Baylor University is dedicated to the traditional responsibilities of higher education: dissemination of knowledge, transmission of culture, search for new knowledge, and application of knowledge. Moreover, within the context of a culturally diverse community, Baylor University strives to develop responsible citizens, educated leaders, dedicated scholars, and skilled professionals who are sensitive to the needs of a pluralistic society.

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