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Law Firm in Genoa: Bonelli Erede Pappalardo

Bonelli Erede Pappalardo

Genoa, Italy
Italian Business Law Firm
Phone+39 010 84621

Bonelli Erede Pappalardo offers a full range of legal services that includes: Corporate, Banking, Tax, EU and Domestic Antitrust/Competition, Energy, Real Estate, Intellectual Property, Administrative Law, Domestic and International Litigation and Arbitration, and, Labor/Employment.

Law Firm's Overview 
  • Avv. Martina Garri

    Genoa, Italy

    Property, Insolvency and Civil Litigation Law Firm in Genoa, Italy

    Phone +39 010 466426
  • Avvocato Federico Baglini

    Genoa, Italy

    Property Law, Contract Law, Family Law

    Phone +39 (010) 564-478

    Avv. Federico Baglini gained experience in different fields of Civil law: from Property law to Contract Law, from Family Law to Inheritances Law.; In 2013 he became a member of the Bar of Lawyers of Genoa and opened his firms in Genoa first and then in Chiavari.

  • Studio Legale Briozzo

    Genoa, Italy

    Business Law Firm in Genoa

    Phone 010.5954143

    Studio Legale Briozzo is a business law firm in Genoa, Italy.

  • Studio Legale Calcagno

    Genoa, Italy

    Domestic and International Business, IP, Family, Real Estate, Litigation & Tort Law Attorney

    Phone +39 010 565734

    Calcagno is an Italian law firm based in Genoa. The firms practice areas include maritime, property and real estate, contract, consumer, commercial, insolvency, bankruptcy, credit and debt recovery, employment, intellectual property, litigation, family, health care, medical malpractice, tort,...

  • Studio Legale Lombardo

    Genoa, Italy

    Law Firm operating in Chiavari and Genoa

    Phone +39 0185 325207

    Law Firm Lombardo was founded by Salvatore Lombardo in 1974. ; Main areas of activity are civil and commercial law, and particularly the following:; Property and Real Estate, Obligations and contracts, Condominium and lease disputes, Inheritance, Family Law, Traffic collisions and insurance claims,...

  • Studio Legale Sutti

    Genoa, Italy

    Full Service Commercial, Intellectual Property & Competition Law Firm

    Phone +39 02 762041

    Studio Legale Sutti's mission is to provide a full range of legal services to businesses, investors, and foreign colleagues with similar practices, relying primarily on the excellence of our human resources, a customer-driven organisational culture, and cutting-edge information technology...

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