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Law Firm in Ramat Gan: Afschrift  Law Firm

Afschrift Law Firm

Ramat Gan, Israel
Lawyers Specialized in Tax Law
Phone+972 542 01 00

Afschrift Law Firm is settled in Brussels with office locations in Madrid, Geneva and Luxembourg, Tel Aviv, Freiburg and Hongkong. We are a lawyer association specialized in fiscal right, defending the taxpayers in their relationships with tax administration.
Afschrift Law Firm was created in...

Law Firm's Overview 
Law Firm in Ramat Gan: AYR - Amar Reiter Jeanne Shochatovitch & Co.

AYR - Amar Reiter Jeanne Shochatovitch & Co.

Ramat Gan, Israel
Ramat Gan, Israel Civil and Commercial Litigation Lawyers
Phone+972 3 6019601

AYR is not just any Israeli law firm. It was founded by experienced lawyers who share a mutual vision of providing excellent legal services with a fresh perspective.

AYR is a truly modern law firm which challenges conventions. We rely on teamwork rather than hierarchy, and are not afraid to...

Law Firm's Overview 
  • A. Tirer Law Office and Notary

    Ramat Gan, Israel

    Ramat Gan, Israel Civil & Commercial Law Firm

    Phone +972 (3) 575-5545

    The founder Aharon Tirer is a notary and the owner and CEO of the firm. Aharon Tirer was born in Romania in 1940 and has been a lawyer in Israel since 1968. In 1967 he received an LL.B. from the Hebrew University and has owned his own firm since 1968. His son Roy and daughter Einat joined the firm...

  • Amikam Harlap & Co.

    Ramat Gan, Israel

    Ramat Gan, Israel Commercial Law Firm

    Phone +972 (3) 754-9966

    The firm was established in 1972 by Advocate Amikam Harlap. The firm's specialty focused on tort litigation and commercial law sector. The firm is considered to be one of the ten leading firms in its fields of practice.; Our practice focuses on the representation of plaintiffs and defendants with...

  • Arbel, Braun Attorneys at Law

    Ramat Gan, Israel

    Ramat Gan, Israel Commercial Law Firm

    Phone +972 (3) 612-2123

    Often we find ourselves asking everyday legal questions - need ongoing counseling business and commercial matters, are facing a real estate transaction that seems to us a complex, dealing with a claim that requires advice or representation in court, seek to meet the rights or obligations in labor...

  • Arye Leybovich & Co. Law Offices

    Ramat Gan, Israel

    Ramat Gan, Israel Taxation Law Firm

    Phone +972 (77) 705-1717

    Arye Leybovich & Co. Law Offices has established itself as one of the prominent and leading law firms in Israel representing clients in the field of taxation and cross-border investments, and is one of the only firms in Israel with a specialty in the practice of trusts and estates and asset...

  • Avi Shatz

    Ramat Gan, Israel

    Ramat Gan, Israel Commercial Law Firm

    Phone +972 (3) 613-8555

    Avi Shatz – Advocate Firm was established in 1991 by Advocate Avi Shatz, following the termination of his partnership at Naschitz, Brandes & Co., one of the ten major commercial law firms in Israel. Our firm deals with all varieties of civil commercial law, mainly corporations, contracts (domestic...

  • Bar El Yaron Law Office

    Ramat Gan, Israel

    Commercial, Corperate, Debt Collection Law Firm in Israel

    Phone +972 3-6129124

    Most of Bar El Yaron legal clients are from outside of Israel. We have the legal experience, knowledge and business orientation to help you make the most out of the deals you make here.

  • Bartal Cohen Advocates

    Ramat Gan, Israel

    Criminal Law Firm in Israel

    Phone +972 3 9499666

    Bartal Cohen Advocates specializes in all aspects of Israeli Criminal Law, with special emphasis on white collar crimes, severe offenses, military criminal offenses and unique administrative litigation. We choose our cases with extreme care, representing normative people with no prior record – as a...

  • Ben-Haim, Cohen & Galis

    Ramat Gan, Israel

    Israel Civil Litigation and Administrative Law Firm

    Phone +972 72 2758878

    The Law Offices of Ben-Haim, Cohen & Galis is the product of a merger between the Law Offices of "Ben-Haim – Cohen" and advocate Roy Galis. The Firm which has two offices, in Ramat-Gan and Haifa, is headed by three partners.; The Firm, founded in 2004, specializes in transactional, administrative...

  • Boaz Raveh Law Firm

    Ramat Gan, Israel

    Ramat Gan, Israel Full Service Law Firm

    Phone +972 (3) 576-2000

    The firm was founded in 1970 by Attorney Boaz Raveh (who has held a license to practice law since 1965) and has a staff of 15, including the partners, Attorney Boaz Raveh and Attorney Shai Raveh, additional attorneys, interns and administrative staff.; The personal philosophy of the partners, which...

  • Cohen, Segelov & Co., Advocates and Notaries

    Ramat Gan, Israel

    Ramat Gan, Israel Civil and Commercial Law Firm

    Phone +972 (3) 613-4244

    The partners are Advocates and Notaries Gidon (Gideon) Cohen and Lisa Segelov, who are both fluent in the English and Hebrew languages, have studied law abroad and in Israel, and hold degrees in Economics as well as in law. Each advocate has developed their independent and successful practices for...

  • Dardik, Gross & Co.

