Russia Law Schools

Comprehensive Directory of Law Schools in Russia in Alphabetical Order

Russia Law Schools

  • Ekaterinburg - Ural State Law Academy

  • Kazan - Kazan State University - Faculty of Law

    The Faculty provides full- and part-time, free and tuition-based education. Students can continue their education at Master and post-graduate levels. In 2004/05 academic year there were more than 3,000 undergraduate, 116 postgraduate students and more than 80 independent researchers at the Faculty.

  • Krasnodar - Southern - Russian Academy of Justice
    Kalinin str. 13, Krasnodar, Phone: +7 863 2994307

    The Southern-Russian academy of justice has been created by the Decree of the President of the Russian Federation dated 24.11.96 No.413 and by the Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation dated 13.12.96 No.1192 "About the creation of the Southern-Russian academy of justice". The Supreme Court of the Russian Federation and the Supreme Arbitration Court of the Russian Federation play the role of Academy’s founders.

  • Moscow - Moscow State University - Faculty of Law

    The Law Faculty of Kazan State University is one of leading schools in Russia providing higher education in the field of law. The teaching stuff of the faculty includes 14 professors and about 40 candidates of science in law. The Faculty provides full- and part-time, free and tuition-based education. Students can continue their education at Master and post-graduate levels. Curretly there are more than 3,200 students(including 1300 part-time students), about 200 postgraduate students and independent researchers at the Faculty. 457 students run for a second diploma of hidher education.

  • Moscow - Russian Academy of Science - Institute of State and Law

    The Institute of State and Law (ISL) of the Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS) is the largest scientific legal center in the Russian Federation. The ISL is part of the Philosophical, Sociological, Psychological, and Law Department of RAS. The ISL has 350 employees, including three Academicians, three Corresponding Members of RAS, nearly one hundred Doctors and more than one hundred Candidates of Legal Science. Academician B. N. Topornin is the Academician-Secretary of the Department and the Director of ISL.

  • Moscow - Russian School of Private Law

  • Nizhni Novgorod - University of Nizhni Novgorod - Faculty of Law

    The University is renowned for innovation in the fields of research and higher education. As a result, UNN's scientific and pedagogical schools have won international recognition for their excellence. The continual development of these schools ensures the high standard of UNN's educational activity as a research university. The University aims to respond in an effective manner to new and evolving scientific and educational challenges.

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  • Perm - Perm State University - Faculty of Law
    15, Bukireva Str., Perm,

    Students are educated by highly-qualified teachers, among them there are 11 DPhs, professors, more than 50 kandidats of sciences, senior lecturers, and also highly-qualified experts. Teachers and students of the Faculty practice their professional activity in Russian and Foreign Shcools of Law, take part in international conferences. In september 2005 best students of the Faculty involved in scientific work participated in the competition organized by «Oxford-Russia» Fund. Among the winners there were 11 students of full-time department of the Faculty of Law: D.B.Korotkov, E.V.Starikova, Y.V. Nogina, E.S.Ivanova, O.V.Podyniglazova, E.V.Kudymova, R.R.Shajhnurova, I.O.Shardina, N.U.Sadilova, A.A.Gulyaev, A.D.Semenova.

  • Petrozavodsk - Petrozavodsk State University - Faculty of Law

    Petrozavodsk State University (PetrSU) was founded in 1940 as the Karelian-Finnish University and was renamed in 1956. During its 65-year-long history, the university has trained more than 47000 highly qualified specialists. Among its graduates there are academicians, ministers and world-famous specialists in culture and science, heads of enterprises and workers of various branches of industry of the Northwest and Northern economical regions of Russia.

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  • Rostov-on-Don - Rostov Law School
    Sadovaya 155a, Rostov-on-Don, Phone: +7 863 2994307

    The Rostov Law School affiliated with Rostov Foreign trade Academy admits and prepares experts who have graduated from a higher education institution. The lawyer receives main and specialized preparation in the field of jurisprudence according to the curriculum and within the framework of the given specialty. The general professional section of the curriculum is directed to mastering a complex of courses in law, which constitutes a complete system of knowledge of real laws, providing the law order in all spheres of life of the society in market relations conditions. A specialized section of the curriculum contains legal and economic disciplines which prepare lawyers for professional work in the legal field as to assure business and foreign economic relations support.

  • St. Petersburg - St. Petersburg State University - Faculty of Law

    The Faculty of Law is one of the oldest faculties of St Petersburg State University. Its high reputation has been earned by the work of many generations of its academics, such as M.Kovalevsky, A.Koni, N.Korkunov, K.Nevolin, L.Petrazhitsky, N.Tagantsev, B.Chicherin, and others. Today the Faculty of Law of St. Petersburg State University is one of Russia's leading institutions for higher education in jurisprudence, and is well known not only in Russia but in the world at large.

  • Vladivostok - Far East State University - Institute of Law
    8 Sukhanova St., Vladivostok, Phone: +7 (4232) 433280

    Recognized as a leading classical university of Russia and Pacific Rim, the only legal successor of the Institute of Oriental Studies, the first higher educational institution in the Russian Far East; fulfilling the high mission to be the major representative of Russian education, science, and culture in the Pacific Rim; pursuing interests of Russian Federation people, state, and society; sharing the historical mission of Russia in the dialog and amalgamation of the great Eastern and Western cultures; basing its activities on the humanitarian principles and the values common to all mankind as declared by the United Nations; acting with key aims in mind, following long term priorities at the edge of human capabilities and creativity;

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