Canada Law Schools

Comprehensive Directory of Law Schools in Canada in Alphabetical Order

Canada Law Schools

  • Calgary - University of Calgary - Faculty of Law

    The Faculty of Law aims to foster excellence in our teaching, our research and in our graduates.

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  • Downtown Montreal - Université de Montréal - Faculté de droit

    By most measures, such as the number of professors, number of students, and number of programs, our Faculty of Law ranks as the largest in the province and the country. The Faculty has some 60 career professors who, along with various legal practitioners, teach about 1,400 students enrolled at the three levels – nearly one-third of them graduate students registered in our broad range of programs. Most are full-time students. The Faculty offers a complete and comprehensive legal education that prepares students to practice law and enter other careers in which knowledge of the law is a distinct advantage.

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  • Edmonton - University of Alberta - Faculty of Law

    Located in vibrant Edmonton, Alberta, the Faculty of Law at the University of Alberta produces high-quality legal graduates by selecting outstanding students and students with outstanding potential, and by providing a challenging and supportive environment that fosters both personal and academic success.

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  • Fredericton - University of New Brunswick - Faculty of Law

    “Canada’s great small law school” is how students, faculty, and graduates regard UNB Law School. What sets UNB apart is our success in bringing together ambitious students and committed teachers in a demanding but supportive learning environment. Founded more than a century ago, UNB Law is the second oldest common law school in the Commonwealth. Increasingly, we are recognized as one of the country’s leaders. Independent evaluations by both Maclean’s and Canadian Lawyer magazines have consistently ranked us among the very best.

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  • Halifax - Dalhousie University - Law School

    Dalhousie is the oldest university-affiliated common law school in the British Commonwealth. The law school's diverse curriculum, leading specializations and internationally recognized faculty provide exceptional opportunities in all facets of legal education. The school's reputation of academic excellence means that your Dalhousie degree will be recognized nationally and internationally.

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  • Kingston - Queen's University - Faculty of Law

    Queen's Faculty of Law is renowned for its special combination of academic excellence and community spirit, placing it within the first rank of Canadian law schools.

  • London - University of Western Ontario - Faculty of Law

    The Faculty of Law at Western was founded in 1959. Our founding Dean was the Honourable Ivan Cleveland Rand, one of the towering figures in Canadian legal history and, though we are now in our fifth decade, we consciously remain faithful to the Rand ideals of scholarship, collegiality, integrity and mutual respect. The Faculty of Law is strongly committed to excellence and diversity. While the Faculty believes that excellence in academic studies is the best evidence of ability to succeed in the study of law, it also believes that achievements in other areas may indicate potential for success in legal studies. Accordingly, our application policies allow applicants to show their potential in various ways, and are designed to produce a mix of students with diverse experience.

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  • Moncton - Faculté de droit de l'Université de Moncton

    La Faculté de droit de l'Université de Moncton a été fondée en 1978 pour répondre à un besoin pressant, celui d'assurer aux francophones du Canada une formation de common law entièrement en langue française. Son engagement, l'excellence de ses programmes et la participation de son corps professoral à la vie universitaire et sociale la placent au rang des meilleures Facultés de droit au Canada qui sont toutes membres du Conseil des doyens et doyennes des facultés de droit du Canada (CDFDC).

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  • Montreal - McGill University - Faculty of Law

    The Faculty of Law is situated in four graceful nineteenth century mansions plus a modern, six-story building nestled partway up Mount Royal, looking down on the main campus and the city's commercial hub. McGill law professors are expert in both civil and common law traditions, with many emphasizing a comparative approach, most readily demonstrated by the number of international law specialists. This depth gives students a wide choice of courses in public and private international law, including human rights and international business law.

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  • Montreal - University of Quebec at Montreal - Faculty of Political Science and Law

    Le programme de maîtrise a comme objectif central l'approfondissement des connaissances dans les champs du droit social, du droit du travail, du droit privé ou dans celui du droit international, dans une perspective d'ouverture sur les dimensions de temps (histoire du droit) et d'espace (droit comparé) et sur l'apport des autres disciplines des sciences humaines à son développement. Le programme vise à former des juristes aptes à travailler dans des équipes multidisciplinaires, habiles à féconder leur pratique de l'apport théorique et empirique des disciplines des sciences humaines et capables de contribuer au développement de la documentation juridique en droit iinterne et international. Le programme est aussi ouvert à des non-juristes. L'analyse privilégiée du concours de l'action des groupes sociaux à l'évolution du droit social, du droit du travail et du droit privé constitue un autre objectif socioéconomique du programme.

