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  • Rosicki, Grudzinski & Co. Law Firm

    Szczecin, Poland

    Polish Maritime, Inland and Road Transport and Insurance Law Firm

    Phone +48 (91) 829-9596

    Rosicki Grudzinski & Co. Law Firm is located in Szczecin, Poland and provides a broad range of legal services, including civil law; maritime, shipping, and transport law; insurance; commercial and corporate law including investment and other agreements; bankruptcy and insolvency; labour law;...

  • Kancelaria Adwokacka Anna Sienkiewicz

    Szczecin, Poland

    Full-Service Law Firm in Szczecin, Poland

    Phone +48 697 666 646

    Anna Sienkiewicz Law Firm provides legal services for both individuals and business. We represent our clients in the arbitration, judicial and enforcement proceedings. We are authorized to appear in front of civil, family, criminal, labour and administrative courts as well as in front of all public...

  • Kancelaria Adwokacka Adwokat Natalia Lechman

    Szczecin, Poland

    Full-Service Law Firm in Szczecin, Poland

    Phone +48 668 552 105

    The Law Office of Natalia Lechman is an independent law firm which offers efficient and reliable legal services to both businesses and individual clients. Our mission is to achieve successful legal solutions with highest quality. Main office is located in capital of the West Pomerania region -...

  • Adwokat Tomasz Bak

    Szczecin, Poland

    Legal Assistance to Businesses and Individuals in Szczecin Poland.

    Phone (48) 91 820 29 29

    We conduct all proceedings related to setting up of new entities in Poland. We participate in the design stage of creating solutions for businesses, so as to customise them for each particular business model. ; We represent also individual clients in civil and criminal proceedings as well as in...

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