Australia Law Schools

Comprehensive Directory of Law Schools in Australia in Alphabetical Order

Australia Law Schools

  • Adelaide - Flinders University of South Australia Law School

    Law School has adopted the following goals as part of its strategic plan: To maintain and develop a small, high quality Bachelor of Laws and Legal Practice programme which provides a broad legal education, integrates practical legal training with the teaching of substantive law and allows graduates to pursue a variety of careers in the legal profession and in other sectors. To maintain and develop high quality Criminal Justice programmes that provide an understanding of criminological research and criminal justice policy. To maintain and develop other undergraduate, postgraduate and continuing education programmes which reflect staff expertise and meet the needs of the community. To promote equity in access to legal education and to the legal profession. To encourage and provide support for legal and criminological research and to enhance the national and international reputation of the Law School. To foster co-operation with the University community, with other institutions and with other disciplines. To promote a healthy, pleasant, inclusive and mutually respectful working environment in which the Law School can be effectively managed and workloads equitably distributed. To promote a spirit of co-operation and mutual respect between the staff and students of the Law School. To promote a spirit of co-operation and mutual respect between the Law School and the legal profession and the wider community. To gain recognition for having achieved these goals.

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  • Adelaide - University of Adelaide School of Law

    There are few disciplines that are more challenging or satisfying than law. It is indispensable for civil society and a satisfying basis upon which to build your life. By securing a place in the School you have achieved an important milestone, and we look forward to helping you achieve your cherished goals. I hope that your studies at Adelaide Law School will be stimulating, challenging and ultimately rewarding. You can look forward to graduation from this Law School with a set of skills and understanding that will stand you in very good stead for the remainder of your professional life.

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  • Armidale - UNE School of Law

    The University of New England (UNE) is the smart choice for students of the future. UNE combines the highest academic standards and industry-valued qualifications with flexible modes of learning.

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  • Bond - Bond University’s Faculty of Law

    Bond University’s Faculty of Law has established an outstanding reputation for the quality of our teaching and the standard of our scholarship. In surveys conducted by Graduate Careers Australia, the Faculty has ranked No. 1 in student satisfaction a record nine times, with graduates citing the small class sizes and one-on-one mentoring provided by their teachers as a key point of distinction between Bond Law and other law schools. Perhaps even more significantly, those same independent surveys show that our graduates have close to 100% success in securing employment.

  • Brisbane - Queensland University of Technology - Faculty of Law

    The School of Justice Studies was established in 1991 as a response to the recommendation of the Fitzgerald Inquiry into Police Misconduct that all police recruits undertake tertiary education prior to being sworn in. A degree was established with government funding for police. The degree also sought to provide relevant tertiary qualifications for students seeking employment in the professions centred around the criminal justice system. Since then the Bachelor of Arts Justice Studies (now Bachelor of Justice) has flourished.

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  • Callaghan - University of Newcastle School of Law
    University Drive, Callaghan 2308,

    The School of Law is part of the Faculty of Business and Law at the University of Newcastle. The Faculty of Business and Law has an excellent reputation for the quality of its programs and methods of teaching. The School of Law’s integrated Professional Program was the first in Australia where students could take the three components of professional legal training – theoretical learning, skills training and experiential learning – at the same time. The University of Newcastle Legal Centre is the centerpiece of this clinical program. Functioning as both a legal practice and a teaching facility, the Centre provides an intensive clinical placement site for students. By working with the Centre’s solicitors and dealing with real clients with actual legal problems, students gain skills and experience in the practice of law.

  • Canberra - Australian National University - College of Law

    The ANU College of Law is one of Australia’s leading law schools. Established in 1960 as the Faculty of Law, the ANU College of Law is the 7th oldest of Australia’s 29 law schools, and has produced graduates who are now leaders in their chosen fields all over the world. It is also home to some of Australia’s best-known and most outstanding legal scholars and teachers, and to flagship publications such as the Federal Law Review and the Australian Year Book of International Law. The College also includes Legal Workshop, the National Institute of Social Sciences and Law, and a number of associated Centres and affiliated bodies.

