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Law Firm in Thessaloniki: Amoiridis Law Services

Amoiridis Law Services

Thessaloniki, Greece
International Law Firm in Thessaloniki, Greece
Phone+30 (231) 051-2000

Amoiridis Law Services has given many years of valued legal counsel and representation to both businesses investing in Greece and to Greek citizens. The firmís five skilled lawyers handle everything from international business to family law, and pride themselves on offering clients affordable...

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Law Firm in Thessaloniki: Konstandinidis & Associates

Konstandinidis & Associates

Thessaloniki, Greece
Full-Service Law Firm in Greece
Phone+30 2310 222101

Established in 1941, Konstandinidis & Associates is located in Thessaloniki, Greece and offers a wide range of legal and consulting services for national and multinational legal entities and corporations as well as individuals. The firm covers all areas of Hellenic & EC business law, including:...

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Law Firm in Thessaloniki: Sarantitis Law Firm

Sarantitis Law Firm

Thessaloniki, Greece
Corporate Law Firm

Serving clients internationally from offices situated in Athens, Piraeus and Thessaloniki, Sarantitis Law Firm is one of the leading firms in Greece. Established by its senior partner in 1965, from the early seventies, Sarantitis Law Firm experienced demand for a wide range of services, creating...

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Law Firm in Thessaloniki: Yiannopoulos & Kozi

Yiannopoulos & Kozi

Thessaloniki, Greece
Civil & Commercial Litigation and Arbitration Practice
Phone+30 (231) 029-9955

Yiannopoulos & Kozi is a Thessaloniki-based boutique law firm focusing in all aspects of civil and commercial litigation and arbitration. We are proud of a traceable record of experience in high profile, international litigation proceedings.

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  • Ath. Georgiadis - AG. Kaitezidou and Partners Law Firm

    Thessaloniki, Greece

    LEX Legal Services - Full-Service Law Firm In Thessaloniki, Greece

    Phone 30 2310 273484

    Legal services in Greece. Counseling and Representation before the Court (all instances). Experience in Alternative Dispute Resolution. Main field of expertise: Civil, Employment & Administrative Law. Member of IBA & UIA.

  • Athanasios Rozou & Associates Law OfficeArticles

    Thessaloniki, Greece

    Legal Support to Businesses: Local Entity Establishment, Debt Collection and More

    Phone +30 (23) 102-80874

    Rozou & Associates law firm is a one-stop spot for legal services in Greece to foreign and domestic businesses. We mainly practice corporate, commercial and e-commerce law but we also specialize in intellectual property, food/food supplements, bankruptcy and real property law.

  • Basagiannis & Matsoukatidis Law Firm

    Thessaloniki, Greece

    Law Office in Thessaloniki, Greece

    Phone +30 23 10523341

    Our legal office is located in the center of Thessaloniki, on Vasileos Herakliou, 14 Street.; It is a modern law firm with great experience, highly scientific training and up to date information about the new subjects of legal science.; Our basic objective is to achieve the best possible result,...

  • Calavros & Partners Law Firm

    Thessaloniki, Greece

    Commercial Law Firm

    Phone +30 231 050 0770

    Established in 1980, commercial law is the cornerstone of Calavros & Partners practice. We offer a wide range of comprehensive commercial and tax legal advice and services to domestic and foreign companies conducting business in Greece, covering all trading activities of a business. This leading...

  • Dafni Siopi & Associates

    Thessaloniki, Greece

    Immigrant, Real Estate, Corporate & Family Law Office in Greece

    Phone +30 2313079293

    Our Law Office Dafni Siopi & Associates is located in Thessaloniki, Greece. Being fully aware of the high requirements of law practice nowadays, our office aims to provide high quality legal services on every legal case relating to Immigranta, Family, Real Estate and Corporate Law, having the...

  • Efstratiadis & Petmezas Law Offices

    Thessaloniki, Greece

    Attorneys at Law in Thessaloniki, Greece

    Phone +30 231 0547706

    EFSTRATIADIS & PETMEZAS Law Office was established in 1985 by Antonis E. Efstratiadis and Pan¨telis G. Petmezas both attorneys at law at Thessaloniki Bar Association.; Present permanent associates of the office are Nenia Adamidou and Hlias Agelakopoulos, Elina Zerva all attorneys at Thessaloniki...

  • George Ar. Doukas

    Thessaloniki, Greece

    Company and Business Law Firm in Greece

    Phone +30 2310 538960

    George Ar. Daoukas established his firm in 1987 in Thessaloniki - Greece. As a practicing lawyer, he has been handling mostly cases of Company, Corporate and Commercial Law ever since he started practicing law. Being also a legal advisor he became expert in Contracts, Investments, Joint Ventures,...

  • Goulielmos & Partners

    Thessaloniki, Greece
    Phone +30 2310 240224

    Our law firm in its current form was established in 1947, from Spiros Goulielmos at Thessaloniki Greece and since then its main orientation of business is tax and company law. ; We are however fourth generation lawyers, with first our great grandfather, who was a Lawyer during the Turkish...

