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Law Firm in Bonn: AHS Rechtsanwälte

AHS Rechtsanwälte

Bonn, Germany
English Speaking Full Service Law Firm in Germany
Phone+49 (228) 9569717

AHS Lawyers is a group of internationally experienced lawyers and attorneys who provide outstanding representation to clients in a wide spectrum of practice areas. Our lawyers are certified specialists in the fields of employment law (Fachanwalt für Arbeitsrecht), business and corporate law...

Law Firm's Overview 
Law Firm in Bonn: FGS Flick Gocke Schaumburg

FGS Flick Gocke Schaumburg

Bonn, Germany
Tax Focused Law Firm in Germany
Phone+49 228 95 94-0

Our team of 97 partners and more than 200 associates includes experienced lawyers, public auditors and tax consultants. In addition to their expertise and experience in German and international tax law, they provide advice in other business-related areas such as corporate law/mergers &...

Law Firm's Overview 
  • Acker & Müller

    Bonn, Germany

    Business, IP And EEC Law Firm In Bonn, Germany

    Phone +49 22 8289966

    Highly specialized areas, such as tax law, or in cases with multinational aspects we can, as needed, draw upon excellent and reliable partners in-house or from our networks in Europe and the USA. We also will gladly work with our clients’ existing advisors to the benefit of the client. For us,...

  • BBL Bernsau Brockdorff

    Bonn, Germany

    German Full Service Law Firm

    Phone +49 228 249917-0

    For many years, BBL has been one of the leading law firms in the area of restructuring, reorganization and insolvency in Germany.

  • Bietmann

    Bonn, Germany

    General Civil Lawyers in Germany

    Phone +49 (228) 90 96 90

    Bietmann is a team of qualified and experienced lawyers and trade lawyers. We assist our clients to develop practical solutions. The general civil law is divided into different areas of law, whose complexity can only be accomplished by specializing in certain subjects because of the large number of...

  • BKL Fischer Kuhne Lang

    Bonn, Germany

    Banking and Capital Markets Lawyers in Germany

    Phone +49 228 945 945-0

    BKL Fischer Kühne Lang is specialized in high-quality legal advice in banking and capital markets law, as well as in financial and estate planning.; Our highly qualified lawyers guarantee an excellent quality and efficiency of trustful advice. We have a wealth of experience advising on all the...

  • Boesen Rechtsanwälte

    Bonn, Germany

    Business Law Firm in Bonn, Germany

    Phone +49 228-215290

    Boesen Rechtsanwälte, which has its headquarters in close proximity to the Federal Cartel Office in Bonn is one of Germany's leading business law firms in its consulting focus. This is us regularly, including in JUVE attests. Nevertheless, we are in many ways not comparable to the otherwise common...

  • Brenner Anwaltskanzlei

    Bonn, Germany

    Bonn, Germany Full Service Law Firm

    Phone +49 228 30898 0

    Brenner Anwaltskanzlei understood as an external competence center of their clients, companies and entrepreneurs or freelancers are predominant. We attach great importance to know the way our clients. Therefore, we take appointments like in your home true you instead of asking us.

  • Busse und Miessen

    Bonn, Germany

    Full Service Law Firm in Germany

    Phone +49 228 983 91-0

    Buses & Miessen has more than 40 years of successful legal consulting one of the top, if you are looking for individual support at the highest legal level. Individual means to us that you have a permanent contact to one side, the business or personal problems know exactly. We develop solutions no...

  • Kanzlei Hellinger

    Bonn, Germany

    German Law Firm For Taxes, Business Law And ODR

    Phone +49 176 20929856

    An enthusiastic German lawyer, chartered tax advisor with focus on tax law, corporate law and ODR.

  • Meilicke Hoffmann & Partner

    Bonn, Germany

    Corporate Law Firm in Bonn, Germany

    Phone +49 228 72543-0

    Our expertise - regarding out-of-court consultancy as well as representation of interests before the state courts and in arbitration proceedings - has been tested and proven for decades. Meilicke Hoffmann & Partner provides consultancy services in all important areas of corporate and commercial law.

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