International Lawyer Associations

International Lawyers Associations

  • Association of Corporate Counsel (ACC)
    Region: International   
    The Association of Corporate Counsel (ACC) is the world's largest organization serving the professional and business interests of attorneys who practice in the legal departments of corporations, associations and other private-sector organizations around the globe. We promote the common interests of our members; provide resources to help save them time, money and effort; contribute to their continuing education; help them succeed in their careers and provide a voice on issues of national and international importance.
    Phone: (202) 293-4103
  • Avocats Sans Frontières (Lawyers Without Borders)
    Region: International   
    Avocats Sans Frontières (ASF) is a non-governmental organization acting in the field of law and justice. ASF was created in 1992 by a small group of lawyers who strongly believed they could contribute to a more equitable and united world. Therefore, ASF works to promote, to strengthen and to protect civil, political, social and cultural human rights of individuals and peoples.
  • Black Entertainment & Sports Lawyers Association
    Region: International   
    BESLA is an international organization of lawyers and other entertainment and sports industry executives that supports a more diversified, expert and informed group of entertainment and sports industry professionals.
  • Europe - European Women Lawyers Association - EWLA
    Region: Europe   
    EWLA is concerned with the co-operation of women lawyers from all member states of the European Union. Its intermediate aim is to bundle up their specific expertise in monitoring law and politics seen from the angle of gender. Long-term target is to build up a women lawyers association acting on the European level as a pressure-group to enhance equality by means of law, as for instance by giving expert opinions to and by lobbying political institutions, by proposing and even outlining drafts for European directives, by bringing test cases to the European Court of Justice, by informing and empowering women to claim their rights, by campaigning etc.
  • European Association of Lawyers for Democracy & World Human Rights (ELDH)
    Region: Europe   
    ELDH is a non-profit progressive organization which presently unites lawyers in 16 European countries, who struggle together for •human rights and civil liberties, •social and economic rights, •democracy, •the rights of migrants and refugees, •the right to development of all countries, •peace, •equal rights for women and men, • minority rights, •the right of peoples to self-determination, and •the prosecution of war-criminals and perpetrators of human rights violations against •dictatorships, •oppression of the people, •discrimination, • racism, war, and •all violations of human rights
    Contact: Thomas Schmidt
  • European Company Lawyers Association (ECLA)
    Region: Europe   
    The Main Purposes Of The Association Are: To Represent Its Members On A European And International Level; To Create Centres For Studies, Documentation And Contacts For The Purpose Of Improving The Exchange Of Professional Information Among Its Members; To Organize Meetings, Conferences And Seminars Relating To Legal Matters; To Promote Legal Research.
  • International Academy of Estate and Trust Law
    Region: International   
    IAETL is comprised of members who practice or have offices in twenty-six countries. Membership is highly selective. The Academy bylaws limit membership to one-fourth of one percent of the notaires, solicitors, lawyers, judges and professors of any country. All Academicians must have practiced law in the Academy's areas of interest for at least ten years and must have distinguished themselves through lecturing, writing or participation in professional organizations. They must also have demonstrated a significant interest in the continuing development of the law of their own countries.
  • International Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers
    Region: International   
    The IAML is a worldwide association of practising lawyers who are recognised by their peers as the most experienced and expert family law specialists in their respective countries.
  • International Association of Democratic Lawyers
    Region: International   
    Since IADL's founding in 1946 in Paris, IADL members have participated in the struggles that have made the violation of human rights of groups and individuals and threats to international peace and security, legal issues under international law. From its inception, IADL members throughout the globe have protested racism, colonialism, and economic and political injustice wherever they interfere with legal and human rights, often at the cost of these jurists personal safety and economic well being.
  • International Association of Entertainment Lawyers
    Region: International   
    IAEL members are all lawyers, either in private practice or industry, whose areas of expertise cover nearly all aspects of entertainment law. The IAEL provides a specialist, international forum for the sharing of knowledge and experience of legal and commercial issues of interest and concern to its members.
  • International Association of Jewish Lawyers and Jurists
    Region: International   
    IAJLJ strives to advance human rights everywhere, including the prevention of war crimes, the punishment of war criminals, the prohibition of weapons of mass destruction, and international co-operation based on the rule of law and the fair implementation of international covenants and conventions.
  • International Association of Lawyers - UIA
    Region: International   
    the UIA is an association open to all lawyers of the world, made up of both general and specialist practitioners, counting more than 200 bar associations, organisations or federations (representing nearly two million lawyers) as well as several thousand individual members from over 110 countries.
  • International Association of Sports Law
    Region: International   
    IASL is an international scientific association founded during the 1st International Congress o Sports Law, December 11-13, 1992 in Athens and seated in Olympia, Greece. Since then IASL is activated as far as administrative matters are concerned in Athens and in its President’s country of origin.
  • International Association of Young Lawyers (A.I.J.A.)
    Region: International   
    AIJA is the only global association devoted to lawyers and inhouse counsel aged 45 and under. Through a wide range of meetings, seminars, law courses and advocacy, we aim to promote professional cooperation and friendship among young career-building legal professionals on an international stage.
  • International Association of Young Lawyers - Aija
    Region: International   
    AIJA is the only global association devoted to lawyers and inhouse counsel aged 45 and under. AIJA, through a wide range of meetings, seminars, law courses and advocacy, promotes professional cooperation and friendship among young, career building legal professionals around the world.
  • International Bar Association
    Region: International   
    IBA influences the development of international law reform and shapes the future of the legal profession throughout the world. Through its various sections and committees, the IBA enables an interchange of information and views among its members as to laws, practices and professional responsibilities relating to the practice of business law throughout the world.
  • International Commission of Jurists
    Region: International   
    ICJ is an international NGO, dedicated to the the implementation of international law and principles that advance human rights. The website offers a selection of legal human rights resources.