  • Greek Mediation Institute

    Thessaloniki, Greece

    Greek Mediation Law Firm

    Phone +30 2310 230184

    The Greek law on Mediation and Alternative Dispute Resolution came into force only recently, in December 2010. It is currently being regulated by means of presidential decrees and ministerial decisions. Hopefully, it will change Greek litigation culture and relieve the over-burdened Greek courts.;...

  • Iglezakis Law Office

    Thessaloniki, Greece

    Civil and Commercial Law

    Phone 30 (2310) 520750

    The Law Office of Prof. Iglezakis was established in 1996 in Thessaloniki. It handles civil law and commercial law cases.; We specialize in IT law and particularly, in software, database, data protection, IT contracts, Internet law, etc.; Ioannis Iglezakis is an Assistant Professor of Computers &...

  • Kosmidis & Partner

    Thessaloniki, Greece

    Financial Law for International German and Greek Legal Issues

    Phone +30 239 2057167

    As a business law oriented law firm with headquarters in Thessaloniki Kosmidis & Partners since 1992 cross-border activities in German-Greek and international legal issues. We provide due to our consistent specialization in international legal issues (particularly with regard to Greece and Germany,...

  • Kosmidis & PartnersArticles

    Thessaloniki, Greece

    International Business Law Firm in Greece

    Phone +30 239 205-7167

    Kosmidis & Partners has been providing specialized services based on a profound knowledge of the different legal systems and various cultural spheres since 1992, and act as international consultants on bi-national legal issues. All our staff has an intercultural background and specializes in...

  • Kyriakides Georgopoulos Law Firm

    Thessaloniki, Greece

    Business Law Firm in Greece

    Phone +30 231 0478640

    Kyriakides Georgopoulos Law Firm has an international clientele and strong ties with leading International Law Firms, as well as with international credit and financing institutions. Kyriakides Georgopoulos Law Firm specialized expertise is in Corporate and M&A, Energy, Natural Resources &...

  • Michael Kyprianou & Co. LLC

    Thessaloniki, Greece

    A Cyprus International law firm

    Phone +30 2310 222267

    Michael Kyprianou & Co LLC is a Cyprus International law firm with a team of over 25 lawyers and fully fledged offices in three major cities (Nicosia -Head office, Limassol-2 offices & Paphos) as well as a presence in Greece with the Athens office. Furthermore, the firm has excellent contacts with...

  • Michail Kontogiorgos Law Office

    Thessaloniki, Greece

    Civil, Penal and Administrative Litigation Law Firm in Greece

    Phone +30 2310 502932

    Mr. Michail Kontogiorgos offers legal services both in the area of litigation as well as in the area of legal counseling in all three jurisdictions of the Greek judicial system, namely the Civil, the Penal and the Administrative. He retains his office in Thessaloniki, Greece, opposite to the city's...

  • Nikolaidis-Moshopoulos & Gkalevits

    Thessaloniki, Greece

    European, Civil and Commercial Law Firm in Greece

    Phone +30 2310 277423

    The office's manpower consists of four experienced lawyers practicing in Thessaloniki and of an external legal advisor specialized in the field of Public and Military Penal Law. We assume to carry out cases that cover the full spectrum οf cases to be litigated in all fields of Law, emphasising...

  • Nomos Law Firm

    Thessaloniki, Greece

    Full Service Corporate Law, Labor Law, Debt Recovery and Real Estate Law Firm in Greece

    Phone 30 2310 263665

    NOMOS Law Firm was established in 1995 in Thessaloniki and today is ranked among the most reputable law firms in Greece. NOMOS is a business oriented law firm which is mainly specialised in company law. Among its national and international clients NOMOS counts mandates from medium-sized and large...

  • Ragatsis-Zichnalis and Partners

    Thessaloniki, Greece

    Domestic and International Law

    Phone +30 2310 270671

    The firm "Ragkatsis Chris-Zichnalis George & Associates" , featuring asset as the high scientific training, continuous and uninterrupted informing executives of the constantly changing and evolving science and discipline of legal science, and ongoing engagement of office the cases assigned,...

  • Rokas Law Firm

    Thessaloniki, Greece

    International Legal Firm in Athens, Greece

    Phone +30 2310 251521

    Established in 1977, Rokas has grown substantially to develop an international network of independent law and business consulting firms which spread across Central and SE European countries.; Through this broad network, Rokas has managed to provide its local and international clients with full...

  • Stamoulos-Katsios-Goridaris and Partners

    Thessaloniki, Greece

    Corporate, Intellectual Property, Family, Labor, Immigration and Criminal Law Firm in Greece

    Phone +30 2310 276740

    The Law Office "Stamoulos-Katsios-Goridaris and Partners" or "SKG Lawyers" was founded in 1980 by Thessaloniki lawyers Alexandros Stamoulos, Socrates Goridaris and George Gavrilakis, who were fellow students at the Law School of Thessaloniki. Having completed their studies and after taking...

  • Stefanos A. Akritidis Law Office

    Thessaloniki, Greece

    Representing Foreign Individuals and Businesses in Greece

    Phone +30 2310 530993

    The law office of Stefanos A. Akritidis was founded by the Greek lawyer Stefanos A. Akritidis, born in 1966, in May 1992 and has been operating uninterruptedly ever since. The lawyer was firstly appointed to the Court of First Instance in Thessaloniki on February 14th, 1991 and up to May 1992 he...

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