Lawyer Associations by Country

Lawyer Associations by Country

  • Australian Corporate Lawyers Associations (ACLA)
    Region: Australia   
    ACLA is the peak national association representing the interests of more than 8,000 lawyers (over 20% of the legal profession) working for corporations and government in Australia.
  • Australian Lawyers Alliance
    Region: Australia   
    The Australian Lawyers Alliance Is The Only National Association Of Lawyers And Other Professionals Dedicated To The Protection And Promotion Of Justice, Freedom And The Rights Of Individuals. We Value A Fair, Just And Democratic Society, And Aim To Redress The Imbalance Between The Ample Resources Available To Corporations And Their Insurers, And Those Available To Members Of The Public.
  • Association belge des juristes d'entreprises (ABJE)
    Region: Belgium   
    Juris International is a multilingual collection (English, Spanish, and French) of legal information on international trade. Juris International aims to facilitate and reduce the work involved in research for business lawyers, advisers and in-house counsel, and state organizations in developing and transition economies, by providing access to texts which have often been difficult to obtain. Its objective is to gather a large quantity of basic information at one site (favoring complete legal texts), without the need to send for the information, and consequently without excessive communication costs for users who do not benefit from an efficient and cheap telecommunications network.
  • Institut des Juristes d’Entreprise
    Region: Belgium   
    The first in March 2000 was created the Institute of Company Lawyers ( IJE ), a legal person of public law . The law protects the title of a corporate lawyer and regulates the profession
  • Association of Young Lawyers in Bulgaria
    Region: Bulgaria   
    The Association of Young Lawyers in Bulgaria is a politically unaffiliated NGO which works in the area of mobilizing young legal experts and civic resources for support of local initiatives and grass roots projects. It was founded by young and very committed legal professionals and civil rights activists, who work at their full capacity, in order to serve the need for developing an effective support network of well trained specialists volunteers ready to work at local, regional and national level and suggest public policy improvements, developing and implementing civic and in-house training, public awareness building initiatives in the areas of democratization and modernization of the local self-government, civic participation, advocacy, access to information, civil rights monitoring and public institution transparency enhancement. As a community of young professionals committed to the Euro-Atlantic values, AYL strongly supports through local public initiatives and expert assistance the accession of Bulgaria to the European Union and NATO
  • British Columbia Lawyers Association
    Region: British Columbia, Canada   
    TLABC is a non-profit society, comprised of lawyers who work to strengthen and preserve laws that protect the rights of individuals and make British Columbia safer, cleaner, and a better place to live.
  • Canadian Hiv/aids Legal Network
    Region: Canada   
    The Canadian Hiv/aids Legal Network Promotes The Human Rights Of People Living With And Vulnerable To Hiv/aids, In Canada And Internationally. We Accomplish This Through Research, Legal And Policy Analysis, Education, Advocacy, And Community Mobilization.
  • Canadian Personal Injury Lawyers Network (CPILN)
    Region: Canada   
    Our Administrative Office Is Based In Toronto, Ontario And Staffed By A Full-time Legal Team, Including An Experienced Personal Injury Lawyer. Members Of The Public Who Have A Potential Case Are Invited To Contact Us Either By Calling 1-888-660-4869Or By Submitting A Case Online. Given The Volume Of Cases That Are Reviewed Daily By Our Staff, We Encourage You To Use Our Online Submission Form.
  • Federation of Law Societies of Canada (FLSC)
    Region: Canada   
    Canada's 14 provincial and territorial law societies govern over 100,000 lawyers and 3,500 Quebec notaries in the public interest. The Federation of Law Societies of Canada is their national coordinating body. The Federation leads the development of high national standards of regulation to ensure that all Canadians are served by a competent, honourable and independent legal profession. You can learn more here.
  • Nova Scotia Barristers' Society
    Region: Nova Scotia, Canada   
    The Nova Scotia Barristers' Society Is The Governing Body For The Legal Profession In Nova Scotia. Under The Provisions Of The Legal Profession Act, The Society Is Responsible For Both Licensing And Discipline Of The Profession. The Society's Objects Are Stated In Regulation 1a As Follows: It Is The Object And Duty Of The Society To Regulate The Practice Of Law Within Nova Scotia By (a) Upholding And Protecting The Public Interest Through: Preserving And Protecting The Rights Of All Persons In The Fair And Impartial Administration Of Justice, Ensuring The Independence, Integrity And Honour Of The Legal Profession And Its Members, And Establishing, Monitoring And Enforcing Standards For The Education, Professional Responsibility And Competence Of Its Members; And (b) Subject To Paragraph (a): Upholding And Protecting The Interests Of Its Members, And Providing Programs, Activities And Services Which Ensure The Highest Standards Of Professional Responsibility And Competence Of Its Members.
  • Ontario Trial Lawyers Association (OTLA)
    Region: Ontario, Canada   
    OTLA has over 1150 members and is comprised of plaintiffs' lawyers from Ontario, out-of-province Members from New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, Quebec, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta and British Columbia, along with the United States. OTLA also has a strong core of law clerks, articling students and law students.
  • Trial Lawyers Association of British Columbia (TLABC)
    Region: British Columbia, Canada   
    To Support And Promote Diligence And Excellence In Advocacy And Jurisprudence On Behalf Of Consumers In British Columbia. Together, We Strive To: Protect The Rights Of Individuals, Preserve The Jury System, Enhance Trial Practice, Ensure Access To The Courts, Advance The Interests Of Innocent Parties, And Maintain Judicial Integrity And Independence.
  • International Lawyers' Association of Finland
    Region: Finland   
    ILAF’s primary goal is to provide Finland’s expatriate legal community (including practicing attorneys, in-house lawyers, academics, and international law students) with the opportunity to get to know each other, share experiences in Finland and at home, expand professional opportunities and, above all, have fun.
  • Association francaise des avocats conseils d'entreprises
    Region: France   
    L’ACE, c’est un syndicat pour défendre vos intérêts en promouvant une vision moderne de la profession, accompagner vos cabinets dans leur développement, créer un espace d’échange et de partage des expériences dans le respect d’une culture du dialogue non dogmatique. L’ACE est aussi une pépinière d’élus dans les ordres et au CNB, au service des Avocats, un tissu d’événements régionaux et nationaux favorisant les rencontres, et une expertise reconnue, avec 18 commissions scientifiques dans l’ensemble des branches du droit, des actions de formation, une Revue conçue pour l’utilité des praticiens.
  • Association francaise des juristes d'entreprises - AFJE
    Region: France   
    L'Association Française des Juristes d'Entreprise est un carrefour d'échange d'informations et d'expériences pour tous les juristes travaillant au sein des entreprises sur les grands sujets d'actualité juridique au sein des entreprises et dans le monde du Droit.
  • Albo Nazionale Avvocati
    Region: Italy   
    L'unico sistema in Italia che permette di ricercare un professionista e di circoscrivere i risultati intorno ad una località, una lingua, una materia o alla dimensione di uno studio legale.
  • Association of Italian Business Lawyers
    Region: Italy   
    L'Associazione Italiana Giuristi di Impresa (A.I.G.I.) è stata costituita nel 1976 da un gruppo ristretto di Responsabili di Uffici Legali di Grandi Società, con il fine di valorizzare la figura ed il ruolo del Giurista di Impresa promuovendone - analogamente a quanto già avveniva in altri Paesi - lo status giuridico. Il Giurista di Impresa – il quale opera alle dipendenze dell'Impresa di appartenenza - coniuga il ruolo manageriale con l'apporto delle sue specifiche competenze legali ...
  • Organismo Unitario Avvocatura Italiana
    Region: Italy   
    Brings together all institutions and bar associations in order to express the thought dialectically advocacy on all major issues of justice and the profession, in respect of ' autonomy of each component, and that, ultimately, as the appropriate political entity to represent the legal profession as a whole, offering itself as an authoritative interlocutor of the political institutions of the country.
  • Federation of Women Lawyers Kenya (FIDA Kenya)
    Region: Kenya   
    FIDA Kenya is a non-profit, non-partisan membership organization committed to the creation of a society that is free from all forms of discrimination against women. This is done through the provision of legal aid to indigent women, engagement on legal, policy and legislative reform, treaty monitoring and research among other programmatic interventions. Membership to FIDA Kenya is open to Kenyan women lawyers and women law students. Currently FIDA Kenya member-ship stands at over 600 registered members.
  • Liechtenstein Chamber of Lawyers
    Region: Liechtenstein   

