Utah Law Schools Libraries

Utah Law Schools Libraries

  • Provo - Brigham Young University J. Reuben Clark Law School Library

    The J. Reuben Clark Law Library has a strong collection of Anglo-American primary and secondary sources, and is particularly strong in Utah primary and secondary sources. The Library also collects foreign, international, and comparative law materials and maintains a very good state and federal government documents collection. As of Fall 2005, the Library reported total holdings of 477,601 volumes and volume equivalents: 329,676 volumes in hard copy and 147,925 volume equivalents in other formats. The Library reports a monograph title count of 168,256 and an active serials subscription count of 4,155. The Library receives selected Utah state documents, including bills, administrative rules and regulations, legislative reports, and agency materials. Ninety-nine percent of the Library’s holdings are accessible through the integrated online system.

  • Salt Lake City - University of Utah - S.J. Quinney College of Law Library

    The library contains over 295,000 volumes and microform equivalents. All basic legal research tools are present. Practice materials are not, as a rule, actively acquired, although many are present in the collection. The collection is extensive or complete in codes, digests, reporters, encyclopedias, citators, and journals. Many areas of legal research are well developed in the monograph collection. Subject specialties exist in the areas of tax, public land, environmental and energy law. The law library is a partial depository of the Government Printing Office and receives about 20% of all documents made available to depository libraries by the federal government. Of special interest are sets of administrative rulings, federal regulations, and congressional reports, hearings, bills and debates.

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