Osaka, Japan Lawyers and Law Firms

Osaka, Japan Lawyers

  • Amida & Hirokawa

    Osaka, Japan
    Phone 8163619095
  • Chuo Law Office

    Osaka, Japan
    Phone 8163658111
  • Ethos Law Office

    Osaka, Japan

    Environmental Law, International Business Law and Litigation Law Firm in Japan

    Phone +81 66 3651728
  • GOH Foreign Law Office

    Osaka, Japan

    Osaka-Based U.S. Immigration Attorney

    Phone +81 6-7222-3824

    At GOH Foreign Law Office, we concentrate on the areas of U.S. Immigration and Nationality Law, Business Transactions, and Legal English.; As a registered foreign attorney in Japan, Gary O. Haase can use in-person meetings to draw from his U.S. legal education and professional experience to...

  • Kikkawa Sogo Law Offices

    Osaka, Japan
    Phone 8163632971
  • Kitahama Law Office

    Osaka, Japan

    International Commercial Litigation Law Firm

    Phone 8162021088

    Kitahama Law Office practice areas cover a wide range of legal issues and industries, mainly in General Corporate Affairs, Corporation Law, Finance, Securities, Intellectual Property, Insurance, Tax and General Civil, Family and Criminal matters.

  • Midosuji Law Office

    Osaka, Japan

    Legal Profession Corporation

    Phone +81 06-6251-7266

    Since 1963 as a pioneer partnership, the Midosuji Law Firm has sought to provide clients with the highest quality of legal services,

  • Nakamoto & Kurahashi, Law Office

    Osaka, Japan
    Phone 81-6-6364-6241
  • Oh-Ebashi LPC & Partners

    Osaka, Japan

    Full Service International Law Firm

    Phone +81 6-6208-1500

    Oh-Ebashi LPC & Partners has been working for over 40 years as a comprehensive law firm providing better legal services in various fields to our clients.

  • Ohara Law Office

    Osaka, Japan
    Phone 81663131208
  • SETO Administrative Law Office

    Osaka, Japan

    Intellectual Property Law Firm in Japan

    Phone +81 (6) 6281-0285

    SETO Administrative Law Office is an intellectual property law firm in Osaka, Japan with an additional office in Nagoya. The firm provides consultation and counsel on all matter of intellectual property to domestic and foreign clients, and is capable of advising clients on filing for intellectual...

  • Shinjyu Global IP

    Osaka, Japan

    Full Service Intellectual Property Firm in Japan

    Phone 81 6-6316-5533

    Shinjyu Global IP was established in 1988 in Osaka (JAPAN). ; We are a Leading Intellectual Property firm specializing in Patent,Trademark, Utility Model, Design and Professional Translation. We provide excellent representation to clients in all aspects of intellectual property.; We have...

  • Shiomi & Yamamoto Law Office

    Osaka, Japan
    Phone 8162292441
  • Shusaku Yamamoto Patent Law Offices

    Osaka, Japan
    Phone 81669493910
  • V-Ventis Ltd

    Osaka, Japan

    Corporate, Investment, Customs, Tax and Trade Lawyers in Osaka, Japan

    Phone +81 (6) 6350-7100

    V-Ventis LTD is a business law firm based in Bangkok, Thailand providing various business-related legal services clients in Thailand and Japan, as well as throughout the ASEAN region. The firm has a strong reputation amongst clients and colleagues for their dedication to providing clients with the...

  • Yamaguchi International Law Offices

    Osaka, Japan
    Phone 8164461123
  • Yoshikawa International Patent Office

    Osaka, Japan

    Intellectual Property and Patent Attorneys in Osaka, Japan

    Phone +81 6 63568883

    We are a Japanese Intellectual Property firm with more than 20 years of experience in working with intellectual property matters in Japan. We are able to assure you that we provide first-rate services for very reasonable prices. ; Below is our firm profile in brief:; - Yoshikawa International...

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