  • International Criminal Defence Attorneys Association
    Region: International   
    The ICDAA Inernational Criminal Defence Attorneys Association is an INGO dedicated to strengthening fair trial rights and an independent legal profession in the emerging international criminal justice system. Their Mission: Organize a full, thorough and structured defence in order to guarantee the right to a fair trial, thereby bolstering the legitimacy of the judicial process within the international sphere. Contribute to the development of a truly independent legal profession both on the national level, specifically in countries in the midst of reconstruction, and on the international level, within international institutions such as the ICC; Create and support a world-wide network of professionals by bringing together lawyers, law professors and specialists as well as institutions such as the International Criminal Bar (ICB) and national bars; all in the goal of ensuring a strong and vigorous voice for the defence. Promote the continued education of attorneys pleading before international tribunals by organizing training sessions, workshops and conferences in order to develop the highest standards of ethics and competence within the international legal profession; Implement a «defence culture» by establishing structures to provide legal aid, notably in post-conflict countries attempting to rebuild their legal infrastructure and move towards a system of democracy and rule of law.
  • International Criminal Defence Attorneys Association (ICDAA)
    Region: International   
    The International Criminal Defence Attorneys Association (ICDAA) is an international non-governmental organization (INGO) dedicated to strengthening fair trial rights and an independent legal profession in the emerging international criminal justice system. The Association also works to improve access to justice for the citizens of transitional and post-conflict countries, most notably by testing the legality of long-term detentions.
  • International Criminal Law Network
    Region: International   
    ICLN, the International Criminal Law Network, was founded in 2002 by various international experts with the mission to organise professional and social interaction between practitioners, academics and policymakers in international criminal law.
  • International Law Association
    Region: International   
    The International Law Association has around 50 branches worldwide and a growing membership of academics and practising professionals with an interest in international law. The main objectives of the Association are the study, clarification and development of both public and private international law. It is in the work of the various International Committees that these aims are pursued and biennial conferences provide a forum for comprehensive discussion and endorsement for the work of these committees.
  • International Lawyers' Association of Finland
    Region: Finland   
    ILAF’s primary goal is to provide Finland’s expatriate legal community (including practicing attorneys, in-house lawyers, academics, and international law students) with the opportunity to get to know each other, share experiences in Finland and at home, expand professional opportunities and, above all, have fun.
  • International Media Lawyers Association
    Region: International   
    The International Media Lawyers Association is an international network of lawyers working in the areas of media law, media freedom and media policy, and committed to promoting and defending the fundamental human rights of freedom of expression and freedom of information.
  • International Municipal Lawyers Association
    Region: International   
    The International Municipal Lawyers Association (IMLA) is a non-profit, professional organization that has been an advocate and resource for local government attorneys since 1935. Owned solely by over 2500 members, IMLA services as an international clearinghouse of legal information and cooperation on municipal legal matters. IMLA collects from and disseminates information to its membership across the United States and Canada and helps governmental officials prepare for litigation and develop new local laws.
  • International Pension & Employee Benefits Lawyers Association
    Region: International   
    The International Pension & Employee Benefits Lawyers Association, a non-profit organization constituted under the laws of the Netherlands, was formed in 1987 to bring together lawyers and other legal professionals throughout the world with a practical interest in the legal aspects of pension schemes and other employee benefit arrangements. Membership in IPEBLA provides access to a network of international pension and benefit lawyers working in academic, institutional, private practice and corporate settings.
  • International Sport Lawyers Association
    Region: International   
    ISLA is a worldwide association of international, mainly European based sports lawyers that was established under the laws of Switzerland. The legal environment in professional and non-professional sports is expanding constantly. Experience shows that athletes and sports organisations could not have kept up with these developments by themselves. There is a huge challenge not only in the composition of contracts and charters of associations, but also managing a self-governing comprehensive body of legislation. This contributes to a multitude of preventable problems. There are also disadvantages such as economic loss, as well as the potential threat to the reputation and standing of Sport and its representatives.
  • International Technology Law Association (ITechLaw)
    Region: International   
    ITechLaw is the world's premier organization representing lawyers in the field of technology law. The organization enjoys worldwide membership, representing six continents and a broad spectrum of expertise. Operating as a non-profit, ITechLaw remains dedicated to providing quality education and networking opportunities for technology law professionals and students.
  • Lex Fori L'espace international du droit
    Region: International   
    Lex Fori supplies legal support, independent advice and counsel necessary, so our clients can be equally at ease negotiating an agreement with a supplier in their own country, choosing a business partner on the other side of the globe, litigating with a local competitor, or collecting a debt thousands of kilometers from home.
  • Organisation for the Harmonisation of Business Law in Africa
    Region: Africa   
    OHADA, the Organisation for the Harmonisation of Business Law in Africa is an organisation created on October 17, 1993 in Port-Louis, Mauritius, comprising several francophone African countries wishing to update their business law. Ohada Legis is a Network of professionals specialized in African Business Law and notably Ohada Business Law, wishing to enhance the understanding of Ohada Law and provide services related thereto in Ohada member countries The members of the Network and outside contributors will carry out various surveys on Ohada business law on-line analysis Law in the framework of which will be underlined the incidences and opportunities in this legal environment as well as its limits or shortcomings. The information and expertise of the members of the Network in Ohada Business Law shall be made avalaible to the business and financial community on the basis of rigorous and professional standards, in pools in the framework of which their work in collaboration with other professionals (chartered accountants, notaries, fiscal and financial advisers).

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