Taiwan Law Schools

Comprehensive Directory of Law Schools in Taiwan in Alphabetical Order

Taiwan Law Schools

  • Hsinchuang - Fu-Jen Catholic University - Department of Law
    510 Chungcheng Rd, Hsinchuang, Phone: 29031111

    Fu Jen Catholic University is a comprehensive university founded by the Holy See. Starting from 2003, the University comprises 9 colleges (Liberal Arts, Arts, Foreign Languages, Science and Engineering, Human Ecology, Law, Social Sciences, Management, Medicine), 45 departments, offering 42 master programs, and 11 Ph.D. programs. The University has established sister-school relationships with more than 100 renowned universities world-wide and is committed to the holistic education. The University strives to provide students a diversified, whole-person, interdisciplinary, and international learning environment.

  • Taichung - Tunghai University - Department of Law
    181 Chungkang Road, Sec. 3, Taichung, Phone: +886-4-23590423

    In the arrangement of its curriculum, the college considers theoretical discussion and learning from experience as equally valid. Professors receive grants from the National Science Council and other governmental organizations to engage in various research projects. In their teaching, research, and educational principle of service to society, they seek to cultivate in students depth of thought, ability in foreign languages, knowledge of conferences, ability to draft plans, write essays, and official correspondence, as well as skill in administration and management. Students of the college undergo rigorous mental training, gain solid grounding in economics, sociology and law as well as in administrative skills and are well-prepared to work towards the creation of an ideal society.

  • Taipei - Chinese Culture University - Department of Law
    55 Hwakang Road, Yangmingshan, Taipei, Phone: 28610511

    Founded in 1962 and tentatively named Far East University by its founder, Dr. Chang Chi-yun, Chinese Culture University (CCU) was originally christened College of Chinese Culture by the late ROC President Chiang Kai-shek, henceforth mapping out the direction of its future development and educational ideals.

  • Taipei - National Chengchi University - Department of Law
    64 Chihnan Road, Sec. 2 Mucha, Taipei, Phone: 9387055

    This is a period of great change in which technological advances that impact our society are taking place every day. Although our legal system often fails to adapt as quickly as technology evolves, it is important that legal education and research not lag too far behind. In order to maintain the timely development of the law, the College promotes the study of law in light of other fields of academic interest, especially technology. The establishment of several specialized research centers, revisions in the curriculum and the recent addition of a master's program for those with educational backgrounds outside of the law are all testaments to this College's commitment to the further development of legal education.

  • Taipei - National Taipei University - College of Law

    Among the educational missions at NTPU Law School are : to nurture talented people for pratical legal affairs to cultivate students with potentials who are interested in the study of the principles of law. to improve the legal structures to set up a fair, just and well-legalized society

  • Taipei - National Taiwan University - College of Law

    At NTU, we have cultivated a liberal spirit of academic research and instruction. Our students enjoy an open forum for free, critical and creative thought and study. Our college faculty boasts many excellent teachers and researchers. Most of my colleagues have received doctoral degrees in law from prominent universities in Germany, the USA, Japan, the UK and France. In addition to offering traditional law courses, the college has been adding new courses for coverage of contemporary legal issues, including human rights, financial and economical law, environmental law, WTO law and intellectual property law. Members of our faculty also conduct government or privately sponsored projects and act as legal consultants at government and private research institutes.

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  • Taipei - Soochow University - School of Law
    56 Kueiyang St., Sec. 1, Taipei, Phone: 2886231115

    The School of Law at Soochow University has been providing legal education for almost a century. We believe that an adequate number of experts in law, with precise thinking and keen judgement, lay the foundation for overall justice and a healthy legal system.

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