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  • Ottawa - Carleton University - Department of Law

    The Department of Law at Carleton University offers a wide array of programs and courses. It has the most comprehensive Bachelor of Arts in Law in the country. We offer an innovative M.A. in Legal Studies and a Graduate Certificate in Conflict Resolution. In collaboration with other units, the Department offers a B.A. in Criminology and Criminal Justice, and a B.A. in Human Rights. We are a participating unit in offering the Bachelor of Public Affairs and Policy Management with the Kroeger College.

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  • Ottawa - University of Ottawa Law School

    Since 1848, the University of Ottawa has been Canada's university: a reflection, an observatory and a catalyst of the Canadian experience in all its complexity and diversity. Our university is characterized by its unique history, its commitment to bilingualism, its location both in the heart of the national capital and at the juncture of French and English Canada, its special commitment to the promotion of French culture in Ontario and to multiculturalism. As a result and through the groundbreaking work of our community members, we are uniquely positioned among Canada's research-intensive institutions to give students a remarkable education, to enrich the intellectual and cultural life of Canada and to help the country achieve greater international prominence.

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  • Quebec City - Laval University - School of Law

    Welcome to Université Laval. With its 36 000 students, 17 faculties and 350 programs at three cycles of study, Université Laval is without question a large university. Université Laval is also a major research university, with more than 125 research teams and centres and an income of over 230 million dollars a year, of which a quarter is generated through partnership with private enterprises.

  • Saskatoon - University of Saskatchewan College of Law

    Welcome to the College of Law at the University of Saskatchewan. Our College of Law is the oldest university law school in Western Canada , and has a long and distinguished history of excellence in teaching, research and innovation. Our graduates have taken up positions of leadership in the legal profession in business, in public affairs and community service, and in political life throughout Canada .

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  • Sherbrooke - University of Sherbrooke - Faculty of Law

    Située dans le cadre enchanteur de l'Estrie, à proximité de la région métropolitaine de Montréal, la Faculté de droit de l'Université de Sherbrooke se démarque par ses programmes d'études novateurs, son approche personnalisée et la présence d'un corps professoral dévoué à la réussite étudiante et à l'avancement des connaissances.

  • Toronto - Osgoode Hall Law School of York University

    Our mission is to contribute to new knowledge about the law and the legal system by being a centre for thoughtful and creative legal scholarship, to provide an outstanding professional and liberal education to our students so that they can assume positions of leadership in the legal profession, among legal academics and in all aspects of public life, and to serve Canadian society and the world in ways that further social justice.

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  • Toronto - University of Toronto Law School

    Established in 1887, the Faculty of Law is one of the oldest professional faculties at the University of Toronto, with a long and illustrious history. Today, it is one of the world’s great law schools, a dynamic academic and social community with 57 full-time faculty members and 25 distinguished short-term visiting professors from the world’s leading law schools, as well as 500 undergraduate and graduate students.

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  • Vancouver - University of British Columbia - Faculty of Law

    As one of the largest English language faculties of law in Canada, the UBC Faculty of Law is able to offer a very wide range of courses at the same time as depth and specialization in a number of areas. Studying law at UBC means joining a vibrant community of students, teachers and visitors drawn from across Canada and around the world. The program is national in perspective and is distinguished by its resolute commitment to excellence in education and research.

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  • Victoria - University of Victoria - Faculty of Law

    The mission of the Faculty of Law is to provide legal education and scholarship that makes a contribution to social and legal justice. We do this by engaging in learning and teaching, research and public service, with a critical policy-oriented focus – a focus on law as a dynamic process that can only be understood in its historical, social, economic and political context. The aim of legal education at the University of Victoria is to equip students with the legal knowledge, skills and abilities that are invaluable for a wide variety of careers, and to help them develop the critical self-awareness that underlies a humane and responsible professionalism.

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  • Windsor - University of Windsor - Faculty of Law

    The University of Windsor is Canada’s most personal comprehensive university. It combines a strong and focussed emphasis on the learning experience of every student with a very broad range of graduate, undergraduate, and professional programmes. Uniquely accountable in specifying learning outcomes for each academic programme, the University has an exciting commitment to research in a richly diverse community. A special focus on automotive, environmental and social justice interdisciplinary research reflects the priorities of the surrounding region.

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  • Winnipeg - University of Manitoba - Faculty of Law

    The University of Manitoba has been involved in legal education since 1885. The Faculty’s undergraduate program provides a standard curriculum. The Faculty is located on the main campus of the university, which is situated on the banks of the Red River in a suburb of Winnipeg, a city of approximately 650,000 persons in the centre of Canada. It boasts a rich cultural life, being home, for example, to the Royal Winnipeg Ballet. The university has approximately 20,000 full-time students and 26 faculties and schools, many with extensive graduate programs and full recreational and other facilities.

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