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Naples, Italy Lawyers

  • Astolfo Di Amato & Associati

    Naples, Italy

    Corporate and Business Litigation

    Phone +39 081 2457510
  • Capuano & Partners

    Naples, Italy

    Commercial Law, Family Law, Taxation

    Phone +39 81 5515241
  • Castellone Law Firm Associate

    Naples, Italy

    Corporate, Commercial, Private International & International Business Law Firm

    Phone +39 081 3177061

    The Law Firm Associate Castellone works for several years in the areas of Civil Law, Corporate and Commercial Law, Private International Law and International Business Law, Law of the European Communities, Family Law, Child Law, Consumer Law, Tax Law and the Immigration Law.; The Law Firm Associate...

  • Gelex Global Executive Law Firm

    Naples, Italy

    Full-Service Business Law Firm in Italy

    Phone +39 8 13411392

    G.E.LEX Global Executive Lex ("GELEX") is an independent Italian Law Firm providing a full range of services to Italian and multinational corporations in a wide range of sectors, including the steel industry, commodities trading, insurance, banking, finance, renewable energy and gas, shipping and...

  • Scognamiglio International Law FirmArticles

    Naples, Italy

    Full Service Law Firm in Napoli, Italy

    Phone +39 81 5515558

    Scognamiglio International Law Firm covers the whole italian territory with its offices in Naples, Rome and Milan,; representing foreign companies and individuals in their approach to the italian market. Our vision is to provide clients with a high quality and customized legal advice, a flexible...

  • Studio Gianni & Associati

    Naples, Italy
    Phone +390817345014
  • Studio Legale Caretti

    Naples, Italy

    Maritime, International Trade, Medical & Pharmaceutical Lawyer in Italy

    Phone +39 081 7146799

    Founded in 2004, The Studio Legale Caretti - Law Firm offers to its clients practical solutions and specialized assistance in the fields of pharmaceutical law, maritime and international trade law, as well as in the Italian civil law.

  • Studio Legale Sbordone

    Naples, Italy

    Civil and Commercial Law - Private International Law

    Phone +39 081 681316

    Studio Sbordone, founded in the early 1800ís, is composed at present by Luigi Sbordone, Paolo Sbordone, Carlo Sbordone and Prof. Francesco Sbordone, all of which attorneys. Located in a central and exclusive area, Studio Sbordone is proud of its long-standing tradition, performed without...

  • Studio Legale Stile

    Naples, Italy

    Criminal Law, White Collar Crime and Corporate Criminal Liability

    Phone +39 081 7645701
  • Studio Legale Tisci

    Naples, Italy

    Corporate, Tort, Defamation & Libel, Commercial Law Office in Napoli, Italy

    Phone +39 081 412373

    Founded in 1965, Studio Legale Tisci has been providing legal assistance to private and institutional clients in civil law and commercial matters. ; Highly experienced in litigation, the firm's office locations grant operativeness countrywide before the main and higher courts. Furthermore, the...

  • Studio Pezzuti

    Naples, Italy

    Immigration - Family - Criminal - Bankruptcy

    Phone 39 081 662949

    Giancarlo P. Pezzuti brings nearly 15 years of criminal law experience to his defense practice. Over the course of his career, he has handled hundreds of cases, most of them felony trials in the Napoli area.; The Pezzuti Law Firm is dedicated to providing professional, client friendly, aggressive,...

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