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Law Firm in Quito: Bustamante & Bustamante

Bustamante & Bustamante

Diverse and Reputable Legal Practices in Ecuador
Phone+593 (22) 562680

Bustamante & Bustamante´s legal counsel covers a variety of areas, handled by specialists depending on the client´s specific case and individual needs.
We deal with complex legal matters that require a thorough knowledge of laws and jurisprudence related to many fields of the profession. These...

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Law Firm in Quito: Villagran Lara, Attorneys

Villagran Lara, Attorneys

Quito, Ecuador www.villagranlara.com
Maritime, Business and Trademark Law Firm in Quito, Ecuador
Phone+593 (96) 7858156

Villagran Lara, Attorneys, is a law firm with offices in Guayaquil and Quito, Ecuador. Services include business law; complex litigation in various areas of civil, commercial, and criminal law; mediation and commercial arbitration; banking and finance; P&I and insurance; joint ventures; agencies;...

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Law Firm in Quito: EcuaAssist


Quito, Ecuador www.ecuaassist.com
Real Estate, Visa and Legal Services in Ecuador
Phone+593 (347) 298-2947

EcuaAssist is a bilingual legal, visas, and real estate firm located in Quito, Ecuador. Legal representation and services include banking, company incorporation and liquidation, employment and business contracts, corporate mergers, financial management of “Foreign Investors with New Capital in...

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Law Firm in Quito: Perez Bustamante & Ponce

Perez Bustamante & Ponce

Quito, Ecuador
Legal Services in Ecuador
Phone(593-2) 382 7640

Pérez, Bustamante & Ponce resulted from the merger of two law firms of great experience and importance in Ecuador: Pérez Bustamante y Pérez and Fabián Ponce O. & Asociados.
Pérez Bustamante y Pérez began rendering its professional services under Dr. José M. Pérez-Echanique in 1917. In 1944, the...

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  • Abreu & Asociados

    Quito, Ecuador

    Intellectual Property Law Firm in Quito, Ecuador

    Phone +593 2 224-9675

    ABREU & ASOCIADOS are an IP boutique focused on providing qualified advice to our clients, effective protection to their intangible assets, and practical solutions to their business, namely those which high-technology content. Our staff has broad experience in dealing with the most diverse issues...

  • Agrelegal S.A.

    Quito, Ecuador
    Phone 5932 2508893
  • Alvarado & Abogados Asociados, Legal Consultants

    Quito, Ecuador

    Honesty and Legal Knowledge at your Service

    Phone +593 9 7734156
  • Andrade Veloz & Asociados

    Quito, Ecuador

    Energy Law Firm in Ecuador

    Phone +593 2250-8039

    Andrade Veloz Abogados is a boutique firm founded in 1974, dedicated to providing high quality counsel in specialized areas of law.; We are convinced that specialization is key, so we provide services in areas in which we have gained a high level of knowledge and experience in our more than 40...

  • Arias Abogados

    Quito, Ecuador
    Phone 593-2 262640
  • Aroche, Hernández & Asociados

    Quito, Ecuador
    Phone 593 2 2506861
  • Arturo Cabrera Lemus & Associates

    Quito, Ecuador

    Trademarks and Intellectual Property Law Firm in Ecuador

    Phone 593 2 243 2330

    Arturo Cabrera Lemus & Associates is an Ecuadorian law office specialized in Intellectual Property, mainly the registration of trademarks and commercial names, its renewals, transfers, etc. We are glad to offer you and your clients our services.

  • Avila & Almeida Abogados Asesores

    Quito, Ecuador
    Phone +(5932)2261234
  • Ballard & Ballard

    Quito, Ecuador

    Full-Service Law Firm in Quito, Ecuador

    Phone +593 2468-052

    Ballard & Ballard has served Panama and the international business community with sophisticated legal counsel and representation since 2001. The firm’s deliberate and innovative approach to business and investment has earned it a reputation for quality and efficiency in both Panama and several...

  • Barragan & Barragan

    Quito, Ecuador
    Phone 5932541649
  • Barrera, Andrade-Cevallos y Abogados S.A.

    Quito, Ecuador

    Full-Service Law Firm

    Phone (593-2) 2922081

    BACLAW provides its clients with advice in the industrial, financial, trade and natural resources. In conflict resolution, the firm represents its clients before the ordinary courts and arbitration tribunals. The firm has obtained excellent results for their clients to defend their interests. The...

  • Bermeo & Bermeo Law FirmArticles

    Quito, Ecuador

    Full Service Intellectual Property - International Business Practice Law Firm

    Phone 593 2 2545871

    A traditional law firm rendering quality legal services for foreign companies since 1948. We are a full service IP firm. Bermeo is oriented to assist International Businesses in every phase of their entrance into the Ecuadorian and South American markets. from protecting intellectual property...

  • Brito & Pinto

    Quito, Ecuador
    Phone 5932508832
  • Cardinal, Abogados y Consultores

    Quito, Ecuador

    Administrative, Tax and Business Law Firm in Quito, Ecuador

    Phone +593 2 2221044
  • Centro Internacional de Arbitraje y Mediación (CIAM)

    Quito, Ecuador

    International Center for Mediation and Arbitration

    Phone +593 2 226 3481

    In 2006 the British Ecuadorian Chamber of Commerce and Industries and the Chamber of Industries of Pichincha united in a mission to provide Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) services to Ecuador and the World. We worked arduously to make our ideal become a reality and with the approval of the...

  • Cobo Abogados

    Quito, Ecuador

    Business, Trade and Oil Law Firm in Quito, Ecuador

    Phone +593 2 2223238

    A Boutique Law Firm in Quito, Ecuador where any requirement related to Administrative Law Aviation Law, Business Law, Corporate Law, Customs Law, Intelectual Property, Oil Law, Trade Law Real State and Tecomunications Law, will be satisfied by the personal intervention of the owners of the law firm...

  • Corporación Legal CL Ecuador

    Quito, Ecuador

    Administrative, Government Contracts and Business Law in Ecuador

    Phone +593 2 2524700

    Corporación Legal CL Ecuador constitutes an innovating alternative in legal services assistance inside and outside Ecuador, provides legal services in Administrative Law, Government Contracts, Public Procurement Law, Tax Law, Intellectual Property, Corporate Law and Not-renewable Resources Law. In...

  • Corral & Rosales

    Quito, Ecuador
    Phone 5932561706
  • Corral-Sanchez, Abogados

    Quito, Ecuador
    Phone 593-2 469-300
  • Correa, Fernandez-Salvador & Iturralde

    Quito, Ecuador
    Phone 5932554613
  • Crespo Abogados

    Quito, Ecuador
    Phone 593-2 462113

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