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  • Canberra - University of Canberra - School of Law
    University Drive, Bruce, ACT 2617, Canberra, Phone: +61 2 6201 5111

    Through our scholarship, research and teaching, the University of Canberra sees to offer the highest standard of professional legal education. The University of Canberra Law School strives to be one of the leading Law Schools in Australia, especially in the area of commercial law. The University of Canberra aims to be distinctive in its commitment to both legal research and the importance of teaching. It seeks to provide its students with academic, extracurricular and other resources that will permit them to attain the highest possible level of achievement in legal education and prepare them for positions of leadership and service across many areas of legal practice, business, government and community work .

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  • Crawley - University of Western Australia Law School (UWA)

    The Law School at UWA enjoys an outstanding reputation. Academic standards are rigorous and competition for places is very keen. School leavers must obtain high academic results to obtain entry to a combined degree course. Graduates and students transferring into law from other courses must also show distinguished results to gain a place.

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  • Fremantle - University of Notre Dame - Fremantle School of Law

    The University of Notre Dame Australia (UNDA) is one of the rising stars of Australian universities. Founded through an Act of the Parliament of Western Australia in December 1989, it now has over 6,000 students enrolled on its three campuses in Fremantle, Sydney and Broome. The University’s founding partner was the University of Notre Dame in the Unites States (NDUS), one of the world’s great Catholic universities and the benchmark for UNDA. It has provided UNDA with inspiration; counsel; ideas and models; ‘study abroad’ students and faculty; and the presence of its leaders on Boards and governing councils.

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  • Hobart - University of Tasmania, Faculty of Law

    For over a century the Faculty of Law has been providing quality teaching and research in the Law for Australian and International Students. The range of career options now being undertaken by students with law degrees is varied and diverse. We invite you to consider studying in Tasmania and welcome any enquiries.

  • Lismore - Southern Cross University - Faculty of Business & Law (SCU)

    The School of Law and Justice offers innovative undergraduate and postgraduate courses. We are renowned for the excellent quality of our programs, teaching methodology and distance education delivery. Our Bachelor of Laws was rated first in the country out of all 29 Australian law schools for overall student satisfaction in the 2005 Course Experience Questionnaire conducted by Graduate Careers Australia.

  • Melbourne - University of Melbourne Law School

    The Melbourne Law School has a leading reputation as Australia's premier, and oldest, law school. Our graduates have contributed significantly to legal, political and public life around the world. We offer a variety of programs in traditional and emerging areas of law, and are distinguished by academics who are legal scholars and practitioners of international repute.

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  • Nathan - Griffith University, Griffith School of Law

    The Griffith Law School is one of Australia's leading law schools. Since opening its doors to students in 1992, the school has established a reputation for excellence for teaching, research and engagement with the community, and has become known internationally for its staff and its interdisciplinary approach to legal education and scholarship.

  • Perth - Murdoch University - School of Law

    The Mission of Murdoch Law School is to provide a rigorous and intellectually challenging legal education to its students. Murdoch Law School strives to combine a tradition of excellence in legal education with new innovative programs which prepare students for the practice of law in a changing world. It seeks to develop the research, writing and advocacy skills of its students in order to prepare them for leadership positions in the legal, business, government and community sectors. Murdoch Law School provides an exciting and vibrant educational environment in order to maintain and enhance its reputation as a leading Australian law school.

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  • St Lucia - University of Queensland, T.C. Beirne School of Law

    The TC Beirne School of Law is committed to becoming an outstanding law school recognised internationally as a centre for excellence in the creation and dissemination of leading-edge legal scholarship and in the delivery of high quality teaching programs.