    Ramat Gan, Israel

    Ramat Gan, Israel Civil and Commercial Law Office

    Phone +972 (3) 612-2624

    Dardik, Gross & Co. is a professional law firm in Tel Aviv zone specializing in Commercial and Civil law. The firm enjoys a strong reputation in handling both local and international cases. Dardik Gross was ranked by Dun and Bradstreet as one of the leading firms in Israel in the field of...

  • David Laizer Law Firm

    Ramat Gan, Israel

    Family and Real estate Law

    Phone +972-3-6134430

    David laizer Law Firm is an experienced, dedicated law firm located in ramat gan , Israel.; Our practice areas include Specialization in Family law, Divorce law, Real estate law, Bankruptcy and Writ Of Execution.; we provides Notarial services to all this Fields.

  • DC Law Offices

    Ramat Gan, Israel

    Ramat Gan, Israel Immigration Law Firm

    Phone +972 (3) 753-4000

    DC Law Offices primarily provides legal support in the field of Immigration and Relocation. More specifically, we assist individuals, families, and business entities with the obtainment of visas of all types, permanent residence, and citizenship in Israel, United States, Australia, and other...

  • Doron, Tikotzky, Cederboum, Law Office

    Ramat Gan, Israel

    Ramat Gan Tax, Real Estate, Civil and Commercial Law Firm

    Phone 972 (3) 610-9100

    Doron, Tikotzky, cederboum, is one of the leading and most prominent law firms in the country, comprising many lawyers, among them, some of the major jurists in the country.

  • Dr. A. Klagsbald & Co.

    Ramat Gan, Israel

    Ramat Gan, Israel Litigation Law Firm

    Phone +972 (3) 611-0700

    Dr. A. Klagsbald & Co. is a litigation boutique. The firm represents its clients in all judicial instances and before various other bodies: The courts, from the Magistrates Court to the Supreme Court (sitting also as the High Court of Justice), in mediation proceedings and arbitration proceedings,...

  • Dr. Eyal Bressler & Co.

    Ramat Gan, Israel

    Ramat Gan, Israel Intellectual Property Law Firm

    Phone +972 (3) 576-5555

    Dr. Eyal Bressler & Co. is an expert intellectual property firm specializing in scientific patent, trademark and design registration on behalf of domestic and international clients. The firm is located in the market exchange district, or “Boursa” of Ramat Gan, Israel, a thriving center of...

  • Dr. Mark Friedman Ltd.

    Ramat Gan, Israel

    Ramat Gan, Israel Intellectual Property Law Firm

    Phone +972 (3) 611-4100

    Dr. Mark Friedman Ltd. is an intellectual property law firm situated in Ramat Gan, Israel. The firm handles all aspects of acquiring and enforcing IP rights, and are registered in both Israel and the United States. In particular, the firm specializes in the preparation and prosecution of patents,...

  • Edelist, Paritzky & Co.

    Ramat Gan, Israel

    Ramat Gan, Israel Commercial Law, Family Law & Real Estate Firm

    Phone +972 (3) 751-2121

    Edelist, Paritzky & Co. was founded in 1992, by Attorneys Arye Edelist, Joseph I. Paritzky and Pnina Paritzky. To this end, Attorneys Arye Edelist and Pnina Paritzky withdrew from their partnership in the law firm Zadok, Barzel, Striks, Edelist & Co., which was headed by former Minister of Justice,...

  • Ehrlich & Fenster Patent Attorneys

    Ramat Gan, Israel

    Ramat Gan, Israel Intellectual Property Law Firm

    Phone +972 (73) 791-9199

    The Firm specializes in all matters concerning protection and prosecution of Intellectual Property. For the past several years Ehrlich & Partners was the fastest growing Firm in the field of Intellectual Property in Israel. This significant growth is due to unrivaled knowledge and expertise in all...

  • Ezratty-Farhi Law Firm

    Ramat Gan, Israel

    Trademark Law Firm in Israel

    Phone (972) 644 3533

    The Ezratty-Farhi Law Firm handles trademarks prosecution matters in Israel and worldwide. The firm provides advice and services at all stages of a trademark registration, from trademark clearance searches to registration, and handles all obstacles that may occur during the trademark registration...

  • G&A Glazberg, Applebaum & Co.

    Ramat Gan, Israel

    Intellectual Property Law Firm in Israel

    Phone +972-3-7774777

    G&A Glazberg, Applebaum & Co., Advocates and Patent Attorneys is an intellectual property boutique law firm, providing a wide variety of services in the IP field. Based in the Tel Aviv District, Israel, G&A Glazberg, Applebaum & Co. is at the optimal position to protect your intellectual property...

  • Gideon Koren & Co.

    Ramat Gan, Israel

    Ramat Gan Israel Commercial Law Firm

    Phone 972 (3) 600-5555

    Gideon Koren & Co. (GKL) is a leading Israeli law firm and a provider of a wide range of legal services at the highest professional standards. The firm combines expertise in different areas of the law with an in-depth knowledge of the government and businesses landscape in Israel, and utilizes this...

  • Gross Orad Schlimoff & Co.

    Ramat Gan, Israel

    Ramat Gan, Israel Insurance Law Firm

    Phone +972 (3) 612-2233

    Gross Orad Schlimoff & Co. is an international law firm, dealing with a wide range of civil matters. Our international reputation focuses mainly on our leading insurance and reinsurance practice. We take pride in our dispute resolution capabilities, which frequently assist our clients in achieving...

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