Poland Law Schools

Comprehensive Directory of Law Schools in Poland in Alphabetical Order

Poland Law Schools

  • Bialystok - University of Bialystok - Faculty of Law

    The University of Bialystok was created under the Act of Sejm of the Republic of Poland on June 19, 1997 from the Branch of Warsaw University after 29 years of its existence. The academic potential and scope of the new University’s activities have contributed to its present position as one of the biggest and most important academic centers in the Northern Eastern Poland.

  • Gdansk - University of Gdansk - Faculty of Law and Administration

    The Faculty offers studies in the following subjects: Law and Administration. There are extra-mural studies and doctoral studies in Law as well as post-graduate studies in: Labor Law, the European Union - preparation of candidates for officials in European institutions, European Law for judges. The studies take place in the day, extra-mural and evening systems.

  • Katowice - University of Silesia - Faculty of Law and Administration

    The Government Commission of Accreditation has accredited the Administration for the quality of teaching. Among those who studied or taught at the Faculty of Law and Administration are celebrities and high-ranking State officials such as Prof. Walery Pańko - former head of the Polish Supreme Control Chamber, Prof. Tadeusz Zieliński -former Polish Commissioner for Civil Rights, Prof. Irena Lipowicz - a former Polish Ambassador to Austria, Prof. Henryk Goik - former Ambassador to Laos and others.

  • Krakow - Jagiellonian University - Faculty of Law

  • Lodz - University of Lodz - Faculty of Law and Administration

  • Lublin - Catholic University of Lublin - Faculty of Law
    Al. Raclawickie 14, Lublin 20-950, Phone: +48 81 445-37-31

    KUL is primarily a university. As such, it offers a broad spectrum of academic disciplines, within which academics carry out research and hand on their knowledge and skills to students in a specifically academic form. The university inspires those in its ranks to concentrate on creative academic work, cares for its integrity and appropriate standards as well as for a high quality of education. It also aims to show both in research and didactic work the interrelation of individual aspects of the truth of reality, in this way developing and propagating its universal knowledge.

  • Lublin - Maria Curie-Sklodowska University - Faculty of Law and Administration

    For over 50 years since its inception, the Faculty of Law and Administration has increased its academic potential, having become one of the best law faculties in Poland. Two study programmes are offered here. In 2002, the Faculty received a Category 1 rating under the State Committee for Scientific Research classification. It has the right to confer doctor’s and habilitated doctor’s degrees in legal sciences. The faculty members serve as judges on the supreme agencies of justice system: the Supreme Court, the Supreme Administrative Court, the Constitutional Tribunal, and the Tribunal of State.

  • Olsztyn - University of Warmia and Mazury - Faculty of Law and Administration

    The Faculty of Law and Administration was established in 2001. Although it has existed for a relatively short time, it has already noted significant achievements in its research and educational activities. The faculty has clearly manifested its presence among the law faculties of other Polish universities.

  • Poznan - Adam Mickiewicz University - Faculty of Law and Administration

    The University, whose mission is universitas, offers the most comprehensive programme of study. The University is also the Alma Mater for the communities of the Medical Academy, Agricultural Academy and University School of Physical Education.

  • Rzeszow - University of Rzeszow - Faculty of Law
    ul. Grunwaldzka 13, Rzeszow,

    The Faculty of Law has been at the University of Rzeszów since 1st September 2001. By a decision of the State Accreditation Board the Faculty of Law obtained a positive overall result.

  • Szczecin - University of Szczecin - Faculty of Law and Administration

    Faculty of Law and Administration was established in 1988 on the basis of the Law and Administration Institute. Since 1999, the Faculty participates in the European Credit Transfer System, which enable students to study abroad.

  • Torun - Nicolaus Copernicus University - Faculty of Law and Administration

    Faculty of Law and Administration of N. Copernicus University was established officially on 25 November 1945 (initially in the form of Legal-Economic Faculty). In that period studies of law were based on the programme of 4-years studies. This model was in force till 1979 when a concept of 5-years legal education was introduced.

  • Warsaw - Cardinal Stefan Wyszynski University - Faculty of Law and Administration

  • Warsaw - University of Warsaw - Faculty of Law and Administration

    The University should not only maintain in the nation both learning and skills at the level they have already attained in the scholarly world, but also further develop and propagate them as well as apply their theory for the public good.

  • Wroclaw - University of Wroclaw - Faculty of Law, Administration and Economics

    The Faculty of Law, Administration and Economics is one of the largest in Poland. Its tradition dates back to the Prussian law school established in 1811. Over 12,000 students are taught at this Faculty by 200 scholars and 170 students are enrolled in PhD programs. The Faculty offers international exchange programs and is proud to host international students from Europe, Russia, Kazakhstan, and African countries. Students can become members of clubs and societies and participate in national and international conferences and symposia.

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