Jordan Law Schools

Comprehensive Directory of Law Schools in Jordan in Alphabetical Order

Jordan Law Schools

  • Amman - Al-Ahliyya Amman University - Faculty of Law

    The Faculty of Law is one of the earliest faculties of Amman University. It was established in 1990. Its study plan , grants the bachelor degree in law. The aim of the faculty of law is to prepare its graduates to serve as qualified members of the legal profession : Judges , advocates , legal consultants , etc. The faculty is keen on providing its graduates with the best law education and training , so that they can embark on their professional careers full of confidence , promoting the cause of justice and equity , and defending the just causes of both the Jordanian and the Arab Societies .

  • Amman - Al-Isra University - Faculty of Law

  • Amman - Applied Science University - Faculty of Law

  • Amman - University of Jordan - Faculty of Law

    The University of Jordan's educational mission is based on the following pillars: (1) The provision of quality education at both the undergraduate and graduate levels (2) The adoption of the principle of democracy in the education and decision-making processes (3) Interaction among students, with the local community, and at the international level (4) Support of goal-oriented research, particularly research activities which are in line with the national development plans.

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  • Irbid - Yarmouk University - Faculty of Law

    The Faculty was founded as an independent entity in 1999. It succeeded the law department which was established in 1991 as part of the Faculty of Economics & Administrative Sciences. It consists of two Departments: Public Law and Private Law. It offers undergraduate courses leading to the LL.B degree in law. The Curricula of the Faculty was reviewed several times in order to introduce new courses considered as highly important to legal formation.

  • Mu'tah - Mu'tah University - Faculty of Law

    The faculty of law is considered as one of the distinguished faculties within Mu'tah University as will as in Jordan. The faculty members are well known in Jordan with regard to their teaching, research activities, publications and their relation between themselves and their students and the local community. The faculty graduates enjoy good reputation at the national and regional level. The faculty is playing a major role in serving the local community through organizing seminars, lectures, and providing consultations for legal institutions.

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