  • Sydney - Macquarie University School of Law
    Balaclava Road, Sydney 2113,

    Macquarie Law has a very strong undergraduate program leading to the award of the LL.B, which is accredited by the Supreme Court of New South Wales for legal practice. We teach the Court's required subjects, as well as a wide range of optional subjects offering a variety of specialisations at the senior level. Our students undertake the LLB either in a combined degree structure, with a degree in Arts, Science, Commerce, Business Administration, Applied Finance, Environmental Management, Media, International Studies, Social Science, Commerce-Accounting, Commerce-Actuarial Studies, Commerce-Marketing, Arts-Psychology, Information Technology or as Distance Law students - for mature age students.

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  • Sydney - University of New South Wales Faculty of Law

    The Faculty has two schools, the Law School and the Australian School of Taxation and a wide range of Research and Community Centres. These Centres connect the Faculty and the broader community and provide excellent opportunities for our students.

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  • Sydney - University of Sydney Faculty of Law

    The first Law School to be established in Australia, Sydney Law School's strong history is matched by its innovative approach to education and professional practice. Its many features are underpinned by its commitment to excellence in legal education.

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  • Sydney - University of Technology, Sydney, Faculty of Law

    Law is a dynamic and ever-changing discipline and at UTS the staff in the Law faculty have a commitment to your intellectual development and the acquisition of professional skills and attributes which will serve you well in any are of employment that you choose, including but not limited to the practice of law.

  • Townsville - James Cook University - School of Law

    The School of Law at James Cook University aims to produce multi-skilled, versatile and ethical graduates. Our aim is that graduates will have the knowledge, skills and attributes fit in them to take their place in their chosen career path. Our degrees prepare people for the practice of law and also for work and service to a broad range of sectors. The School seeks to do that by imparting a strong appreciation both of the rule of law and role of law in its social, economic, environmental and political contexts. Students are enabled to understand the significance of the law for ensuring stable government, economic prosperity and the protection and preservation of individual and cultural rights and the protection of the environment. Further, we aim to empower students by instilling core skills for life. These include a capacity for lifelong learning, an ability to critically evaluate, a strong ethical commitment, strong analytical and problem solving skills, good written and oral communication skills, strong interpersonal skills and the ability to work as part of a team.

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  • Victoria - Deakin University - School of Law

    Deakin University School of Law is home to some of Australia's leading legal scholars. The Law School is one of the most productive and influential law schools in the Asia-Pacific region. The School of Law is also a progressive and dedicated educational institution. Our goal is to provide future lawyers and other professionals with the analytical thinking and technical skills that a legal education can provide. Indeed, Deakin School of Law places as much emphasis on excellent teaching as on continuing our excellence in scholarship. That is why more people are turning to Deakin Law School to undertake their undergraduate or postgraduate degrees, and more employers are wanting Deakin Law graduates to join their firms and organisations.

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  • Victoria - La Trobe University - School of Law

    La Trobe University School of Law is known for the achievements and quality of its graduates. We provide a broad range of undergraduate, postgraduate and professional development programs as well as programs designed for international students.

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  • Victoria - Monash University Law School

    Monash Law is one of the largest and most prestigious law schools in Australia providing legal education and training to over 2700 undergraduate and postgraduate students. Increasingly, law is seen as one of the most valuable generalist degrees, providing a solid foundation for a range of careers. As a result law graduates enjoy a higher rate of employment than graduates from almost every other discipline.

  • Victoria - Victoria University (VU)

    Victoria University (VU) is a multi-sector institution (higher education and TAFE) with excellence in teaching, training, research and scholarship. We offer short courses, as well as qualifications in vocational education (TAFE) and higher education. Our learning pathways enable you to move from a certificate course through to an advanced diploma, degree, or postgraduate qualification by coursework or research.

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  • Wollongong - University of Wollongong Faculty of Law

    The University will achieve its Vision by promoting: Excellent and Innovative Teaching; Excellent and Innovative Research;A Rewarding Student Experience;International Perspectives;Staff Development and Recognition; etc.

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