  • Macedonian Business Lawyers Assocation
    Region: Macedonia   
    The MACEDONIAN LAWYERS ASSOCIATION (MLA) is a professional, non-governmental and non-profit organization, which exists on the territory of the Republic of Macedonia since 1968. The Association is an association of citizens, dedicated mainly to legal issues. Most of its members are employed in companies and the others have private practice or work in the ministries of the Government of the Republic of Macedonia, banks, courts, public institutions, as well as scientific and other professional institutions.
  • Advocates Association of Sarawak
    Region: Malaysia   

  • Society of Advocates of Namibia
    Region: Namibia   
    The Namibian Bar constitutes a pool of expertise and specialisation, available to the public and the government, as those advocates, who are members of the Society of Advocates of Namibia, are legal practitioners, who have expertise in trial, motion, appellate, arbitration, advice and opinion work, in all matters involving Namibian and Southern African law.
  • Association of Lawyers of Poland
    Region: Poland   

  • Association of Lawyers of Portugal
    Region: Portugal   

  • Corporate Lawyers Association of South Africa
    Region: South Africa   
    The Corporate Lawyers Association of South Africa (formerly known as the Association of Legal Advisers of South Africa – ALASA) was formed in 1982: to promote the common interests of corporate lawyers in South Africa; to improve and promote the proficiency and competency as corporate lawyers of its members and to encourage professional and ethical conduct amongst its members; to provide a forum for the exchange of views and mutual liaison on matters of common interest to corporate lawyers in South Africa; to effect liaison with such representative national and international organisations as may be desirable in the interest of its members; to consider and, where necessary, deal with and make representations concerning the teaching and practice of law and the administration of justice in general; to deal in general with all matters concerning the Association or any of its members
  • The Maritime Law Association Of South Africa
    Region: South Africa   
    The South African MLA is the professional association of maritime lawyers in SA. Its membership is open to practising maritime lawyers, academics and those in the shipping industry having an interest in maritime law. The work of the MLA is done through Committees and through the Durban and Cape Town Chapters of the association.

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