North Carolina Law Schools

Comprehensive Directory of Law Schools in North Carolina in Alphabetical Order

North Carolina Law Schools

  • Chapel Hill - University of North Carolina School of Law
    100 Ridge Road, CB #3380, Chapel Hill 27599-3380, Phone: (919) 962-5106

    The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill is the nation's oldest, and clearly one of its most accomplished, public institutions. From the colonial period until the present day, graduates from the University's School of Law have played powerfully disproportionate roles in leading the state, the south and the nation. Our law faculty includes world-class scholars, award-winning teachers and noted practitioners. Carolina Law's student body is among the most highly credentialed and intellectually diverse in America. Our signature offerings in civil rights, banking, intellectual property, entrepreneurial and securities law, critical studies, bankruptcy, and constitutional inquiry are among the best to be found in the academy. And our expansive array of skills and capstone courses provides impressive links between theory and practice. Carolina is a remarkable place to study law.

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  • Charlotte - Charlotte School of Law
    1211 East Morehead Street, Charlotte 28204, Phone: (704) 971-8500

    At Charlotte Law we have an educational model that is designed to meet the needs of a 21st century lawyer. This includes a focus on you, the student. Our goal is to provide an intense engagement with faculty and staff, a personalized experience, and a rigorous yet innovative program of study that will maximize your chances of law school success, passage on the bar exam and career opportunities.

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  • Durham - Duke University School of Law
    Science Drive and Towerview Road, Durham 27708, Phone: (919) 613-7006

    Duke Law School is an ambitious, forward-thinking, and innovative institution whose mission is to prepare students for responsible and productive lives in the legal profession. As a community of scholars, the Law School also provides leadership at the national and international levels in efforts to improve the law and legal institutions through teaching, research, and other forms of public service.

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  • Durham - North Carolina Central University School of Law (NCCU)
    1512 S. Alston Avenue, Durham 27707, Phone: (919) 530-6333

    The mission of the North Carolina Central University School of Law is to provide a challenging and broad-based educational program designed to stimulate intellectual inquiry of the highest order, and to foster in each student a deep sense of professional responsibility and personal integrity so as to produce competent and socially responsible members of the legal profession.

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  • Greensboro - Elon University School of Law
    201 North Greene Street, Greensboro 27401, Phone: (336) 279-9200

    The Elon University School of Law is building on the University’s national reputation for excellence in engaged learning and leadership education. Elon Law students are challenged to achieve at the highest levels, preparing to become lawyers who fully embrace their roles as society's problem-solvers and leaders.

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  • Raleigh - Campbell University Norman Adrian Wiggins School of Law
    225 Hillsborough Street, Suite 401, Raleigh 27603, Phone: (909) 865-4650

    The School of Law is a highly demanding, purposely small, intensely personal community of faculty and students whose aim, guided by transcendent values, is to develop lawyers who possess moral conviction, social compassion, and professional competence and who view the practice of law as a calling to serve others and to create a more just society.

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  • Winston-Salem - Wake Forest University School of Law
    1834 Wake Forest Road, Winston-Salem 27106, Phone: (336) 758-5430

    Our school seeks to prepare our students for the practice of law in the United States. Some of our graduates will use their legal educations for important purposes other than law practice, but we recognize that each graduate may be admitted to the bar in any of the 50 states. We, therefore, have a responsibility to provide our students with a foundation of legal knowledge and skill upon which they can build lives of service within the legal profession. We must attempt to instill in every student a respect for the rule of law, a devotion to the ideal of public service, and a commitment to basic professional values: honesty, diligence, competence, intelligence, and civility.

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