Armenia Law Schools

Comprehensive Directory of Law Schools in Armenia in Alphabetical Order

Armenia Law Schools

  • Yerevan - American University of Armenia - Department of Law
    40 Baghramyan Ave, Yerevan, Phone: +37 410 51 27 55

    Law is traditionally viewed as a service profession and public-spirited discipline whose goal is to promote health in the body politic, and fairness in the dealings of government and private parties. AUA Law aims to prepare high-caliber legal advisers and advocates for Armenia and the region who are conversant in international best practices in the field of law, and committed to serving both public and private sectors with the goal of fostering Armenia's further development into a prosperous and just country.

  • Yerevan - Yerevan State University - Faculty of Law
    1 Alex Manoogian, Yerevan, Phone: +37 410 555240

    The Faculty of Law, as an academic and scientific centre, successfully collaborates with local and foreign scientific research institutions. Particularly, there is collaboration with the Institute of Law and Philosophy NAS RA, the Center of Constitutional Law, the Scientific Educational Centre of RA Prosecutor's Office, with leading law schools in Russia, Western Europe and USA, which are also counted among the leading scientific centers.

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