Philippines Law Schools

Comprehensive Directory of Law Schools in Philippines in Alphabetical Order

Philippines Law Schools

  • Baguio City - Saint Louis University - College of Law

    We envision the SLU College of Law as a premiere institution dedicated to developing ad training ethical, principled, and competent lawyers who are committed to Christians values, firm advocates of the rule of law and actively involved in legal and social reforms.

  • Cagayan de Oro - Xavier University - College of Law

    Xavier University (Ateneo de Cagayan) is a Filipino, Catholic and Jesuit academic community dedicated to the integral development of the person for the needs of Mindanao and the country. As a University, Xavier pursues truth and excellence in teaching, research and service to communities: it is concerned with contemporary problems; it prepares men and women with competencies, skills and a keen sense of responsibility to their communities.

  • Cebu - University of San Carlos - College of Law
    P. del Rosario St., Cebu, Phone: +63 (32) 253 1000

    The USCís reputation as a leading Catholic school providing quality education attuned to the needs of a fast-changing world, has been proven by the constant enrolment of students coming from different regions in the Philippines and abroad.

  • Makati City - Ateneo de Manila Law School

    As a University, the Ateneo de Manila seeks to preserve, extend, and communicate truth and apply it to human development and the preservation of the environment. As a Filipino University, the Ateneo de Manila seeks to identify and enrich Philippine culture and make its own. Through the education of the whole person and the formation of needed professionals and through various corporate activities, the University aims to contribute to the development goals of the nation.

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  • Manila - San Beda College of Law

    As a Catholic educational institution, the mission of San Beda College is to produce men and women who are fully human, wholly Christian and truly Filipino. In the light of this mission, the San Beda College of Law aims to produce lawyers who are learned in the Law and who conduct themselves according to Christian principles and to the noblest traditions of the bench and the bar. To realize this objective, we educate the mind to legal provisions and the heart in justice, civic consciousness, and respect for law, authority and human rights.

  • Metro Manila - University of the East - College of Law
    C.M. Recto Avenue, Metro Manila, Phone: +632 735-54-71

    As we recognize the changes around us, our emphasis will not only pertain to mere material accomplishments but also to the pursuit for excellence in the legal profession. We shall shape and nurture men of ideas and values, not only to be academic combatants with razor-sharp arguments, but also with a wisdom that pierces the soul -- committed to peace, love, truth and justice.

  • Pasay City - Arellano School of Law

    We are a non-profit educational institution passionately dedicated to the development of the minds and personae of law students and practitioners by adequately preparing them to become committed professionals responding to the changing needs of the global community and ready to provide the required specialized legal services. We shall endeavor to promote conciousness and sensitivity to the protection and preservation of the environment and eco-system, respect for the law, unfliching commitment for justice and human rights, and service for the poor, the oppressed and the marginalized. We shall institutionalize legal research programs, the acquisition of all available modern educational tools and facilities, necessary and beneficial, to be a respectable, responsible and self-determining Law Foundation within the global framework.

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  • Quezon - University of the Philippines - College of Law
    Malcolm Hall, U.P., Quezon 3004, Phone: 920-5514

    The College of Law of the University of the Philippines offers the following degree programs: Four-year undergraduate program leading to Bachelor of Laws (LL.B.) degree; Five-year undergraduate program for working students leading to a Bachelor of Laws (LL.B.) degree; Regular graduate program leading to a Master of Laws (LL.M.) degree primarily for prospective law teachers and professional specialist.

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